I was wrong!


That little blob is our baby! Measuring 6wks 6 days so only one day out from where I thought we were. I saw the flickering heartbeat on the screen and I cried and cried. I have never been so happy to he wrong in my life!

The Dr said it looks like I ovulated from the right side and that cyst could be what is causing the pain. I am SO relieved.


57 thoughts on “I was wrong!

  1. Woooooo-hooooo! I didn’t see your last post until after this one, but if I had I would have told you I get pain in one side all the time in early pregnancy! So relieved for you that baby is ok. This little nugget is here to stay.


  2. OMG thank goodness!!!!!!! I’m sat here in the car catching up on posts manically scrolling through and waiting for things to load… Oh man – that is just amazing!!!!!!!! Amazing amazing amazing! And a heartbeat!! Now I think I’M going to cry!!!!!! xxxxx


    • Thank you 🙂 I am so relieved. It has really helped my anxiety actually. Feel bad about using resources and all when everything turns out to be fine – they must think I’m just another hysterical woman – but the pain was real and I WAS scared.


  3. That is great news, never give up hope!!!! I am so glad you were able to see that little flicker : ) Sending thoughts and prayers to you!


  4. Congratulations! I’m so behind on blogs, so I saw this and your previous post in the wrong order (so please don’t take my lack of comment as heartlessness). Really sorry you had a nasty scare but so glad it wasn’t what you feared. How great to get an early scan photo & see the heartbeat – so reassuring 🙂 xx

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    • Thx lovely. As you know it’s not over until you get there but I’ll take every small win we get along the way and try to enjoy the moment. 🙂 Some days it’s really hard (like today I passed what I swore looked like a mucus plug it was so jelly like and FREAKED) and my anxiety in general is quite high but I am getting there.


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