Beta #2 – we’re still in the game

Well this has been an excruciating couple of days. When I saw the Dr this morning I told her it was harrowing. Then I felt over dramatic but whatever. It’s definitely been up and down.

Yesterday I did another HPT with FMU and the line was as strong as the one I got on Monday. I thought that was interesting. And then I noticed I was having a few small pregnancy symptoms – mostly sore boobs and a big sensitivity to smells. So I started to build up hope a little more yesterday that maybe the test was really early and that’s why the number was so low.

This morning I did another (and my last) HPT. This time the line seemed a little lighter so I got depressed again. I am a maniac. Losing. The. Plot. Β I have resolved to not buy anymore of those damn tests. They are making me crazy.

I had my second beta this morning and basically tried to prepare myself for the worst.

Well, my beta went up. It is now 29 (beta 1 was 18). So it didn’t double but I’m reading that doubling in the early stages can sometimes be more like 72 hours than 48 so we could be OK. Obviously they want to monitor me and make sure it continues to go up and that I don’t have an ectopic pregnancy (slow doubling is a sign of ectopics, as is later than expected positive pregnancy results).

My next beta is Monday – that’s 4 sleeps away. For the love of all that is holy I hope I can make it! That one will really tell us the story. Eeeeep!

So, this is better news than it was on Tuesday. While we aren’t anywhere near out of the woods, this is actually a small step forward and for that I am so grateful. I am actually feeling cautiously optimistic and so is Eric. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. You guys are amazing.


42 thoughts on “Beta #2 – we’re still in the game

  1. Oh Jesus, what a head fuck. I am hoping beyond hope that all of this leads to a happy outcome for you. I can’t imagine the mental and emotional turmoil you are experiencing right now. Fingers crossed x


    • Yeah it absofuckinglutely is a head fuck!!! It’s like one of those shows where every episode is a cliff hanger of some sort. Except this one isn’t on Netflix so I can’t binge watch it. Pfffft.


  2. Oh god, this is such a crazy emotional roller coaster. I hope the next beta helps to clarify things a bit more for you! This must be so stressful, I’ve been thinking of you so much ! Xx


  3. Woohoo this is great news. I don’t think you are being dramatic at all especially considering your past with this sort of thing. I know it is a long wait. No more pee sticks though, it doesn’t seems to be making you feel better so avoid them πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed for you my dear πŸ™‚


  4. Oh my word – you sure know how to keep the suspense going, lol!!! On a more serious note… I am hoping so much that this is going to work. Gosh – the guessing and speculation that each minute must hold for you… It’s agonising to read about, let alone live through. Hoping and praying for you my sweet friend. Hoping and praying!! X


    • Haha damn straight. What a trip! And yes I am speculating a lot. I google a lot of stories about low HCG making beautiful babies and scare the crap out of myself by googling ectopic pregnancy. I’m a nutcase! Lol


  5. Huh…why can’t things just be clear cut and easy? I’m sorry you didn’t get a completely definitive answer, and even more sorry that you now have to wait until Monday for any more news! I hope you’re able to keep yourself busy this weekend so it goes by quickly. I also hope that your beta skyrockets and you don’t have to stress about it anymore! Fingers crossed and positive vibes sent your way!


    • Thanks lovely. I actually feel a lot of peace. I am way better than I expected. I just want to enjoy this feeling of being pregnancy while the opportunity is here. I have fought too hard for this not to enjoy the moment.


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