IVF #4 – There is a slight delay in the commencement of the games due to inclement weather


So of course we can’t just have the ball roll smoothly down the hill and take us home. Noooooo. There always has to be something.


I went to the clinic today to have my baseline scan and start of cycle bloods. This is all very new for me as my last clinic didn’t subscribe to this at all. They just went “oh day 2, here are your meds and your schedule, start stabbing yourself tomorrow morning. Check ya!”.

No dildo cam today – so unexpected! I did not know how to handle that surprise at all.

Picture this: Doc tells me to go get settled for the scan. Just on the tummy he says. I start making a weird maneuvre like where? Pants how? Where? Isn’t this always dildo cam time? I’m thrown. SO thrown. Confusion and awkwardness rip through the room like silent fart and everyone is pulling a bad face because they can smell it. Doc says: It’s just a tummy scan. Tummy. TUMMY. <very emphatically> I clamber onto the chair/bed fully clothed and still confused and wondering if I no longer understand the meaning of tummy. And then he heads to my tummy with a gel covered standard ultrasound thingy that does not look like a dildo and I’m instantly relieved that I do indeed still know the meaning of the word tummy and that I’m going to get to keep my pants on.

Yeah that wasn’t awkward AT ALL.

Anyway there were 15 lovely follies hanging about in there ready to ripen so that’s a good number to aim for. I guess we’ll get less but it’s a nice goal.  I’ve never had my follicles checked via the tummy before! Such a novelty. I totally did not miss my date with the dildo cam.

Then I had an hour of a palava at the pharmacy because the clinic hadn’t sent my script and then when they did they fucked it up and didn’t circle a dosage on one of the items and then their form had a drug that my form didn’t have and I was all what the fuck is this? I don’t even know how to administer that shit. Fark. This clinic is not good with the admin, I tell you. I just have to keep repeating my mantra – we are there for the doctor, there for the doctor, there for the doctor.

So I finally have all the meds and I’m good to go. I come home, chuck it all in the fridge and start getting psyched for needles tomorrow AM and then they ring me – can’t start yet. The progesterone in my blood is too high and no one seems to know why. Weird. So I have to go for more bloods in two days time and hopefully the sucker has decreased. If it is still high I’ll be taking a pregnancy test thanks very much and making sure something weird ain’t going on in the lady parts.

Hopefully all is fine and I can start needles Friday because we just paid $8,800 ish today and while most could be refunded none of those meds can be refunded or returned and what am I going to do with a fridge full of that shit?

Who needs smooth when you can have bumpy and unpredictable? I just try to keep reminding myself that bumpy doesn’t mean failure. When I got my licence it was the bumpiest fucking day of my life and I almost didn’t get to my test as my driver instructor and I had a communication issue. But I did get there and I did get my licence so bumpy, it means nothing. It’s like rain on your wedding day. Not ideal but FINE.

I’m just glad I’m with this clinic and they are checking this shiz because like I said, at my old one, we’d have started regardless and that would have been not ideal at all. I mean, who knows how you respond to all this when your levels are elevated? I suspect it stuffs things up a wee bit though and we just want to do it right.

Cross fingers for me that we get the go ahead on Thursday. I’m so read for the needle fest. I just want to GO!


29 thoughts on “IVF #4 – There is a slight delay in the commencement of the games due to inclement weather

  1. Whut???? That is so annoying! Ughhhhh. Have you taken a pregnancy test on your own? Does your period seem like your normal period? Does the clinic have any idea why your progesterone might be elevated? Bah! Crossing everything that you can start for real on Thursday!


    • I knooooow. They just said that high progesterone usually means it is still luteal phase. My period was full flow yesterday but has slowed somewhat today. I didnt even think to pregnancy test until getting these bloods back but will in the next day or so if things still seem shifty. Nothing is ever smooth sailing. I’m not sure why I was so surprised!!!


  2. Meh! Why why why? Well, if anything I reckon a bumpy start is a good omen. I always get suspicious when things go according to plan. It’s when they don’t that the plan finally comes together at the end 🙂 Hope this gets sorted asap and your bloods are normal soon xxxxx

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  3. Ummm how in the world did they check your follies with no dildo cam!?!? I want that to happen at my office!! Sorry you blood came back all wonky though. Hopefully all will be well on Thursday and you can get things moving! (see also…my response to Faye!)


  4. Avoiding the dildo cam is a small win for women everywhere! I had one on Monday and my eyes popped out of my face (again). The fact that this time I got pretty colours on the screen only helped a very little bit. Progesterone thing is pants but better to start when everything is ready to go. xx


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