The second test….hmmmmm

I rushed back from the shops just now to take a second crack at peeing on the magical stick. The line is lighter. Hmmmmm  I’ve been here before.  The only thing I will say is that it wasn’t FMU (but neither was yesterday’s) and it was after only an hour of holding (yesterday it was a good 3-4 hours since I’d peed). The time delay helps with HCG concentration apparently. So I’m still none the wiser and slightly more crazy.

I just did a 2 hour round trip just to get a blood test at my clinic this morning. It seems a slightly loopy thing to do but if they prefer I get bloods done there then I’ll have them done there. I’ll jump through any hoops they damn well please given that they seem to have gotten me pregnant.

Despite the lighter line I am still optimistic. For some reason I refuse to believe this isn’t going to be a thing this time. I have no idea why but that’s just where I’m at. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong and that’s ok. Getting to believe in it for however short a timeframe is a pretty damn awesome experience. It is exactly 12 months since I last saw 2 two lines on a stick and that was a damn squinter so this experience is exhilarating no matter the outcome.

I’m expecting beta results in 2-3 hours. I’ll let you know. I’m going to beg for a second test in 2 days. I need to the reassurance. NEED it.


28 thoughts on “The second test….hmmmmm

  1. Ignore that second pee stick as it’s not apples to apples! If you had done it at the same time as yesterday AND held it for the same amount of time, then mayyyybe. But I think you’re still good! Cannot wait for beta results!

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    • Me either!!!! I think I might leave the pee sticks until FMU tomorrow and then see what happens. After I know the beta too. Argh. I want this SO bad as I’m sure you realise. x


  2. Praying!!! I think it is totally different when you don’t hold your pee as long! I know my line is lighter when it hasn’t been hours. Praying you get a great blood result.


  3. Your post says it’s been 2 hours since you wrote this, so I hope you get some news VERY soon!! Hoping and praying that this is it for you and you have no more trying for anything in your future! Been thinking about you all day long….Everything is crossed for you and I’m hoping beyond hope for good news!


    • Thanks lovely. I was thinking that too but I did another test this morning and it looks lighter than the first so I don’t really know that that is how it is going to turn out. Btw…when I was googling (as you do) it said under 5 is not pregnant but you need 25 to be pregnant….weird. Maybe the gap between the too indicates a maybe pregnancy but not likely to continue. Who the F knows. Anyway, it is what it is. Thanks for you comment x


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