21DGH – Day 10 Food – Busy like a bee

Bzzzzzzzzz. That’s been me today. Buz buz buz from 6am. My new job is starting next week (the one day a week one I scored before leaving for Canada) and I had to go and do a meet and greet with everyone this morning at 7am. Man it was an early start. They make the world a better place by buying everyone a sausage roll from the bakery though. I turned mine down which I felt so bad about but Monkey happily took one and then wouldn’t eat half it. They were massive and after turning down my other one I just didn’t feel like I could throw this other half away so I had a bit of a food FAIL and I ate it.

I know, I know. As far as sausage rolls go it was probably the best kind, cooked fresh at the bakery and all that. It’s CLEAN I tell you. Whole foods. 😉  OK OK so maybe not but it was the best option. It WASN”T processed, OK?!

Rushed off from there to drop Monkey and daycare and then go for the boobie scans. That took quite some time. From there I went to pick Eric up from the hospital. He had been in overnight after surgery yesterday to get a kidney stone removed. Sadly it is in a spot that is super hard to get so the surgery is done, he is in pain AND he still has a kidney stone to enjoy every day. Doh.

Rushed back home to do lunch for me and Eric – sadly gave up my last bowl of Moroccan Spice Soup to Eric as that was the easiest thing to do and then I threw together a hodge podge mix for me. It was actually pretty yum.

Ran from house to next door to do bookkeping for a couple of hours, raced down the street to get a few things for dinner, raced back, did reports for Eric (a work thing), put diinner on, picked up Monkey, finished dinner, ate, washed hair and PACKED.

Yes PACKED. We are going away for a few days from tomorrow. Yay! The main event and purpose of the trip is to attend my niece’s christening. We added a couple of extra days because essentially the flights were cheaper this way so we fly in to hang out with my parents first and then go to Sydney on the Saturday and stay the night there. Home by midday Sunday.

Anyway I am so tired now I am almost falling asleep writing this so let’s get this show on the road.

Breakfast: half a really large sausage roll as per above excuse. 1 punnet of fresh raspberries on arriving home to attempt to make up for it.

Snack: Too busy to snack today.

Lunch: Roast beef slices from freezer (left over from previous roast), warmed and topped with homemade hommus. Loads of mixed steamed veg. Such a healthy lunch. The hommus on top was a stroke of genius. Delicious!

Snack: I took some of the Raw Chocolate to share with my buddy and boss next door. 1.5 pieces or thereabouts. Spiced Apple and chamomile tea.

Dinner: Quirky Cooking Paprika Chicken with Creamy Sauce – this recipe gets raved about all over the internet but I wasn’t fussed.

It is essentially steamed chicken breast sprinkled with paprika, garlic powder and herbamere. The sauce is stock, water, cashew nuts and paprika all blended up. Serve on Basmati Rice with mixed steam veg and lots of it. Done!

I had a pic but I’m too tired to crop and post. As it is every now and then I lose my train of though and start typing something unrelated. Ha.

Total Calories: 1000 – Much lower than I’d like to be today. I just ate super healthy and didn’t really snack so I just didn’t make the goal. Must remember to eat even when busy!

And with that, I am off to bed. Goodnight! x


19 thoughts on “21DGH – Day 10 Food – Busy like a bee

  1. Super productive day – all that energy must be coming from all the good food! Half a sausage roll was more than made up for in activity I reckon 🙂 Still going strong! xxx


  2. You’re doing such an awesome job. And yay for a few days away! Hope you guys have a fabulous time, and that people don’t try to push “bad” food at you!


  3. Oh! Travel! We will be traveling too! I do find it more challenging but worth it. Have fun! Kidney stones stink. Eric feel better yet post-op? (I had kidney stones after my third. The surgery was worse than the stone.) And on coffee–good here. Still can’t believe it. I just look at those beans in the cupboard to be ground… But, you sound great! Just good, good, good luck traveling! Plan ahead for the times you know you may have to give a little and be firm when you can. And vegetables rock. Vegetables rock. Plus they make you chew longer. Terri


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