Betas 1 and 2

Well the betas are in. I ended up with 2 after all as they decided to get the lab to use my blood draw from last Thursday for a beta so they snuck that first one in there after the fact.

**drumroll please**

Beta 1 ~ 12dpo – 28

Beta 2 ~ 16dpo – 140  that’s 1.7 days or 41.3 hours doubling time – FAST

140!! What a freaking whopper. I am so pleased with this result. I know we are by no means out of the woods yet but getting that nice strong result today allowed me to feel excited just for a brief moment.

I will need to get another beta but as my Dr is overseas at the moment we are waiting for him to send an email with his instructions. I don’t really care when it is. To be honest, I’m hoping they’ll let me wait for a week because this is a good result and I hate the waiting on beta day so the less times I have to do that, the better. Thankfully I’ve been head down in work all day today so the time has passed reasonably quickly but still, the waiting blows.

In order to manage my expectations, or at least attempt to, I have focused my eye on around mid to late October for when I might have a scan. This is really the date I am focusing on right now – getting to there. If I make it that far I will be 7-8 weeks pregnant, further than I managed to get last time, so that seems like a pretty good place to keep my eye. I will start getting more excited when I reach this point and see that heartbeat on a screen.

There was something else I wanted to say but my brain as gone all scatty with excitement and happiness and all the things. I don’t want to get ahead of myself though. I have told barely anyone about the pregnancy this time, not even my mum. Eric is pretty happy and positive – more so than me this time. I think he feels it is our time. Gosh I hope with all my heart he is right.


Dr has emailed back and the next beta is in one week. I got my wish. Yay!


51 thoughts on “Betas 1 and 2

    • Yeah that endo seems to have been causing all my problems – at least when it comes to conception. Hopefully the removal has increased the egg quality enough to take us to a full term baby! Thank you xx.


  1. Fantastic news!!! I’ll have you know that I’m way behind on blogs, and I was just scanning through to see exactly how far behind I am, and I stopped dead in my tracks to read this one! I was actually wondering why they couldn’t just use your blood from last week for the first beta, but thought maybe that was a stupid question. Guess not! I’m so happy for you!! I’d be going nuts, but I’m glad you’re not getting your next one until next week, since that’s what you wanted! Wishing you the best of luck with this little one!! This is the best post ever!!


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