Week 3 – Day 15 – Weigh-in

Well as I predicted there wasn’t much movement this week but there was a loss so YAY!

weigh in 3

300g is not a big loss but it is a loss so I’ll take that.

My diet was more heavy in bread once we were away so I’m blaming the grains 😉

Chat later when I write today’s summary. Have a good one!


8 thoughts on “Week 3 – Day 15 – Weigh-in

  1. Hehe yes! I’m feeling like everything crept back up on me this weekend. I’m awful with weekends! Must plan more. Weekdays are so busy that we have to plan anyway. Weekends just depend on the weather. The rest is spontaneous. Here to a final week of turning things around! Xx


    • Weekends are so hard as we are doing things to please ourselves and food is a part of that! I am going to try and go hard this week for a good result in the final stretch. I want to stay accountable though so I think once 21 days done I might implement weekly weigh-ins still so I remain accountable. That’s my thinking atm so I don’t stray. Realistically I want to stay with this healthy eating until after egg collection and even my potential transfer! So i have a ways to go. But if I can think of it in small bites sized bits it won’t be so bad.

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