Ugh. It wouldn’t be early pregnancy without one of these posts. I honestly thought I was going to get lucky and get through this one without a blip. All those mornings of seeing nothing spooky at the morning wipe ritual have given me a false sense of security.

Yes, there is a ritual. Each morning when I wake super early I usually decide that’s the toilet time to “check” the pregnancy status. Is it a happy day or a freak out day? With Monkey I did have some early spotting and even implantation bleeding but this time there has been none of that. Just nice white paper to brighten my day. Then I send a text to Eric that says “All good here” and he responds with a smile and we get on with our day.

It is unhelpful that I don’t know how far along I am but I’m going to say about 6 weeks today-ish and today the ritual didn’t end with the sparkling white paper, it ended with brown snotty looking paper. Not too much, but it was there, no mistaking it. I almost had to look twice I was so surprised. I did not expect it at all.

Good news is that I don’t feel any ominous cramping (although now that I say that I feel something) or any of that so hopefully this is just that normal spotting you get because your body is adjusting to a pregnancy. Please please please please please let it just be that. PLEASE. God PLEASE. I am begging you PLEASE. Can you hear me? Please. I don’t know how to say it any other way.

I have another spooky thing going on too that I totally forgot to mention last week in my wigging out. I have another lump! This one is to the left of my left breast on the upper chest wall. I actually wasn’t even sure if it was breast related it was in a such a funny spot but the GP says yes it is. It is a different type of lump to the last one – it is more soft and squishy but definitely a lump. As my breasts are all complex and it is on the same side as the last lump they are sending me back for an ultrasound of that side only. I’m having that today (this afternoon).

I will keep an eye on the spotting and call the clinic this morning to mention it. Maybe they’ll let me have my beta one day early. It is supposed to be tomorrow but maybe they’ll send me today if I sook at them.  I also have an acupuncture appointment today so they should be able to help with spotting too. Hopefully this is all merely a blip in an otherwise healthy pregnancy. Fingers crossed.


42 thoughts on “Spotting

  1. Don’t worry! I know that’s sooooooooooo hard. Like, beyond hard. But I really think it’s ok. Spotting is normal. I actually feel like I rarely read about a successful pregnancy on these boards that doesn’t have some type of spotting of bleeding! If your clinic gives you an early beta that would be great, though. You need an ultrasound at this point to reassure you. I think they can see a sac over 1,000 so you should be good.


  2. Oh no! I don’t like anything about this post. Hopefully it’s what you said, and just your body adjusting, and nothing is wrong with the baby. That would be great if they can get you in for your beta today! Fingers crossed that all is well with you!


  3. Really hope it is spotting and nothing to worry about. When I had my daughter I had a similar experience with spotting (one occasion was lots of full on red blood which really freaked me out) but luckily it turned out fine, so I hope you’re having a similar experience. Fingers crossed that you will be ok. Take it easy. Deep breaths. xxx

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    • Thank you. Yes, it will be a very cruisy day I think. I’ve had 2 full on work days this week which isn’t my usual pattern. I’m just going to make today about relaxing and taking it easy. The house will have to wait. Thank you xx

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  4. Oh sweetie, it sounds like a horrible day! Spotting is always scary, but it doesn’t always mean anything bad is happening. I’ll be hoping that it’s nothing bad and baby is snuggling in and growing well.
    And, the lump, I am so sorry! It sounds like you’ve caught it early and you are getting testing done right away, and that’s awesome. Sending you lots of love!!


  5. The brown snotty stuff is the good kind, I think. I had that at 9.5 weeks with my first – and TOTALLY FREAKED OUT, rushing straight to the hospital because it was late and my doc’s office was closed until the next day. They saw me some 3 hours after I arrived at the ER only to tell me that absolutely nothing was happening, and that because it was brown stuff, it was “old blood” that my system was just flushing out since there was no new period that month. Anyway , all ended up perfectly – and 8 months later my daughter arrived.
    Fingers and toes crossed. Brown blood only and no bright red. Positive, positive, positive thoughts only. xoxo

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  6. That stinks about the lump, but we will hope and pray it is nothing to be concerned about. I remember how scared I was going into my breast ultrasound last December, I was crying while I waited for the ultrasound tech to come examine me, and while I waited for my husband to join me, and on the way to the appointment. It was very scary for some reason!

    I had some spotting around 5 weeks and I think again around maybe 8 or 9? It can also be a result of intercourse or a pelvic exam, too. I agree that the brown blood is not anything to freak out over. Note: yes, freak out: no. But easier said than done! I know you can’t wait until your first ultrasound!!!


    • Thanks lovely. I’m currently in this battle with my brain. One side is the fear mongering side and the other side says IT’S FINE don’t overreact. Ha. It’s fun in there today.


  7. Hoping the rest of your day was uneventful! Spotting no matter when it is scares the crap out of me! I had a tiny bite a few weekends ago and didn’t want to move! I have had an US since then and all is good! Praying the same for you!


  8. That’s exactly what it is. One little blip. I had a couple of miscarriages, and during one, a radioactive spider bit me and gave me special super powers. I just KNOW things. It’s a girl, she’s healthy and her name will be Naptimethoughts (okay, maybe that part’s wishful thinking).
    You can call me Pregnant Lady: able to tell the sex of an unborn child before it develops genitalia. Able to feel good pregnancy juju from across the world, and wears a VERY snazzy pink cape.
    When they do your breast ultrasound, can they do a trans-v just to look in on her?


    • hehe thanks Pregnant Lady. So lucky to have you and your super powers around for this sort of thing. I love your cape. Can you wear one without powers? I want one. I wish they could do the trans-v just like that but they need a referral and they’re all strict about that stuff. Pfffft.


    • hehe sorry lovely. I’ve just posted an update. Things have calmed for now, I’m on Crinone and I stuck with beta today. That’s the short version of the post I just wrote 🙂


  9. Oh nooooo…. No no no no no. Spotting is just horrible – I STILL check every single time I go to the loo. I’ve been there so many times… I really, really hope this is just one of those things and not a sign of something more ominous. I spotted with my eldest for AGES, so sometimes it really doesn’t mean anything bad. Thinking of you and hoping all is well xxxx


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