IVF #4 continues to be rained off the field

Ugh. I am so over this.

So after a lot of palava I won’t bore you with surrounding my blood draw yesterday I finally got my results back this morning. Progesterone remains high and now estrogen has gone up too. What the????

The nurse asked me if I’d peed on a stick yet.

I did a pregnancy test Wed afternoon and one again on Thursday morning and they were both snowy white negatives.  But they were el cheapo strip tests so not very sensitive. Based on when I think I ovulated I don’t even think I’d be 14 dpo now so it might have been a case of crappy test and too early testing. I don’t know.

ANYWAY, the nurse is going to consult with the Dr and see if we should do a HCG. I will pee on a stronger stick at some point. I am still bleeding lightly for my period so it’s not like that stopped happening either.

Perhaps this is why they make you wait after miscarriage sometimes? The hormones just go cray cray.  I have no idea what I’m even wishing for here. I was ready to start.


23 thoughts on “IVF #4 continues to be rained off the field

  1. How frustrating. There are so many tunnels and crevices and bridges and freaking brick walls in this journey. As long as we have hope for a happy ending I guess each one is meant to be. Hope you get some answers soon. Xo


  2. What in the world?! If you think you’re not quite 14dpo, do you think you could be having implantation bleeding? I hope they figure out what’s up so you can get things straightened out, and moving forward!


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