21DGH – Day 11 Food – We are on holidays!

We are on holiday. Hooray!

I am writing this post from the comfort of my mother’s loungeroom while she has a bangin play with my little cutie. According to the 3 year old I’m not actually allowed to join in. Yay for visiting parents!

Thankfully my mum and her hubby eat really healthily as a general rule so I don’t have to worry too much about falling off the wagon today or tomorrow. The real challenge will be Saturday when we have the Christening. My sister-in-law is a wicked baker so she is bound to have so many treats available. They are also doing lunch so there will be some healthy/savoury stuff too.

My tactic has been to offer to bring something along (which I should have been doing anyway). I haven’t heard back from her yet but if she says yes I am going to choose from my healthy “I want to make this someday” treat selection – probably these brownies which only have a handful of ingredients. That way I can still have a treat when everyone else is and not feel robbed.

*update: I heard back. She has requested a fruit platter. I can work with that. 

I meant to say yesterday that it was the first day since I started this whole thing where I noticed some looseness in my clothes. My jeans which were almost at the point of too tight actually feel like they have a bit of room in them so it’s either my weight shifting or they have been stretched beyond capacity and will never return.

Today marks the halfway point of this little challenge. I have already started to think about how I can incentivise myself to continue once the 21 days are complete. I have a few plans in mind and don’t worry, none of them involve me blogging my food DAILY. Those of you who read are awesome. Thanks for sticking with me and not being bored (eeerrr saying you are bored).

Oh on the boob thing, I had a call from the scan clinic this morning asking me to go back in and have one more scan done – apparently just a rescan of one area. I couldn’t as I was on the way out the door to the airport but when I offered them next week they just decided, nah don’t worry about it. “We will just note it in the report and you can decide with your GP if another scan is required”. WTF? That’s weird. Either you need it or you don’t. I’m sure everything is fine but hell, way to freak a person out.

Anyway, let’s get to the food.

Breakfast: Roast vege lasagne from the freezer + 1 boiled egg.

Yes I know, weird breakfast but I defrosted it with a bunch of other thing yesterday when I didn’t know what food Eric and I might want for lunch etc and it didn’t get eaten. If I left it in the fridge for 4 days until I got for it it would turn so it was lasagne for brekky. The egg was to increase the protein and keep me nice and full as I knew it was likely to be a light lunch.

Snack: Decaf cappucino at the airport. They only had regular milk or soy and I’m not a soy fan (for a number of reasons) so a bit of dairy made its way in.

Lunch: Sourdough toast smeared in avocado and ham – 2 slices. Ham was from the deli which I think is supposed to be bad but it was what Ma had in the fridge and it was 2pm already.

Snack: I had an ultra-snacky afternoon.

Peppermint Tea, mandarin, Kez nude choc mud bars (no crap included, think bliss ball – they weren’t that good), small handful of mixed nuts, Lemon + Honey tea

Dinner: Mum did a great job of whipping up a super healthy meal. 100g salmon fillet, 2 cups of steam mixed vege – broccoli, carrot + corn. A little butter on veg.

Dessert: A small bowl of strawberries and blueberries. Bless Mum. She is a star.

Total Calories: 1230 ish

And on that note I am running off to bed. We have another early morning tomorrow. I need to drive mum to work so I can have use of her car for the day and she starts at 8am. Oh sleep-ins, we do not get to spend enough time together.


17 thoughts on “21DGH – Day 11 Food – We are on holidays!

  1. Interesting on the scan. Must be pretty benign and I wouldn’t stress, but personally, I’d still get the follow up since they must not have gotten the views they wanted in a particular area. But nothing screaming on the films–that’s great! Your mom sounds like an awesome help! My mom is not. She is like your relative who bakes so well. And those people always want you to eat their food. Fruit tray! Ha! That’s an easy one!


  2. I’m a big fan of fruit platters at all events 🙂 Yummo, I am a huge fruit lover! I am also a salmon lover so that meal sounds delish!
    Have an amazing holiday, it sounds like you are having a fantastic time already 🙂


  3. Yay for your mum! I wish my family took food/health more seriously. I am in awe and love reading about what you eat each day. Lasagne for breakfast? Love it. Enjoy your weekend and I hope the food on Sunday isn’t too much of a minefield xxx


    • hehe once I lived in Asia for awhile I realised that you could have pretty much anything you want for breakfast. This whole setup we have going is all in our head! I hope I survive the food tomorrow as BLEW OUT on calorie goal today. Ugh.


  4. Hope you have a fantastic holiday!! Stay strong with the baked goods lol. Sorry you don’t get to sleep in often enough…I can definitely relate to that!


  5. You are doing so great!!!!! Good job trying to stick to your plan with the Christening coming up. That is weird about the scan though. Why bother calling if they are just going to say nevermind.


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