Boobie update

Today was boobie check day so that is over and done with now thank god. It actually went quite well. I thought I was doing a great job at dealing with the stress of the whole thing but I think what I was actually doing was just burying my feelings. In the car on the way to the clinic I started to cry at this story about this little baby born premmie with a heart problem. Oh man it was so sad. (He is fine now btw but still, sad story of all he had to go through).

Then once I got to the clinic they’d stuffed my appointment around a bit and I thought I might cry again but all was good. A more experienced woman who I assume was the practice manager as she just had the vibe about her stepped in and sorted it out. When she was asking me questions she was so quiet and compassionate about it. It was so lovely. If you do this sort of a job for a living, just know, how you are to those patients makes a world of difference to their experience which is often uncomfortable and overwhelming.

Anyway went into boobie ultrasound first. The chick who did that was nice enough in that she was polite. She didn’t seem particularly happy though and I wouldn’t call her friendly. I basically didn’t like her. After the u/s they shove you in this little internal waiting area with your gown still on while you wait for the Dr to have squiz at your films and decide if you need a mammogram (they do them automatically for over 40 but as I am younger it is a case by case decision).

While I was waiting there I could see everyone coming in for their procedures and I had a few old ladies hanging out waiting with me and I’ve got to tell you, these women cracked me up. I was sitting there with a book not even looking at the time and just thinking well it takes as long as it takes. The old ladies? (and they were retirement old) were all cursing and muttering about waiting and other people going in front of them and carrying on. I just wanted to tell them to take a chill pill. And besides, where do they have to be so bad???? I suppose they all have their routines and life is cranky if they have to break out of them but seriously. I hope I can be a grouch free older lady πŸ™‚ Not sure if that is really on the cards but you never know. I’m working at it now πŸ˜‰

The mammogram lady was SO NICE. She got right off the bat that this was my first mamm and could see I looked a little freaked about it. She was fun and compassionte and just THE best person to have doing that sort of job. Oh and if you are putting off your first mamm never fear – they are nowhere near as bad you think. I thought it would be painful but it was actually fine.

Amazing mamm lady came back to me after the initial view of my films and told me secretly (she’s not supposed to) that the provisional line on the films is NAD – no abnormalities detected. Wooohooo!

I still have to wait for the 2 Drs to actually properly review the films but things are looking good. I am also keen to know exactly what it is – whether it be a cyst or some such other thing.

SO glad that is over.


27 thoughts on “Boobie update

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  2. I’m so happy she gave you her preliminary assessment – that must’ve been a huge relief! I hope the doctor’s review ASAP and give you the final assurance you need!


  3. Yay!!! So glad to hear that it looks okay on first view. Bad news was the last thing you needed! Well done on getting it all sorted out so quick. Hope the docs confirm everything soon xxx


  4. Hooray that it overall went well, and that things look good!! Old people are just too much sometimes. Fingers crossed that you get good news as soon as the Drs look at things!


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