Hand me the spittoon – 9 weeks

Ugh. One thing I’m really having an issue with during this pregnancy is excess saliva. I seem to have way more than necessary and it makes my morning sickness much worse. All this saliva pooling in my mouth simply makes me want to barf.  I have even taken to spitting it out ON THE STREET like a hooligan as it is either spit the saliva or vomit. Eric is mortified by it so it is rather hilarious. I try to carry tissues and do it the polite way but sometimes I just don’t even have time to get one out of my bag. Gross. So fucking gross. Oh and a tip to dealing with it is to EAT LESS STARCHY FOODS. Hahahahahahaha, who are they fucking kidding? All I want it starch. Starch and fruit. That’s it. So they can go get you know what’d because I ain’t giving up my starch just yet. But hey, growing baby and all so I’m trying to not whine about it and just get on with it. This too shall pass… Continue reading


Affirmations, anxiety and my latest scan! – 8 weeks 3 days

8 week scan

I am convinced I can see two bright white eye dots showing from midway down from the top of Blob’s oval shape (which I think is the head). I actually reckon the baby is standing up with hand on hip which makes me think it must be a girl. Ha! Although I also did think it looked a bit like Bart Simpson.

Well first things first…I had my 8 week scan today and baby was in there being all cute and stuff. Hooray! Heartbeat was thumping away and bub was measuing on target at 1.7cm. All good stuff. Next checkup is 12 days from now when I am exactly 10 weeks. We are going to be doing the NIPT blood test (tests for chromosomal issues) and they do a scan when they do that apparently. Results return in 5 days so we will have test and results in the same week which is a relief. Continue reading

Scan postponed

Just in case my silence means people think I have bad news I thought I should let you know my scan this week was postponed. The clinic called on Monday and wanted to shift me to another time as Dr was going to be in theatre all morning. We couldn’t settle on a time that Eric could attend too and it was all a bit oh what will we do and then I explained about our visit to the hospital on Sunday. Once they knew that they said they’d just shift it to the following week and I was happy enough with that.

Our regime from here is 8 and 10 week scan at the clinic, get referral for the fancy genetic blood test at the 10 week mark, the nuchal scan at 12 weeks and then a graduation to my OB who I will probably already have seen by then anyway as I’m starting investigations and interviews now. Very exciting!

All is going well otherwise. I am 7 weeks 4 days and feeling spewy every morning so good times.

I was wrong!


That little blob is our baby! Measuring 6wks 6 days so only one day out from where I thought we were. I saw the flickering heartbeat on the screen and I cried and cried. I have never been so happy to he wrong in my life!

The Dr said it looks like I ovulated from the right side and that cyst could be what is causing the pain. I am SO relieved.

Off to A & E

A couple of hours after my last post I started to get some massively stabbing pains on the right hand side while doing some work around the house. I immediately thought ECTOPIC. I have been pregnant before and I know what cramping and stretching feels like and that is not this. This is very sharp and stabby pain.

I decided to take some time out on the lounge and it seemed to go away. And then it came back again. Then I went to the loo and it smashed me so bad when I peed. That is apparently another sign. *sigh*

I called the clinic’s after hours nurse and she said I was right to be concerned and that I needed to go to the hospital today to have it looked at. I called Eric and he and Monkey are on the way back to my place to pick me up and take me. I wouldn’t normally just be sitting here blogging about it but I can’t concentrate on a show and I just need to kill the time. I have a bad feeling about this.


I can’t believe this is happening.

Are we there yet? – 7 weeks ish

slow weekEven though I knew it was going to be a long week this weeks till sucked arse.  It creeped on by and made me a decent amount of both sad and crazy. Friday in particular (THE miscarriage day) was a real shocker.

But I made it. We have now hit the 7 week zone and I guess I am still pregnant. I mean, I won’t really know until the scan on Wednesday and that completely terrifies me but for all intents and purposes I am still preggo. There has been no blood, I’m getting the symtpoms, the signs are good.  Well good enough I guess. Continue reading

Walking through the danger zone – 6 weeks today

deep dark woods

To be honest I find most of pregnancy a freaking danger zone. Even with my first child who was easy to conceive and a relatively easy pregnancy I was nervous. I didn’t really stop sweating until about 32 weeks.

But this week feels like a highlighted part of the danger zone, like the part of the highway that hasn’t been upgraded and has none of those bumpy light things on the road to keep you safe, because this is the week I had the miscarriage in August. By my calculations the spotting started about 6 weeks 2 days and the miscarriage itself started pouring out of my at 6 weeks 5 days so you can see why I might be feeling a tad apprehensive. Continue reading