And the boobie saga continues

When it comes to “medical” things, it never seem to be easy or straightforward with me. There is always SOMETHING going on.

I went to the GP yesterday to discuss the outcome of my boobie scans last week. The report was pretty detailed which is good and not bad bad bad (so no cancer) but not great great great either. The short version?

I have complex boobs.

Oh of course I do.

Essentially, this is what it all amounts to:

  • They don’t seem to see anything where the lump is. Still don’t know what’s going on there as everyone can FEEL the lump.
  • I have lots of little cysts in my breasts. Numerous little pockets of whatever hanging out doing their thing.
  • I have a number of microcalcifications. I asked my mum about these as she used to work for a boob specialist for years. She said microcalcifications can be the beginning of abnormalities, the same way abnormal cells in your pap smear aren’t that great. So they like to keep an eye on them.

So all that stuff makes complex breasts and lumped with my high risk family history it has been decided it would be better for everyone if I just went of to a breast specialist.

My GP, god love her, is really wanting to try to get me in before my next IVF cycle which is now only about a month away (TIME, where are you going???) so even phoned the specialist’s office directly to try and push to get me in. Of course both Drs there are going away in the coming weeks so I’m still waiting for them to call me back and figure out when they can slot me in. I will have to follow up today.

Ladies out there, if you are putting off a boobie check then I implore you to please get it over and done with. Unless you have x-ray vision and medical training the only way to know what is going on in there is to have someone take a look.

*Just to be clear: what I mean by the above statement is not that you should buck the system of your country. Just that if your country says it is time for you to go get it done then just do it! If you aren’t in that age bracket yet then regular self checks for lumps is what is promoted here in Australia. And when I say regular I mean about once per month! That’s what is being encouraged here.


32 thoughts on “And the boobie saga continues

  1. No mammogram til age 50 (unless family history of breast cancer) here in Canada, so I’ve got another 18 months before I can rest easier. (I’m such a hypochondriac, always sure that something horrible is lurking under the surface.)


  2. What age would you recommend? I am 34 and don’t have history of breast cancer (but other types) but I have pumped myself full of hormones after 7 IVF cycles!


  3. I don’t think mine would be anytime soon, though I’m surprised that a manual breast check isn’t done more often at doctors visits. At least, right?! I mean, I know my boobs, but I also don’t know much about what’s a “normal” hormone related lump & what isn’t. I hope the booby specialist tells you that absolutely nothing is wrong, conclusively. Xx


    • Here they are very big on self check. Monthly they push! The idea being that you check and then if something feels weird head to Dr. Your breasts do feel lumpy in general but I know that the lump felt different to everywhere else amd that is how I could tell.

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  4. The BRCA2 gene for breast/ovarian/prostate cancer runs in my husbands side of the family. It gives the girls an 80% chance of getting breast cancer if they carry the gene. Needless to say, once they tested positive, they have all had preventative double masectomies and reconstruction Maybe ask the breast specialist about genetic screening for you and your family as well??


  5. I went to a Dr. a few weeks back because I thought there was a strange lump in my breast and I was getting aches in my left breast. She said the lump was my ribs and I was feeling them because I was loosing weight and that she thought the aching was because I carry my heavy tote handbags on my left shoulder. She did also say if I was really concerned she would give me a referral for a scan. I changed carrying shoulders and no more aches hahaha.
    I hope everything works out well!!!


  6. Ugh, that kinda sucks. I hope that they can get you in to the specialist very, very soon so that you can hopefully get some peace of mind and some answers with all of this. It’s good that your mom knows about this stuff, so she can help you out and give you advice. I truly hope that it turns out to be not much to worry about. Sending you positive vibes and lots of love! *hugs*


  7. Hope they come through for you for an early appointment, so you can do your next cycle with this taken care of!
    And thanks also for talking about this- its something that we all should be conscious of and self checking


  8. Oh gosh. Complex breasts? Well, of course they are, us women are complex creatures!! Joking aside I hope you’re doing okay. I’m so glad they have checked you out and are fully aware of everything NOW. That is the best part as you will be monitored and hopefully there won’t be any surprises. I’ve been awful at self-checking. I’m going to be more diligent about it. I hope this doesn’t turn into anything more worrying you xxxx


    • Yes I agree. I think the likelihood now of anything super bad happening is pretty low as I will be so closely monitored ongoing. Self checking is so easy to put off – I’ve been pretty awful too – but feel inspired to continue after this!! xxx


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