21DGH – Day 9 Food – Feeling pretty good

Well here we are. It is Day 9 and everything is cruising along just nicely. Only 1 more day and then we will be on the half way mark which is pretty exciting.

Today was pretty good, no real news to report. Our Tuesdays are always busy and fun as Monkey is home with me and so we do fun active stuff. He has just started doing a Little Rugby thing with one of his besties on Tuesdays and that is about the cutest thing ever.

Anyway, I won’t go on about it all. I’m actually pretty knackered tonight. I used our at home time this afternoon to achieve lots of jobs so I’ve been busy all day hence the tiredness.

Let’s talk food.

Breakfast: Warm water with lemon juice, followed by a choc berry smoothie today.

Snack: Home-made air popped popcorn. The kids wanted sweet and salty so I did do a light sprinkling of icing sugar but it was barely any.

Lunch: Spiced Morroccan Tomato and Lentil soup AGAIN. Was still yummy today.

Snack: Dried apricots. Home made sweet potato crisps – thinly sliced and tossed with olive oil and paprika. They were pretty good. I should have let them cool more before popping them in a bowl together as they lost their crunch.

Dinner: Zoodle bolognese – made with organic mince, cooked up in a vege loaded tomato sauce and served with zucchini noodles. Yum!

Snack: I haven’t had it yet but I’m just about to go make myself a Spearmint and Chamomile tea and grab a teeny tiny piece of that homemade chocolate.

Total Calories: 1232 – ish

Now I’m going for some mind numbing tv time. Boom.

Goodnight bloggers. Hope you’ve had a great day!


15 thoughts on “21DGH – Day 9 Food – Feeling pretty good

  1. How does monkey like the zoodles? I have a spiralizer I’ve not used yet and keep forgetting I have it. I also have a couple zucchini in the fridge so it’s a perfect day to try it! Do you precook the zoodles? Also, recipe for that soup? Sounds delish!


    • Yes I will post the recipe for the soup as someone else has asked for it. I have a spiralizer too and it works a treat. I actually don’t make Monkey zoodles. I cheat and cook him pasta lol I have heard people say they have fooled kids if they peel the zucchini but I like to keep the skin on. I blanch the zoodles in boiling water. Don’t do too long or they go to mush. Still taste alright but you just don’t really get a texture out of them then.

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  2. When I did this kind of detox diet last year I was incredibly tired. They say you will be more tired and you will sleep more soundly.
    So… I finally started day 1 yesterday. Ate clean: no sugar, flour/gluten, caffeine, dairy. Drinking lots of water. I want to buy fresh lemons at the store today so I didn’t do the warm water drink. I am hoping to sustain for at least 10 days, then try to make it to 21, then a whole month. Glad to see you are doing well with it! Keep up the great work!


    • I have actually had more energy as time goes on! I am more motivated. I had those shit few days but mostly I have been greatly improved. I did do more yesterday (because of the more energy) so I think thay is why I was weary last night. Good luck on your healthy eating. Go you! Very exciting.


  3. I giggled at myself yesterday when keying in my food. Mr. T kidnapped me for a late lunch (he unexpectedly didn’t have to go into his 2nd job) and then off to the movies – and well, I wasn’t planning that. BUT, since this is about a change and being kind about the food I’m eating, I couldn’t be upset that I ate more than usual, or that I exercised less. I just treated it all with love! And then crossed my fingers that no one read my food diary! 🙂


  4. Really must try courgette noodles again. Had them raw once with pesto and they were good but a bit watery. Maybe I should try patting them with a teatowel or something?! Another great day, well done! X


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