21DGH – Day 18 Food – A day for being kind to myself

2015-06-25 10.39.16I had a real urge today to pamper myself a little so I decided to just go with it. If I felt that way then maybe I needed it.

So after dropping Monkey at daycare I arrived home and took some time out to have a cup of tea and read my book in the sun. It was such a beautiful warm winter’s morning that I decided I should take advantage of it while it was nice and go for a walk along the beach. I’ve been wanting to add more exercise to my day so figured a half hour brisk walk was probably a good start.

Once I packed up all my little jobs for the day I went up to the beach and put my headphones in and listened to a great TED talk while I walked. I am usually so reluctant to take the time out to do something like this which is stupid. I always seem to need to stay busy busy busy so I am glad I forced myself to enjoy the moment just once.

2015-06-25 10.38.00After the walk I set off on my errands which ended with my acupuncture appointment at midday.

My appointment today was actually with the other practitioner in the practice as my usual one doesn’t work on Thursdays anymore. I was supposed to see her yesterday but had to cancel when Monkey was sick. I always really enjoy seeing the other practitioner – there is something about her approach that is very calming and relaxing – but I don’t feel like I can change now that I’ve seen my usual practitioner for so long. I feel like I’d be cheating on her in her own practice. So terrible! Plus she is also very good. Anyway, I think I have decided that once every few weeks something might come up where I have to go on a Thursday and that was I can see this other woman too. That’s my diplomatic way of dealing with it. Ha! Now hopefully my current lady doesn’t stumble on my blog. hehe

After a few more errands I started to head back to my little beachside town. I’d booked myself a blow dry for 2:15pm! The last of my pampering. Weeeeee. My greys have gotten a bit crazy lately and I’m not colouring because of the toxins thing so I am hating my hair which I normally love so I thought a blow dry might give it a lift. It did. SO much better. And my salon actually charges a really reasonable blowdry price I discovered from this little exercise so I may head back there again soon.

There has been a bit of drama with Eric today. He has been in so much pain since his surgery that I insisted he go back to his specialist this morning. Luckily the specialist is attached to a private hospital. After a brief consultation they actually admitted him to the hospital where they can give proper pain meds. They have done a bunch of scans and kept him overnight. We are waiting for him to see the Doc in the morning. I hope all is OK. It did make me think that we need to get our frozen sperm transferred from the other clinic in case something goes wrong healthwise right around the time we need fresh sperm for our IVF cycle! So we are going to do that. And Eric said as soon as he is well he might go and give some fresh so they have it on hand.

Health and food wise I’ve had a pretty cruisy day. I am feeling trim and healthy again which is awesome. I think it is starting to show in my face too. The acupuncture lady who I haven’t seen in awhile commented on how good I am looking so that’s great. I don’t think she’d have said that if she saw me 3 weeks ago.

Now let’s get this food happening:

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, a bunch of end bits of Ancient Grains Oat Sourdough that amounted to about 1 slice. I put some pesto on one of those pieces to mix it up a bit.

Snack: Lemon and ginger tea

Lunch: I bought a Paleo Cacao and Almond bar from my favourite wholefoods store right before my acupuncture appointment (almost 12pm) that was intended to be a snack but then I noticed it was 335 calories – that’s a meal for me! I decided to have it and see how long I was full. It lasted for aaaaages.

Snack: Banana and then later a Camomile and Spiced Apple tea

Dinner: Apricot chicken with 2 cups of steamed vege – this is a bit of a favourite in our house, Monkey actually loves it too. I was disappointed tonight to find there is sugar in the apricot nectar I use so I am going to have to investigate my options for doing a sugar free sauce as we can’t give this recipe up.

Total Calories: 1100

After I entered all my food in My Fitness Pal I noticed I still had about 100 calories up my sleeve. I had this bright idea of making some raw chocolate and dipping my pear in it and putting it in the fridge to harden. A brilliant idea – sure. But then I spent forever googling raw chocolate recipes trying to find the right one not too high in calories blah blah. By the time I’d done that it was time to put Monkey to bed at which point I half fell asleep while laying down with him. I woke just prior to writing this post and it is now 10:11pm so I won’t be making any sort of 100 calories dessert tonight. That’s the trouble with changing the way you eat – you don’t have your go to recipes sorted. It is so much easier to crack open a bar of chocolate and sit on the couch. It is in these sorts of situations that the bad habits can creep back in. Something to be aware of.

So building the repertoire of go to treat recipes is definitely on the to-do list. We will get there!

So that’s it. Only 3 days to go on this part of my ride and I really feel like I am reaping the rewards of my commitment. It’s a great feeling.


14 thoughts on “21DGH – Day 18 Food – A day for being kind to myself

  1. I’m sorry to hear Eric is having so much pain/drama. Hope you guys get that sorted quickly. And I’m delighted to read you took the time for a ‘me’ day. We all deserve that once in a while, don’t we? x


  2. I love that you can just pack up and head to the beach for a stroll. I miss living near the ocean. I would spend so much time watching waves crashing in and clearing my head. So beautiful and powerful.


  3. Regarding the grey hairs, I’m not colouring mine just now either but I found this cool stuff to order online called Colour Wow.. It’s like an eyeshadow but it’s to brush on your roots to mask the grey, and it comes in a few colours. It is working pretty good just now for me at the moment. Maybe you can find it in oz too.


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