21DGH – Day 20 Food – There is just something about Saturdays

Oooooo isn’t the rainbow WordPress header just the cutest?! I am loving the rainbows I am seeing everywhere today in support of the US Supreme Court’s supreme decision yesterday regarding marriage equality. So freaking awesome. I hope Australia pulls its socks up now and gets on with it (I think we’ll be waiting for a new PM to be honest which is frustrating and annoying. Fingers crossed next election).

Anyway, back to Saturday and it’s ability to screw with my eating habits. I was trying so hard today, I didn’t want to succumb on the second last day but I had a bit of a shocker. Saturday, you slay me!

It started out well – I made home made baked beans and they were amazing! But then we went to one of those kiddie play centres (it has been raining here for days now) with a friend and the kids had hot chips for lunch and once Monkey had finished only half of his box I just didn’t have it in myself to throw the rest away. And just to make it really delicious and bad I dipped the suckers in gravy, Yes, I did that. Mmmmmm.

Then this evening I picked a bit at Monkey’s dinner (which he didn’t like) and that involved pastry and cheese and that delicious but high calorie (cashews!) raw vegan cheese sauce I made earlier in the week.

I supposed in terms of quality of food I didn’t do too badly (except the chips) but I’m pretty sure I blew my calorie allowance. Oh well. Time to be good tomorrow before the weigh in on Monday.

Fabulous food today looked like this:

Breakfast: Home made baked beans which were absolutely amazing. I used this recipe which is for a Thermomix but you could easily adjust for stove top cooking. I served it with a little bit of scrambled egg on the side and a slice of Ancient Grains Spelt Sourdough.  I actually took the whole lot over to the neighbours to share with them which was fun, especially for the kids. None of us are really “baked bean” people but we all agreed we could be if they tasted as good as this every time. No more tin baked beans for us.

To cook this in the Thermie was a little bit of prep (5mins) and then set and leave for 15 mins – it really was so easy. I was will definitely make this part of our regular recipe rotation from now on as they can easily be frozen to pull out on lazy nights.

Breakfast included a delicious espresso coffee made by my lovely neighbour.

Snack: I didn’t have time to grab a piece of fruit before we left so when we hit the playcentre I tried to counteract this by ordering a small fruit salad. It was yummy. I ordered a decaf coffee too but shouldn’t have bothered as it was shit. I didn’t finish it but it was still calories I could have just skipped.

Lunch: Errrr left over hot chips and gravy. The serving wasn’t very big and I was conscious all afternoon of the fact that I hadn’t had anything nutritious for lunch.

Snack: I ate the bacon rinds from the bacon I used in the beans this morning. hehe And then later I had 2 of those low calorie coconut cookies from the other day.

Didn’t get to try the brownies yet – too many calories! That’s on the cards for tomorrow.

Dinner: I tried to save myself at dinner time. I had a cup of already cooked quinoa in the freezer that I defrosted and to it I added some home roasted baby roma tomatoes, chicken breast, broccoli and pesto (store bought).  It was yum and pretty healthy.

But then I went and picked at the pastry wheels I made Monkey so god knows how many more calories I need to add on for that. I can’t be bothered creating the recipe in MFP. It’s too much effort for an entry I don’t intend to use frequently!

Total Calories: I really have no idea. Probably up around 1500.

All day I have had this awesome song in my head and imagining how I am going to dance and dance around to it when I finally find out I’m pregnant. Seems pretty fitting for a lot of people in the States today too so I’m going to leave it with you now. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “21DGH – Day 20 Food – There is just something about Saturdays

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  2. I am loving all the rainbows too and feel exactly as you do. I really hope Australia can pull it together soon. Mr Abbott doesn’t seem to understand that being PM isn’t about HIS opinions, it is about representing the people and what THEY want. Listening to his comments about this amazing historical event… he just didn’t give a rats, he said it had no bearing on what happens in Australia… SIGH!!!


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