A visit to the boobie specialist

The girls were up front and centre again today having their moment in the sun.

The breast specialist was GREAT. I really liked him. He did another ultrasound when I was with him just to check where I’d found the lump which doesn’t feel so much like a lump anymore but like a bar of fat or tissue or something. Apparently there is a cyst under that bar that maybe have been bigger last month and may have been the pea shaped lump that I could feel. Anyway, all looks good.

He did however seemed alarmed about my family history and the fact that I’ve had 3 aunts all diagnosed with breast cancer in their 40s which aren’t so far away for me anymore. So he has said this is what we’ll do:

1. Get an MRI just to check what’s going on. I’ve got quite a bit of this glandular tissue which you can’t see through well on a mammogram so the MRI will shows us more and also give us a baseline to refer to.

2. I can call for MRI results and if there are any issues they’ll bring me in, otherwise I see him for a follow up in about 4 months to see what is going on where the lump was at.

3. Time to start annual mammograms and ultrasounds and also MRIs. Yup MRIs too. Essentially I go for an appt with his rooms yearly, at that appt I get a referral for the mam and ultrasound which I do together. THEN in 6 months I have an MRI. And this continues like this until I’m about 50 which seems forever away and not that far away all at once. Yikes. He asked me if I would find that too intense and let’s face it, it is intense but I said I’d rather be closely monitored given the family history and he said EXACTLY.

Thankfully I am actually eligible for free MRIs as I have multiple family members with an early diagnosis. Thank god for that. Those babies are $440 a pop without the subsidy!

Oh and he was also really specific about where I should get all my scans done as some places have more cutting edge machines than others. So I am onto that now.


Upcoming IVF cycle

So he (the specialist) had this big thing about continually suggesting I put off my next IVF cycle to get the MRI done as once I’m preggers no can do. It was FREAKING me out I have to tell you as it would probably mean a 2 month break as opposed to putting it off for a month as I don’t think I can double prime (2 months straight of testosterone cream? I don’t think so).

The MRI has to be done around cycle day 10 and I will be swollen with eggs and full of hormones right about then for my next cycle and he was concerned that all that crap going in could change the integrity of the breasts and not show an accurate result. I get it. I don’t want that either.

I explained that we don’t actually do a fresh transfer as we do the genetic testing so suggested I could do the MRI the following month. With any luck it will be a natural FET cycle and I will be hormone free in the first half of the cycle. He seemed happy with this. He also called my IVF clinic while I was in the room which I thought was pretty awesome (they are actually located across the road and round the corner – HA!). He gave them a run down and will also send a copy of my report to them as well as my GP. Hopefully they don’t make me put off my cycle. ARGH. Honestly I’m not chasing it with the clinic. If they want to see me about it they can call, otherwise I’m just going to carry on as if everything is as per the plan.

So, in short, all looks fine. I have an extremely vigilant specialist who seems really onto it and for that I am truly grateful. I think it works out that roughly 3 times per year someone is going to get having a gawk at my boobs so seriously, if something is going to happen then they should be onto that shit right away.


28 thoughts on “A visit to the boobie specialist

  1. They are taking great care of you – how refreshing to read good things about docs πŸ˜‰ You’re restoring my faith in the profession! X


  2. Great that it’ll be covered! MRI scans are very expensive here too. I think when I was going on for my knee the second time they said about $700 (in 2006). Yikes. glad to hear that the Fox is being thorough, cautious, AND seems to have all your best interests in mind. Xx


  3. He sounds like a fabulous doctor, I’m actually glad he was concerned about those things (even if the ivf one is a bit frustrating). It shows he genuinely cares. It’s great your MRI’s are covered too… I’ve been thinking of you lots I hope it is all going well with the priming πŸ™‚ when do you think you’ll be starting the cycle? X


    • Yes all going well. I am sooooo ready to start. I feel like I am mentally crossing off the days and counting down constantly so it is really slowing this last 2 weeks down. Provided my cycle isn’t stuffed from the melatonin or androgen cream I am expecting AF on Wed next week which means stims start Friday. One week today!!!! I was feeling a bit ragey earlier in the week which I put down to the testosterone cream but then I buckled and had hot chips AND lollies on Tuesday and felt so much better afterwards so I wonder if it was carb rage lol Maybe I just need more at the moment? So trying to be mindful of that. How are you doing???? Xx


      • Haha you’re classic! Hot chips AND lollies I think you deserve it. πŸ˜‰ sorry you’ve been ragey but I know all those feels of waiting for a cycle to begin. It’s frustrating too, so that can’t help. It’s not far away though! Yay.

        I’m doing well, keeping busy…kind of. We are thinking we will do the PGD cycle next cycle, so I have to contact the clinic and organise that… Fun times!

        How is your new job going? Are you enjoying it? Xx


        • Ooooo exciting you will start so soon.

          Yeah the new client is great. I just do one day per week for them so it’s not like it’s that much but it’s perfect for me right now. I have some other work I do for other clients later in the week and then all the IVF palvar and that’s all my free time booked up. But yeah, the new client is working out well. I’m enjoying what I am doing for them and it is a really busy day so goes by so quickly. And the bonus is that once it is over I don’t have to worry about it until the next week. I LOVE that. I’m not thinking about work being due all the time. It’s GREAT. xx


          • It sounds perfect for you πŸ™‚ It’s great that it is the kind of work that doesn’t hang on your mind after you are done with it – i found i had that a bit with my last job. Glad to hear you are going well, soon it will be all happening again. Can’t wait πŸ™‚ xx

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  4. My sister had breast cancer at 39 so I’ve been following a similar care plan for a few years now. Great that you’re getting such good attention. My best advice is to stick to whatever plan you feel good about religiously. When I delay I find my anxiety goes through the roof…much better to just go and check it off. Good luck! πŸ™‚


  5. I’m so happy you are getting the right care and you are willing to go for regular screening! A few years ago I was having some digestion issues and then my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer (he’s fine now) and my family doctor got me in for screening within a few weeks once my dad was diagnosed. It turned out I had pre-cancerous polyps, now I get regular screening and it’s all good. Anyways, all of this is to say, I’m glad you are taking care of yourself and taking your family history seriously!!


  6. Well that’s great that it’s just a cyst! Stupid cysts anyway…
    So glad that you have found an awesome Dr! And that the MRIs will be covered! Sorry you’ll have to be going through so much now, but hopefully if there are any issues then they will catch it early. I’m excited for your cycle too! Are things going pretty on track for you?


  7. So glad it was all good news! I love that you’re being aggressively monitored. Why not, right? And I would have told your specialist that the monitoring will be nothing compared to the intensity of an IVF cycle. πŸ™‚ Also relieved that you were able to come up with a plan to keep your cycle on track!


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