21DGH – Days 13 + 14 Food – A weekend on Temptation Island

Huzzah! I’m here and I survived and actually didn’t too badly on Temptation Island at all.

I hope my delayed posting didn’t leave you wondering if I’d fallen in a bowl of sugar and felt too ashamed to return. Oh ye of little faith!

(Yes I’m sure you barely gave my whereabouts a second thought but that doesn’t make for good story telling, does it?)

Anyway, where were we? I didn’t do too badly. Here’s how the weekend went down:


Breakfast: We were racing out the front door. I managed almost 2 boiled eggs (there was a cooking explosion that meant it seemed like more egg was in the water than shell in one case) on sourdough with 10g of devondale butter. Just a regular breakfast.

The rest of the day: I didn’t really eat defined meals for the rest of the day. Over lunch and into the afternoon at the Baptism reception there was a bunch of food coming out constantly so I was just grazing as the day went on. It was all home-cooked food made from scratch though so most of it was super healthy and I was so pleased. Here is what I snacked on:

  • Raw vege sticks – celery, carrot and capsicum (bell pepper)
  • Cheese and crackers – yes I did indulge in a bit more cheese than I’d normally eat
  • Crispy oven baked lebanese bread with parmesan and herbs
  • Minestrone soup – small bowl with a very small piece of bread
  • Deli meats (hardly any, just picked at the antipasto plate briefly)
  • Massaman curry
  • Mashed potato
  • Fruit (from my delicious fruit platter)

There were waaaaaaaay less desserts than I anticipated which was nice. I chose 1 thing – a gluten free choc mud cake which apparently is mostly almond flour, eggs and chocolate. I’m sure there is also sugar. It was served with raspberry coulis (also probably full of sugar) and double whipped cream. I’m not going to lie, it was DELICIOUS.

Everyone was raving about this lemon syrup cake also there. I was curious so I sliced a thin sliver off the end. I would normally love that sort of thing but it was waaaaaaaay too sweet for me so that was interesting.

Late afternoon as everyone was dispersing (except immediate family who all stayed the night) I went for a walk with the parents and got a coffee from my favourite coffee shop. It was a let down. I’m coming to the conclusion that coffee mostly isn’t worth it.

For dinner we grazed on leftovers (more of the list above) and I allowed myself 2 glasses of a lovely red wine that had been floating around.

I was happy with my choices given all the options available that day. I ate way less and way better than I normally would have at that event.

Totaly Calories: who the hell knows.  I didn’t bother trying to estimate


I actually woke feeling uber rubbish. I’d had the sneezes / hayfever happening overnight. There seemed to be dust in a woollen blanket on our bed so I think it was that but I also have to wonder if it wasn’t exacerbated by the red wine / sugar / grain overdose of the day before.

In general I have struggled today and it wasn’t until I got home with Monkey this afternoon and had a nice cup of herbal tea that I was able to start feeling normal again.

Breakfast: The family made up home made bacon and egg muffins for breakfast. I was starving and had 2 – I loved them but I think all that bread did not help my energy levels during the day.

Incidentally there was a plate of fresh pastries also floating around at breakfast time and I did not have even one! Pastries are my weakness so this is a big deal for me.

Lunch: We were out at the shops. I had the pumpkin risotto from Sumo Salad – small size – 194 calories apparently. It’s rice. Seems so weird. I guess it doesn’t have much else – no protein. But anyway…that’s what I had.

Dinner: I was back at that – hardly have any food left as it is the end of the week – thing today. On top of that I was so knacked and didn’t want to cook something that took too much effort. So I settled on homemade fried rice. Ingredients included:

-basmati rice, peas, organic carrot, organic zucchini, chicken, bacon, honey, tamari sauce (gluten free soy sauce), garlic. organic egg, pepper.

IT WAS SOOOO GOOD. I’m not sure about calories as a fair bit of rice and today I can’t be bothered even counting so I’m going to wing it. We had Eric here for dinner and the boys hoovered it down.

Monkey is doing a weird thing with chicken right now so I chopped it super tiny so he couldn’t see it. When he was eating he said:

M: Does this have chicken in it?

Me: No (yes I lied)

M: Oh good as I don’t really like chicken.

Me: Ok cool.

M: I’m finished, can I please have some more.

Ahhhhhh kids.

Dessert: I had the last 2 tiny pieces of my raw salted caramel chocolate. That stuff is divine and DOESN’T MAKE ME FEEL SHIT.


So that sums up the weekend. I have no idea where my calories are at. My tum tum seems to have lost the flatness I was so admiring earlier in the week so I suspect my weigh-in isn’t going to be everything I want it to be tomorrow. I’ve made peace with probably not seeing a loss but I’d really love to maintain if I can. Anyway out of my hands now.

I am pleased to be home and back to my healthy whole foods eating though. Feeling crappy, as I did a bit today, isn’t fun AT ALL so I think I might actually stick to this way of life better than I think. As long as I can keep working on those nourishing treats I think I’ll be sweet.

Ha. Sweet without the sweets.

(that was not intended!).


11 thoughts on “21DGH – Days 13 + 14 Food – A weekend on Temptation Island

  1. Ha! Glad you didn’t fall into a bowl of sugar – I’ve been silently following your healthy eating and did miss your post yesterday! Well done for not diving into a plate of pastries or basket of bread. I, too, have been cutting back on the calories as I ballooned during my last IVF cycle and want to get super fit and healthy before the next (which includes eating lunch out of my new swanky plastic-free lunch box). Can’t quite quit the coffee yet – is next on my hit list.

    Just wanted to say well done you for doing so well, good luck with the weigh in tomorrow and keep up the good work!


    • Oh I’m glad you are enjoying the good health posts. There are a lot of them 😉

      Ha! New plastic fee lunchbox. Way to go you! I love it! I am banging on about it to people all the time now.

      Ugh I know all about the IVF ballooning. Here’s to us getting ourselves nice and trim for pur next dance with hormones!


  2. You do this long enough, you’ll get the groove of what it is that makes you feel crum. Whether it is the sugar or the bread or something artificial that snuck it’s way in or dairy or what. And then you’ll know how to feel good and have a flat tummy when you choose to! (By flat, I’m referring to bloating. If you gained weight, it would most likely be inflammatory weight rather than actual fat cells. It takes more than you did to do that. The inflammation comes from food–or also environment with lack of sleep, stress, etc.) Oh, please keep at it!


  3. I think you did brilliantly – it is SO hard to be moderate when there is loads of food and everyone is eating. Interesting that you felt worse for it – I think the healthier we eat, the more the body protests when we go back to bad stuff. xxx


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