I don’t feel pregnant anymore

I have just woken. It is early Saturday morning here. The first thing I have noticed is that I don’t feel pregnant anymore. I haven’t had any further bleeding overnight but I just feel like the HCG has stopped causing a decline of my symptoms.

My boobs aren’t sore. I didn’t wake at 4am with insomnia. I wasn’t busting for the loo when I woke. I can’t feel this baby with me anymore.

I know you guys are going to tell me to stay positive and of course I will hope I am wrong but I am just reporting in and being honest about what I feel. This doesn’t feel good.


45 thoughts on “I don’t feel pregnant anymore

  1. Symptoms come and go. If you possibly can- do not symptom spot. Know that what will be will be. There is nothing you can or can’t do to change things. All you can do is take a deep breath, live your life and have faith that this will work out and if it doesn’t you did everything you could and you have another plan. Sending hugs. I hope this helps and isn’t patronizing because of course you are terrified. Just know it is out of your control. Xoxo


  2. I want to cry for you right now. Not because I think this pregnancy is over — I don’t. But because I’ve been where you are now and I know that’s it’s the most awful feeling to be fearing something and not knowing if it’s true or not. It’s so awful. I’ll be thinking of you and the babe. Hang in there. I’m sorry you’re going through this.


    • The nurse from my clinic wrote back this morning. She says that the Dr is basing the scan date on my hormone levels and that my levels are more a week 5 as opposed to week 6 level. I wrote back to her and told it would be impossible for me to fall pregnant that late. It mean we fell a week or more after having sex the last time. Doesn’t make any sense. So that makes me nervous too now…that they keep putting me back and back and back. :-/


  3. For reals, and from the real life of NTT you are having the exact same pregnancy I had with my daughter. I told you I know things, right? Well I know the moment I’ve concieved. So, when I started bleeding so early on in my pregnancy with her (after 2 miscarriages), and woke the next morning with that FEELING gone… The full feeling, the slightly twitchy, sore boob, smells different feelings, I thought I was done, and they didn’t want to check for a heartbeat for TWO WEEKS. My ob told me the hardest thing I’ve ever heard, and the hardest thing I’ve ever done: chill out. It is or it’s not, and there’s no way to change it. This was over Christmas that year. The two weeks fell over Christmas, and I really tried. The pregnancy symptoms didn’t come back for a while, but I knew she was okay before I went in for the ultrasound. If you can be quiet (next to impossible) she’ll tell you. I know I sound crazy, but I swear it’s true. And you believe your old auntie naptimethoughts. That baby is alive and well. I know things.

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    • I LOVE this story. I love it so much I am crying. This is the EXACT same thing. Please let this be me. Oh thank you for telling me this. And sorry you had to go through this!! xx


      • Awwwww…. That’s so sweet! We may not have had trouble conceiving, but keeping the pregnancy through that first crazy 3 months was a nightmare. I’m so sorry you’re going through this thing now, but please take my advice. Meditate. Put it out of your mind. Be in your body and listen to it, no matter what it has to tell you, because your baby is in there and she (cause it’s totally a girl) will tell you so. All of us in the naptimethoughts house send our love.

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  4. I’m so sorry to read this. I truly hope that you’re wrong, and that things have just quieted down for a bit. Everyone says that pregnancy symptoms come and go, and it’s still early on, so don’t count yourself out. Thinking of you tons and sending lots of love! Just try to remember: right now, you are pregnant. Hold on to that *hugs*

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  5. My boobs are always the first thing to stop having symptoms. That being said, I had those symptoms until I went through all 3 m/c. Symptoms do fluctuate. Don’t assume it’s over until your doc confirms.


  6. I feel absolutely devastated for you. I know how you feel – I know what that sudden emptiness feels like. I just think life can be incredibly cruel and you really do not deserve anything like this at all. I’m thinking of you and still hoping for a miracle xxxxx


  7. Oh no, what an awful feeling to wake up too. I am truly hoping this is not the case. I am thinking of all those times I had pregnancy symptoms and convinced myself I was when I wasn’t and hoping this is the opposite.
    Huge hugs and lots of hope hun!


  8. Aw, I’m only just catching up on the blogs from the last week or so. I’m so sorry you are going through this and hope and pray all is going to be well for you. I didn’t feel pregnant loads in the early weeks, and of course that is a worry, but it didn’t mean anything as here I am at 14 weeks.


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