Week 2 (Day 8) – Monday morning weigh-in

And it’s a loss.

*Cue loud cheering and clapping*


21DGH weigh in no 2

I am pleased I didn’t weigh myself during the week as I do have a tendency to go up over the weekends when things blow out a bit. Too many treats. This way I am not sad about a weekend gain but happy with a GREAT overall loss.

Total loss = 1.4kgs (3 pounds)

What a great incentive to stay true to my journey this week.

Here’s to a great Monday!



20 thoughts on “Week 2 (Day 8) – Monday morning weigh-in

    • Exactly. It really is good motivation to continue. I am also not craving the bad shit so that is awesome. Hope you are going ok. Must be the start of your dreaded day 3. It might be amazing! You never know. I had a GREAT day 3! Go strong! xx

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      • Oh yeah – it’s SO day 3 here. I’m miserable this morning. Knew it was coming. I just feel so grumpy and annoyed and miserable! Sticking with it, but really I’d be better just sleeping through the next few days, lol! X


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