Walking through the danger zone – 6 weeks today

deep dark woods

To be honest I find most of pregnancy a freaking danger zone. Even with my first child who was easy to conceive and a relatively easy pregnancy I was nervous. I didn’t really stop sweating until about 32 weeks.

But this week feels like a highlighted part of the danger zone, like the part of the highway that hasn’t been upgraded and has none of those bumpy light things on the road to keep you safe, because this is the week I had the miscarriage in August. By my calculations the spotting started about 6 weeks 2 days and the miscarriage itself started pouring out of my at 6 weeks 5 days so you can see why I might be feeling a tad apprehensive.

There are no more betas in my future. After my last result the Dr was so pleased with the progress that they said no more betas and booked my scan for 14 October (10 days from today). I think they only reason they would do one would be if I had some spotting and called in a panic. I’m actually OK with that. I thought I wouldn’t be but not having the beta has actually given me a sense of calm believe it or not. Rather than focusing on this beta day in the immediate future I have the scan to focus on which is further away and I don’t know, it just made me feel calm. I think this is more my pregnancy hormones than anything else. Seriously, they are fucking with my ability to react.

I turned in front of oncoming traffic the other day when I thought they had a red light (aahhh they didn’t) and my heart didn’t even race. Speaking of dick moves in the car I also parked IN FRONT OF A DOUBLE DRIVEWAY and forgot to lock my car when we went to a local fair yesterday. I didn’t realise until we came out to go home and saw my interior light on in my car. I think that might have been done by the people who lived in the house because I didn’t have those lights on. Fair enough. I’d have been pissed too. It could have been worse, they could have put a brown snake in my car (which I did actually worry about but who does that? It’s all snakes for my brain at the moment. I do a house scan every time we enter after being out for awhile).

So yeah, I’m a liability in the car but otherwise OK. My tummy has popped out. I’ll have to start taking pics. It’s unbelievable how much the second pregnancy just pops right out. That poor uterus has no muscular definition left after a first pregnancy stretch. One thing I’ve noticed with both these recent pregnancies is little to no cramping. I had so much of it for the first pregnancy because the uterus was all tight and untouched. This time, I can barely feel the stretch. I have the odd twinge but nothing major.

This past week from the beta on Monday until the 6 week point today has gone quite quickly but I think that’s about to change. I can really see this week of the danger zone being more like a short sloooooooow stroll through the deep dark misty woods. All I want is to make it to the other side without being attacked by the bear.

Let’s go.


31 thoughts on “Walking through the danger zone – 6 weeks today

  1. Lol the prego crazies have begun! Hang in there sweets. These next ten days may feel like the longest in history, but the truth is having monkey to keep you busy helps a ton. Before you know it, you’ll be seeing a little flicker on the screen! Xx


    • hehe everyone is saying that. I hope you are all right. I’m having a low symptom day so you can guess how I’m feeling. Just gotta keep on going and hope for vomiting or sore boobs or something again tomorrow. x


  2. I remember calling the same friend over and over. Today. I am. I am not. I am. I am not. I am. I am not. Agh. Limbo. I also remember nearly driving into a laundromat with that same pregnancy because I thought the car was in park and got out and it was not in park. My sister was with me (and the kids) and they never let me live that down. Women have to deal with the toughest bodily/brain/hormonal stuff. Sounds like you’re remaining calm. Thumbs up!


  3. Been thinking of you and was thinking no news was probably a good thing. This IS such a crucial point. I lost too many around 6 weeks – I guess the heart staring up is a very complex and big piece of the puzzle. I am so thrilled that you are where you are, with a great beta behind you 🙂 I know it must be absolutely terrfying (I think I was in denial for the whole first trimester with this one!), but you are hanging in there and that little baby must be growing away, else I reckon you’d know otherwise. Oh gosh, I have everything crossed, and 10 days seems like forever to wait for a scan, I know!!!! You are doing brilliantly – hanging on every word here xxxxx


    • I think I am slightly in denial too. It seems too risky to believe for too long a stretch. And of course I am having my share of low symptom days just to freak me out! Woke today with killer boobies though so that is back again to ease my mind a little. The days go so slow when I feel the symptoms are low. Anyway trying not to obsess over the passage of time but there is plenty of room for improvement there. Ha. Thx for your never ending support. X

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      • Ohhh yes – my boobs would do that. Sore, then all fine, and it’d be a day of panic. Then the next day sore again. I don’t think it ever really goes away. I still feel like I’m taking a gamble when I open/unpack new things we’ve bought because part of me thinks what if we need to send them all back? It’s ridiculous. One foot in front of the other – it’s the only thing we can do xxxxx

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