21DGH – Day 19 Food – Had a sugar crash today and it was nasty

So I’ve already given the game away in the title but I did have a wee bit of sugar today. It wasn’t a load. I’d made that salty and sweet popcorn for Monkey and his little playmate and snacked or more of it than I intended to. The sweet is icing sugar….I must look into a natural way to sweeten popcorn that will fool the kiddos and save this mummy.

Anyway at the time the popcorn was damn well delicious but a few hours later I went into the biggest slump. I felt awful, I was irritable and found it hard to be a great parent.

This afternoon we popped next door for a play and I went in begging for a coffee (only have decaf at my house or that horrid but delicious chemical caramel flavoured stuff). Anyway the caffeine helped snap me out of it but what a nice example of the cycle of addiction. This is how all this stuff makes it into our lives. We consume lots of processed food full of sugar, keep having sugar crashes, refuel again with caffeine and the cycle continues and we don’t feel good or normal.

It scared me off sugar for awhile as I DID NOT like how I felt at all.  Now I just need to remember how it feels when I do indulge in the crap. Funnily enough it makes me feel crap which the healthy treats never do.

Here’s what went in my tum tum today.

Breakfast: I was feeling so uninspired about breakfast today and we were running late for our playdate. Settled on organic peanut butter on wholemeal spelt sourdough and a pear (lucky I didn’t dip it in the chocolate last night after all!).

Snack: Organic popcorn, air popped at home and all but then coated in organic butter, salt and a little icing sugar.  Oh and a cup of Earl Gray tea with almond milk.

I resisted the chocolate finger biscuits my friend put out so I felt like that was a win of sorts despite the popcorn.

Lunch: Our playdate friends invited us to stay for lunch so I had little control over that. Still, it was relatively healthy. Just more bready than I’d normally have. Sandwich on multi-grain bread with lettuce, baby roma tomatoes and tasty cheese.

Snack: Mandarin – so satisfying to have a properly healthy snack. Ha!

An espresso coffee and chat with the neighbour this afternoon while the kids played. I’m not sure if it was the coffee or the chat that cured me. Maybe both!

Dinner: Last serving of pumpkin soup with parmesan cheese grated on top and a 40g serve of leftover chicken breast on the side.

Post dinner delight: a nice warm cup of chammomile tea.

I really do feel sooooo much better this evening. That sugar did a number on me.

Total Calories: MFP says I’m at 1133 but I honestly think it’s more like 1200-1300 as I feel pretty satisfied.


Healthy Treat Alert

I made some raw chocolate brownies today but I am yet to try them. The website I got the recipe from said they were 157 calories each but I get 200 ish when I put the ingredients into My Fitness Pal. I scanned the barcodes and everything. Anyway, might see if I can fit one of those in tomorrow. Nice to have the treat there so I can just grab it.

They are very nutty and sooooo quick and easy to prep as raw so NO BAKING! Woooo.

Hardley any ingredients required and no cooking!

Hardley any ingredients required and no cooking!

Here is the link if you want to make for yourself. I skipped making the caramel sauce. Too many calories for me but if you splash out and go ahead and make yourself be sure to let me know!

The other thing I’m excited about is that I found a book on my Kindle I downloaded ages ago called Paleo Real Food. Although I’m not technically Paleo I find a lot of the Paleo recipes seem to fit within the framework of how I try to eat *most* of the time. I am so impressed by some of the recipes in the book and can’t wait to try them.

The author has a website. It is called Savory Lotus. I picked up her book when it was on promo for free on Amazon so keep your eye out. I’m sure it isn’t expensive if you do buy. Her website also has lots of great recipes available for freeeeeeee.


10 thoughts on “21DGH – Day 19 Food – Had a sugar crash today and it was nasty

  1. Good job Em! I’m shocked at such an effect from that little junk sugar! I do notice a difference too, when I have healthy treats with natural sugars versus unhealthy sugars. Unhealthy ones go way better with coffee too!


  2. Sometimes you need a crash to remind yourself of why you’re doing what you are! congrats on all your hard work you should be so impressed with yourself! I’ve noticed recently I’ve been really leaning on sugar, which is scary I need to get my act together. Sugar at work… at home.. agh.. I need to take a page from your book and pull my act together.


    • You are so right. The crashes really keep us in check. I ate loads of sugar when I was pregnant. That’s where I came unstuck really as I used to be really good at turning down sweets / desserts / crappy food. I’d just stare at it for a bit and decide it wasn’t worth it. When I was preggers I decided why just stare when you can have? lol I had a pretty tight bump so I mustn’t have had too much but it set me up for bad eating going into the early years of parenting and I’m only just breaking the habit now and my son is almost 4!!!

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