Waiting for Beta #3

Well things are going pretty well here as I wait patiently for beta #3. I am actually feeling pretty zen about it all despite the fact that I am writing this post at 4:45am which suggests otherwise. Obviously something is going on subconsciously (I’ve been waking about 4am every morning since the positive test on Monday) but for the most part, I really do feel good.

I have continued to have some pregnancy symptoms here and there – nothing is consistent but symptoms usually aren’t consistent. They come in waves, you have good days and bad from memory. Or at least good times of day and bad. So I’m trying not to read too much into it. Essentially I am having the crazy smell thing mostly, sore boobies here and there (although they have eased somewhat in the last 24 hours) and the odd bit of non threatening type cramping. Β I am really off food. When it gets to meal times I’m just all *scrunches nose up and puts on whiney voice* “I don’t know what I waaaaaaaaant”. It’s not like I have a food aversion at all. I want to eat. I am simply uninspired by the thought of it.Β 

The good thing is that it usually ends up being really nice fresh food that satisfies me as it smells super amazing to my ultra sensitive nose so mostly, I am being pretty healthy. Processed food doesn’t tend to have an amazing smell to lure me. Although treats ARE sneaking in.

Last night I had so much vintage cheese and quince paste with crackers. Oh my lord. I ate almost the whole round of cheese (and no it wasn’t a soft cheese – I deliberately got this one for that reason). And then I went on to have a truly awful dream, the contents of which I cannot actually write for fear of making it true. The stupid thing is I even thought to myself while I was scoffing my face “I bet I have a cheese dream now”. Crazy cheese. Stay away from it.

Anyway, I’m going for my beta at 8am tomorrow morning so that is just over 24 hours away. Then I’m expecting the result around 2pm again. Fingers crossed my zen feeling is from all the pregnancy hormones buzzing through my body, multiplying at a rate of knots. That’s pretty much what happened when I was pregnant with Monkey so I’m taking the zen as a good sign.

I have also made the decision that I am going to enjoy being “pregnant” while I am actually pregnant. I have waited a long time to be in this state. I am going to enjoy it while I can regardless of how long it actually lasts.

Oh and I had good news from a friend. I shared our story with an old bestie from my home town the other night and she started saying that it is exactly what happened with her 3rd kid, now a healthy 3 year old boy. She said she had really really low numbers and had to get blood draw after blood draw as they weren’t always doubling etc. But it all went on to be successful, she was just earlier than she thought. I love this story! I so hope this is my story too.

It’s now 5am and I am contemplating getting up and doing some housework and then having a nap later (Monkey is with his dad). Am I crazy?


31 thoughts on “Waiting for Beta #3

  1. I hope whether you tried to go back to sleep, or got up and tried to nap later, that you got at least a bit more sleep!! Beyond that, I’m happy you’re feeling so zen. And good that you’re wanting healthy foods instead of junk foods. I hope these are all great signs! And that’s an awesome story from your friend as well. Hope the same rings true for your little one!


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