They gave me some drugs

Okey dokey SORRY I didn’t update last night. Once we did dinner, skyping grandparents and parenting I was falling asleep standing up. Emotional days sure do take their toll.  While I was pretty sure in my brain yesterday that everything was going to be ok I still spent the entire day feeling like I was about to burst into tears. Here’s what happened.

The Clinic

I really love my clinic. They aren’t perfect but they are very responsive and I appreciate that. I rang the nurse as soon as they opened and she didn’t poo poo me at all. She said the same thing all you guys said which is brown blood isn’t considered to be bad because it is old blood but said that she’d speak to the Dr and he might put me on some progesterone for extra support even though my progesterone numbers have been fine. I told her I still had 3 boxes of Crinone laying around (all within date) so she just said oh go ahead and use one per day. It won’t hurt the baby or me if I don’t need it but I get the support if I do. GREAT. The control freak in me loved getting something to do to help.

For those who haven’t seen what the Crinone is like, it is essentially like a tampax applicator. You shove it up a bit like a tampon and squeeze the bottom of it and this cream stuff shoots out and hangs about your cervix. Ironically it can actually cause spotting but that would definitely be the the not ominous kind.

When I did the first application yesterday (TMI warning) I freaked out a bit the applicator came out with heaps of that brown stuff on it. Like, lots of it. Not good for one’s sanity, let me tell you.

I hadn’t bothered sooking to get my beta a day early as the bleeding wasn’t drastic and I just thought what difference is a day going to make? If it is bad news too then it’s one day sooner that I’d know it and I kind of wanted to live in a oblivion for just a little while longer. So beta is as per booking which is this morning.

I did ask when I could have my first scan and she said early next week. It will probably be Wednesday as that is the day that works best for me and Eric together and the Monkey will be at daycare.


I’m so pleased I had moved my acupuncture appointment to Thursday this week as it really set my mind at ease yesterday. They did  a whole session focusing on stopping any spotting and she sent me home with some horrible herbs to help and a moxa stick to apply to heat the relevant points on my feet. I even had a little nap on the table at the end. It was great and really calmed me down a lot.

Coincidentally I haven’t really had any further spotting since the acupuncture yesterday. When I applied the Crinone this morning it had only a small amount of the brown residue on it so hopefully this is almost gone now.

Someone mentioned yesterday that it could be implantation bleeding and I said no as I thought it was too late – and it is. BUT the fact that it is brown means old blood so it could actually be implantation bleeding that is only traveling down and exiting the body now. So that’s interesting and sets my mind at ease a little.

The boobie scan

The scan went really well. This lump definitely felt like a fatty mass as opposed to a hard lump and that’s what the Dr thought too but we were just being cautious. I am yet to get the final report through but the Sonographer was awesome and told me that to her, it just looks like a fatty mass too and nothing to worry about. It could have come up from the pregnancy hormones or it could be unrelated but doesn’t look concerning. Yay. I wasn’t worried about this one but it’s sitll nice to have the news.

OK that’s it guys. That’s the update. No more spotting for now and a few solutions, a beta today and a scan next week. Thanks for all your support.


25 thoughts on “They gave me some drugs

  1. I’m glad you crashed last night, it sounds like you needed that more then we needed the update from you. 🙂
    I’m glad the nurse was good to you, I’m thrilled that the scan went well and it sounds like acupuncture was great. I really do hope baby is growing well!!


    • It really is. Even with my first who I conceived really easily I was super stressed in the 1st trimester and I did have a bunch of spotting for the first half of the pregnancy. I remember it being the thing I was most surprused about. I’d always thought once you were preggers all your troubles would be over and it would be sunshine and rainbows but so not the case!!!


  2. Oh jeez fun stuff! Crinone made me spot sometimes, maybe because of the applicator grazing some ultra sensitive tissue down there or something. Just saying… Great news that all is clearing up and what’s there is only brown. Good good. My boobs have felt a bit irregularly lumpy since becoming pregnant, so my doc has given me a requisition for an ultrasound of them to check them out. I’m hoping it’s just glandular hormonal lumpiness.


    • Yeah I expect spotting with the crinone which is pretty funny given the issue but I’ll take it for the prog support as it makes me feel better! I’m sure your boobies are fine but it is definitely a bit nerve wracking even if you know the odds are with you. The ultrasound isn’t too bad at all if you’ve never had one so nothing to stress about. Less shit than the dildo scan at least hehe


  3. Well I’m glad the nurse gave you something to do to hopefully help out. Can’t wait to hear how your beta goes, and your scan next week! Glad the boobie Dr went well also. And happy as well that your acupuncture helped so much. Hopefully this little scare will be nothing but that, and you won’t have any more for the next 8-ish months!


  4. Your clinic do sound good – they seem to understand that you are (obviously) worried, which really helps. I am just hanging in here hoping for the best for you. It IS really common to get spotting in the early weeks. Praying the beta is a great one xxxxx


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