21DGH – Day 16 Food – Full, nourished and feeling good

What a difference it makes when you take the time to make sure you eat enough food in the day. Tonight I feel all happy and healthy with a nice full tummy because I remembered to eat. Hurrah for that!

I had a few food fails today actually in that I didn’t really enjoy everything I made. Oh well, it happens. 

Here’s what it was:

Breakfast: Smoothie – meant to do choc berry but spaced it and forgot to put the cacao in for the choc. Whoops. It was frozen organic banana, frozen organic berries, chia seeds, 1 cup coco-quench milk. Whizzed to buggery in the Thermie.

Snack: Had a cup of Early Gray tea with a friend. We watched her little boy for half an hour this morning.

Lunch: Started lunch with a nice pear today.

Finally ate the last piece of that roast vege lasagne. I’ve made that dish in the past and done a much better job of it. It really wasn’t that amazing this time. I need to work on it.

I also had the rinds of 2 pieces of bacon in the fridge needing to be used. I cut it off the bacon when I used it for the fried rice on Sunday night. Sooooo I might have microwaved and eaten the rinds. Yes, it was pig fat. What can I say? It was amazing.

Dinner: I had two cravings today: one for pumpkin soup, the other for lamb loin chops. So I decided to have both for dinner.  I figured the big serving of veges in the sooup could be my vege side to the chops. I made steamed veg for Monkey who was so tired he was beside himself at dinner time and hardly at a thing. *sigh*

Anyway, my soup SUCKED. I followed the Thermomix recipe and actually forgot to do the puree bit at the end so it came out not quite puree but not quite chunky and rather watery. I couldn’t be bothered putting it back in to mix once I realised so I added lots of pepper and a dab of pesto and that helped a little. I have 2 serves of the soup left so I will pour those back in and puree tomorrow. Hopefully that will improve things. Such a disappointment! I even went out and bought the organic pumpkin for it. It also had a few organic carrots, an onion and vege stock.

I can’t believe there are only 5 days of this challenge left! When I first started it seemed like it was soooooo long that I would be stuck eating all this healthy food and none of my treats but now I’m working out how I can make sure I stick with it. I feel good and I like feeling healthy so I think I can do it. The whole thing would be greatly improved if I could just add in some exercise. Really need to work on that soon…maybe that can be phase 2 of my little program.

Ideas, ideas.

Ok folks, that’s it for today. Only 5 more days of hearing me bang on about what food I eat. You can do it!

PS My next cycle should start ANY DAY NOW and I can barely wait to get on with this priming. I feel like there has been so much down time. Ugh. I know it is all going to be worth it as hopefully the healthy down time is helping me make amazing eggs but sheesh, I am SO READY. Let’s get this show ON. THE. ROAD. Woooo!


15 thoughts on “21DGH – Day 16 Food – Full, nourished and feeling good

  1. You are doing so well. My friend just bought a thermomix, and I went to a party at her house and my god they are great! You can do almost anything in those bad boys. The host lady made a beetroot salad thing and it was to die for! I wanted one so badly but all our extra money goes on IVF haha maybe in a few years 😉

    I truly hope you make some amazing eggs, and you and Eric make some amazing embryos. I feel confident. 🙂 xx


    • Oh the beetroot salad is delicious. I made it so often when I first got it. I love how once it is set you can leave it. It mskes meal times a lot easier. I don’t use mine for every meal yet but we are working towards it.

      I feel confident this cycle too. Hopefully my confidence is not misplaced. It’s such a tricky business. Thx for the well wishes xxx


  2. Wow, really only 5 days left!?!? It seems like you just started this!! Congrats on making it almost to the end already! Hoping AF arrives soon so you can get things moving again!


  3. Lol only 5 more days of having to publicize our failures & successes! You’re doing a great job. I’m having a crap day, especially at the eating part. You’d totally like the food options here in french Canada, if you like things like bacon fat! Me, not so much. I could never get into that weird meat lover stuff.


  4. It’s breakfast here. Going to go have some! You mentioned the testing you had done in a comment. I’d love to see what they ordered, even if you don’t explain it much! Too bad about the pumpkin soup. Seems like it was better the next day! (I’ve read ahead.) Terri


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