Good Health Challenge – STAGE 2

Wow, we made it to the end of the 21 days. YOU made it reading my daily journals bless your cotton socks and I made it blogging every goddam day. The daily blogging was a stretch at times, I will admit, but I am so glad I did it as it really kept me accountable. Yes I had some failures in that 21 day period but I would wager a cow and 2 chickens from my dowry that I fell off the wagon less than I would have if there was no possibility of public shaming.

So yay for blogging!

And not only did the blogging help me but it helped and inspired others to pay attention to their daily food intake too – some blogged about it (like this blogger who blogged daily ALL THE WAY THROUGH as well – what a rock star), others just told me in comments and I’m sure there are some who are reading and just not saying at all so yay for sharing ideas and inspiring within our community. Freaking awesome.

I have been thinking a lot the last week or so about how I am going to move forward with this. When I first started I just wanted to get to the end so I could reward myself with a cronut from this bakery in Varsity Lakes. Now I’m like meh, cronut. I’ll get to it (I’ve never eaten one – I KNOW!) but maybe after IVF is done.

Right now though I feel really focused on staying healthy. I like the way I feel and I’m on a journey with this whole IVF business.  This will be our last cycle of IVF so if we get no viable embryos (GASP that I would even write that as a possibility) I want to feel like I did everything I possibly could to prevent that from being the case. And if I stuff my face with shit for a good portion of the lead up time then I won’t feel that way at all.

So the goal now is to keep going. To keep eating healthily, to keep searching for healthy treats as having those options will keep me on track, and to just keep on living my life as the new healthy me. I want this to be a way of life from here, not an end point the way it has been in the past.

I also want to introduce some regular exercise into this new phase. Something light to moderate as that’s all IVF dude in WA recommends so we figure we might as well stick to that. Essentially it means a lot of brisk walks I think. My heart wants to run but I’ll come to terms with that. My goal is exercise 3 times per week from next week.

So I’ve decided I’d like to keep on reporting in to you folks because you guys are so awesome but I’m going to make it weekly instead of daily. Obviously I won’t blog what I ate every single meal for the entire week but I am thinking along the lines of a weigh-in plus a questionnaire of sorts. Something like this:


Did I eat from the naughty list this week? If so, what?

(naughty list is lollies/sweets, biscuits, the usual suspects)

Did I exercise 3+ times this week? 

Any new recipes/healthy treats to share?

What do you all think? Could you cope with that? Is there anything I should add to my questions? I’m taking all feedback at this point. Things are not set in stone.

Thanks so much for reading you guys and sticking with me on this journey. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Only one more food post tonight and Stage 1 is done. Wooooot!


19 thoughts on “Good Health Challenge – STAGE 2

  1. Congrats on making it to the end! I love that you feel healthier overall now and want to keep eating that way. I too really want to add exercise to my week, so I will try to join you in that once I recover. I love the idea of weekly updates.

    In regards to your next IVF cycle, I need to send you this article/study that Tim was reading on Braverman’s site about how some “genetically abnormal” embryos actually turn into healthy babies? It’s pretty trippy.

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  2. AMAZING!! Gosh, well done on making the 21 days – and on blogging every day (I have fallen off the blog wagon – so busy, neglecting the computer). Good luck going forward, looking forward to seeing you ace the next stage 🙂 Xxxx


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  4. So proud of you! I think those are good questions to use. Still gives us readers the important info. Good luck with your next phase! I’ll be cheering you on along the way!


  5. Congratulations, you did so well! You should be very proud. I have never had a cronut either, to be honest I am telling myself I will hate it to stop myself from ever trying it LOL… it’s my system and it works for me hahaha, that’s also why I never try new ice creams or chocolates that come on the market, but to be honest it has not been hard for me to not try Vegemite Cadburys hahaha.
    I really need to do something like what you have. There is good reason for it (apart from just wanting to be healthier… I will post about it later today). I just have to figure out how I am going to go about this 🙂


    • haha that’s a great strategy! Before baby no 1 I used to stop myself from eating crap by going and staring at it for a minute and thinking about eating it. And then deciding it was probably for the best that I didn’t. lol

      If you need any help with your new healthy eating plan let me know! If it helps, I find it easier to do if I focus on what I want to eat more of – protein, health fats and heaps of plant stuff (fruit and veg) . If I am planning my meals with that in mind I’m not constantly thinking “oh I can’t have pasta” because pasta isn’t on the list of things I’m trying to increase. Hope that makes sense!

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      • Yeah that totally makes sense. If it helps at all for a sometimes pasta… the brand Vetta does low GI pasta.
        I think my main aim will be similar to yours, up the fruit and veg and protein. Which in theory sounds easy because I like all those things hahaha. I think because I am really busy I just haven’t made planning a priority and that is where my problems lie. I need to push aside other stuff and prioritise planning.

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