Week 6 Weigh-In – Good Healthy Challenge

I had an amazing week last week – until Friday evening. Something happens when the weekend hits and I craaaave treats. I didn’t give in this time (go me) but I seemed to spend the whole weekend obsessing over what I couldn’t have.

Leading up to the weekend I was feeling so good and wanting only healthy food, I felt like I’d really turned a corner. But as always in this race for good health, where there is one turn for good then can be another for bad.

The last 2 days have seen me in a super grumpy mood and I have a cold sore on my bottom lip despite how healthy I am right now so rather than jumping for joy over my achievement of a really great eating week I am just in a mood.

Weight: Β 61.5kgs – I have to say I was gutted when I saw this number on the scale this morning. Although it is not a gain I felt like I wasn’t being rewarded for my efforts of such a healthy week. And I felt skinnier and my clothes are fitting better and even Eric has said I am looking great so I was like WTF? I didn’t expect to lose a great amount but I thought maybe half a kg might have just slipped off. This is why they often say don’t listen to the scales – especially at this point where I am within 5 kgs of my goal.

Did I eat from the naughty list this week? If so, what?

(naughty list is lollies/sweets, biscuits, the usual suspects)

NO! I was sooooo good all week. No naughty list. The healthy treat concept is definitely helping me. Β I turned down hot chips at the park on Tuesday and sweet yummy biscuits on Friday too. My willpower was astounding!

Did I exercise 3+ times this week? Yes! I have rediscovered Fitness Blender. If you don’t know what it is then you need to check it out. It is FREE and is basically a gazillion exercise routines you can do at home. They are vidoes so it’s like you are having some one on one time with the instructor of your gym class. I did the following:

Thurs – cardio – whole body – 30 mins.

Saturday – upper body strength – 30 mins

Sunday – lower body strength – 30 mins

Any new recipes/healthy treats to share? Β I did a lot of great cooking this week. I’ll have to come back and put links in for those interested.

  • Homemade ketchup
  • Pulled pork shoulder
  • Homemade smokey bbq sauce
  • homemade pita wraps (spelt flour) – I’m blaming these for stopping me from shifting weight on the weekend πŸ˜‰
  • Homemade chicken kievs with almond + sunflower seed crumbing

I realised after the weigh in this morning and getting crabby with Eric that the Androgen cream comes with a few side effects which could explain some of this: weight gain and increased mood and aggressiveness. The mood thing is just subtle right now but I feel it there below the surface and have been wondering what the hell that is all about. I feel a bit better now I have an answer. Only just over a week left on the cream so hopefully getting off it helps. And I feel glad I am being so healthy now as my weight gain would probably be more if I was cheating. Just have to keep at it.

Oh it’s a journey, such a journey.


20 thoughts on “Week 6 Weigh-In – Good Healthy Challenge

  1. Such a journey indeed. I am eating so well lately but I am on HGH which my husband reminded me (when I complained about my swollen face) that it is what Barry Bonds took to get that weird body and neck. Haha. The best we can do is keep on keepin on and hope when we look back on this time we handled it the best we could πŸ™‚


  2. Great job on the no cheating with food, and getting your exercise in! I wish I could be more creative in the kitchen…that’s why I make B do most of the cooking lol! Hope getting off of that cream will help you out some as well!


  3. Good for you! I know you aren’t happy, but it’s still in the right direction and you haven’t been having the encouragement of public displays of eating habits anymore. I on the other hand have been baaaaaad lately. Chips, poutine, chocolate, cookies, and many many lattes slipped into my last week’s menu! The working out 4x/week has turned me into a teenage boy. I have to pretend in publicly airing my dirty menu again so I snap out of this indulgence! Keep up the great work Em, and hopefully I can find my inspiration in you! Xx


  4. You go with that willpower, girl! I can pretty much turn down anything, but hot chips. I mean, I just can’t do it. But I’m trying to look at it like, so? So i have some hot chips every week or so. Big deal. I think you are doing great and I do think the testosterone could for sure be messing with your mood and weight. And besides, you look GREAT. And now you feel great, too. Screw the number on the scale!


    • I also left sour gummies bears in the cupboard unopened for over a week! (broke last night – I knew yesterday I was going to fall of the wagon, just knew it). ANYWAY today is a new day. Flipping freezing here at the moment. We are having some polar cold snap floating up the coast (we are normally always temperate like California or Florida). It’s 4 degrees this morning (39.2F) and we are not set up for that shit!


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