IVF #4 – Hanging out in the waiting zone

Far out, I feel like this priming has taken FOREVER. I was so excited to start and the time was zipping on by but then we got to two weeks out and the whole thing felt like it came to a stand still.

I have essentially been visualising a mental calendar seventy squillion times a day for the last two weeks. 12 days to go. Check later that day. Count. Ok so 12 days to go. And repeat. I am slowly sending myself MAD. It’s a self created fucking 2WW. What sort of idiot puts themselves into that? Oh me. Yes, that would be me. ANYWAY.

Officially AF is due tomorrow which means clinic on Thursday for bloods and baseline scan (very exciting – my old clinic didn’t do the baseline stuff!) and needles on Friday. Of course because I WANT AF to be perfectly on time she will probably be out partying and forget her curfew and rock up late which terrifies me deep down but I’m trying to act cool about it so I don’t lose the plot completely.

The main reason it terrifies me is that fucking clinics here don’t do anything on the weekends so if AF rocks up Friday for example I can’t get into the clinic for baseline stuff until DAY 4 and who wants to start something you are paying thousands of dollars for late. I want perfect conditions dammit. But there isn’t much I can do to change things if that’s the way it is going to go so I’m doing my best to roll with it and hope it is all peachy.

I have set up a session with my Fertility Coach this Thursday so that should help with keeping my shit together.

I gotta say – AF does not feel like she will be rocking up tomorrow at all. No signs whatsoever of her but then it was like that last month too. I just went into the loo one morning and WOAH. Sorry, that was probably TMI. I am wondering if the tube flush is the reason for that (the no signs, not the TMI, right).

To all the dudes reading my blog – I apologise. This must be tough going sometimes.

I didn’t do a health challenge update this week. I lost focus last week. Ate something off the naughty list about 5 days out of the 7, put on 400grams. Nice. I have my focus back now to a degree and stims will keep me on the straight and narrow so all good. I’m not worried.  I do think I need carbs so I’m going to look at carb cycling in the long term and basically eating more potato that isn’t in hot chip form. Ha.

That’s about it from this part of the world. Hope it’s all honky tonk where you are. I’ll report back in a few days with stories about poking myself with needles. Wooohoo!


37 thoughts on “IVF #4 – Hanging out in the waiting zone

  1. I love your plan to roll with it and hope that it’s all peachy. Because honestly, if it can be peachy that’s just awesome! (And now I have Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America in my head, and in fact am now playing the youtube video…oh, how fun was life in 1995?)
    Anyways, I do hope AF cooperates with your schedule! It know you have no ability to control it, but ultimately it would be nice if you didn’t have to have a weekend right in the middle of your baseline testing. Oh, and I hope your health challenge goes well this week – I think I need to do a better job to, so thanks for the reminder. 🙂


    • haha EARWORM! That song is now sitting in the back of my brain. Wow 1995. I was still in my 20s. 20s! Oh those were the days lol. Thanks for the encouragement and good luck with the good health stuff We can all do better here and there but as long as we know and keep trying then I think that’s ok. 🙂


  2. LMBO!!! AF was due today, and my face is telling me she is on the way… in fact, if my face was any indication of the mood she was going to be in when she finally got here, I’d be terrified!!! I’m freaking 40, no 41! there is no need for all this!!
    Sorry, not the point of the post except you cracked me up with all that AF talk and then I had to share my own TMI 😉
    You got this! She’s about to show up – especially now that you’re talking about her!


    • I think I said in my post that none in Australia open those days but I could be totally wrong. The massive TWO I have been at don’t do weekends or public hols – which of courses means EVERYONE lol

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  3. AF, that bitch, needs to stop showing up at my place, like fucking clockwork, every 26 days. I’m almost 49 freaking years old. Enough already. Hoping she is on time for you tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


  4. I hate waiting on AF, and I really hope she gets there on time for you! I was looking forward to your health post this week, I thought I had missed it lol. There’s nothing wrong with being off once in a while! We’re all human, after all. Good luck with your needles…I’m happy to have graduated from mine for the time being!


  5. I hate when my cycle doesn’t cooperate. I am exactly the same about doing bloods on Day 4! Not when the check has that many zeros. Sending you “period arrive tomorrow” vibes. 🙂


  6. I hope AF shows and doesn’t mess you around. Hey – that’s great about just going to the bathroom and THERE SHE IS! I got really freaked out over a period of several months when I used to get days of spotting before AF arrived. I didn’t have that when I was younger and I’m sure it’s not healthy. I was pleased when the spotting seemed to die down (which happened before I got pregnant this time), so I reckon the who-turned-the-tap-on experience is a great indicator 🙂 Hoping it all goes beautifully this cycle xxx


  7. Did AF show yet? She better get her act together! I’m getting so excited for you — you’re almost there! When you’re AF shows up, you should probably have some hot chips to celebrate — after all, they are both gluten and dairy free! 😜🍟🍟😘


  8. Doing the AF dance for you that it turns up on time! I also can’t believe clinics that don’t do weekends.. When the time is right stuff has to be done! Ok so a DR scan maybe isn’t so bad to move, but what do they do it EC needed to fall at the weekend for optimum collection?


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