21DGH – Day 17 Food – A day at home on the couch

Today wasn’t meant to be a couch day. Today I had a full morning of appointments. We were so under the pump for time I even set my alarm for 6am with the intention of getting out the door in time for Monkey to get breakfast at daycare (7-730am). I was on track and going so well and then Monkey got out of bed, asked for juice and then vomited.

And right then the day turned into a stay at home couch day.

The poor little dude was a bit grey and worse for wear in the morning but of course got back into his food before it was even lunchtime. Ha. Kids. They are so resilient.

Because we were stuck at home all day on such a cold rainy day I found it really hard not to eat comfort food. I did manage to do fine but not without scanning the internet for a low calorie biscuit recipe. I found one! So this afternoon saw a bit of cooking going on.

Here is my daily bread…but without the bread.

Breakfast: Smoothie – frozen organic banana, frozen avocado, coco-quench milk, chia seeds, raw cacao.

This is the first time I have ever had avocado in a smoothie. It made it VERY thick and while it didn’t taste bad I’m not sure I’d do it again. It is very creamy though so I can see how it might be used as a base for healthy chocolate mousse, homemade icecream and other such treats. I will definitely use it for these sorts of things, just probably not a smoothie.

Snack: Small handful dried apricots

Lunch: 1.5 lamb loin chops (leftover from last night), leftover pumpkin soup which I pureed before eating today and it tasted much better. I also grated some parmesan on top and seasoned with pepper. All of which worked well.

Snack: This is where things got a bit haphazard and messy and snack almost pushed into dinner time.

I had a cup of peach herbal tea and scoped the internet for gluten free cookie recipes.

I made these low calorie cookies. The original recipe says they are 6 calories each but that is for a batch of 16. I am telling you, 16 of these would be tiny. I used the full recipe and made 6 decent sized cookies (and even they are on the small side) at 33 calories each (based on my ingredients and the calorie calculator on My Fitness Pal). I didn’t do the cacao choc nib on top and I didn’t add sweetener at all. The banana is sweet enough.

That's a tablespoon measure there to give you an idea of how small these cookies really are.

That’s a tablespoon measure there to give you an idea of how small these cookies really are.

While cooking those I ate the other half a banana I didn’t use in the recipe and also the second half of a pink lady apple that Monkey was eating. To be honest, the sweetness of the fruit was enough to satisfy my craving so in the end, despite how low calorie they were, I ate only one cookie. Ha. At least I have others in the cupboard for later. Next time I might do with the cacao nib.

If you make these at home they are very easy. Just follow the recipe exactly. Big tip is don’t add all the milk at once, do it one tablespoon at a time to allow the coconut flour to absorb. The texture is different to a regular cookie so bear that in mind before you take your first bite.

After this I was on a cooking roll and decided I wanted to make one of those yummy dairy free cheese sauces I have seen around the net. You can do with cashews or without and so I decided to do with cashews. I really liked this particular recipe as it was a “throw it all in and blend” method. That’s the sort of thing I have time for.  It was delicious and I had to restrain myself from eating too much – cashews aren’t exactly low calorie.

I used it in Monkey’s dinner – I made him a pasta bake with veges, this cheese sauces tirred through and then grated cheese on top. He loved it.

Dinner: As I picked quite a bit at the chicken, the raw cheese sauce and even some of the pasta (GASP) while making Monkey’s food I decided to take it easy for dinner.

I stir fried up a bunch of vegetables in coconut oil and then stirred a tablespoon of that raw cheese sauce through. Yum! It was pretty good.

Total Calories: Right around 1200 + the pasta I stole from Monkey. Forgot to put that in and now I’m too tired.


Apparently AF reads my blog as she rocked up this morning 2 days before I expected. Pretty stoked as now I can go and get my priming gear from the compound pharmacy and get going on this cycle. Yay!

12 thoughts on “21DGH – Day 17 Food – A day at home on the couch

  1. Oh poor monkey! It is crazy how resilient they are. DD seems to build up feeling off, then she’ll puke a few times and it’ll be over with. When I get a stomach bug, I’m sure I’m out for days! That raw ‘cheese’ sauce sounds pretty yummy. DD loves cashews so it may work for her too. Good luck with your starting cycle!


  2. Sad that the little man was sick, but at least he bounced back fast. After we get settled and I have a kitchen, I might just have to steal some of these recipes! I need a good blender or food processor though…guess that means I have to go shopping lol!


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