A lump where lumps shouldn’t be

I keep searching my brain for an appropriate sound of exclamation but there just isn’t one.

Actually, there is.

What the actual fuck?

I found a goddam breast lump. Because I don’t have enough going on in my life right now.

I just had this thought the other night that I hadn’t done a check in awhile so I felt myself up for a bit before I drifted off to sleep. At the time I thought it was probably just the way I was laying or something equally weird so I put a note in my phone to remind me to recheck the following day. I then had Eric check this morning and when he said ‘yes, I definitely feel a lump there’ I finally went OH. Well that’s not good.

Anyway, I took myself off to the Dr today and managed to get into see my favourite one – YAY (the clinic has a bunch but I have one that I call my Dr but she is notoriously hard to get into on short notice). She gave me a referral for an ultrasound and then a mammogram if needed. I am booked for both on Wednesday morning. Apparently they just cancel the mammogram if it is not required. At least I don’t have to wait for that test. I like the organisation..

SO, the lump itself isn’t hard and is still movable so these things are apparently a good sign but my friend who has just finished radiation treatment also had a lump that wasn’t hard and was still movable but it was cancer so I feel a little cautious about it.

Instinctively I feel like it is going to be fine. I do.

I do have a strong family history of breast cancer – Nanna (who went on to die from secondaries as discovered too late), aunty – maternal (who got it in her 40s, had a recurrence in 50s and has had a breast removed), 2 aunties – paternal – both diagnosed in their 40s. All aunties have recovered and have a good prognosis so far.

However my mum also gets LOTS of hormonal lumps in her breast so maybe we just have similar breast tissue, you know? I’m down with that.

One of my aunties also did IVF and she had the hormonal type of breast cancer. It does make me wonder if all this pumping in of hormones is really that good for you. Not that it “gives” you cancer but that it may stimulate a response in someone predisposed. I don’t know. I have done no research on this. It is just my brain making connections where there may be none.

The other good thing is that 80-90% of lumps that are discovered by women are benign (I have the bracket as some websites say 80, some 90 so we’ll just go with a range). So the odds are IN MY FAVOUR and we love good odds.

Oh and I have had some cysts aspirated in my breast before. Not because I had lumps but because my mum sent me to have them checked on ultrasound when she worked for a breast specialist because she could (I wonder if he is still a boob man after all those boobs??) so maybe it is just a cranky cyst that is now big enough for me to feel. I could work with that.

I gotta tell you doing all this today I did sit down and have some of that raw salted caramel chocolate this afternoon. Just a little bit. I needed it. I’m so pleased it is nourishing and not crap because let’s not even get started on what sugar actually does in the body. Yikes. Not only is it not nourishing but it takes away. But that’s a post for another day.

Please remember me and my little lump in your prayers. Let it all be nothing but hot air!



38 thoughts on “A lump where lumps shouldn’t be

  1. Gosh you really don’t need this do you but from what you say it sounds like it’s probably going to be fine. Glad you let yourself have a little salted caramel chocolate. All the best for Wednesday.


    • Thank you! Yes hoping it is all just a storm in a teacup. Don’t relish the idea of a mammogram either so if it works out I don’t need one then that would be equally awesome!


  2. I think I had a lump last year sometime…It was just suddenly there. I didn’t even notice it – my Doc did. Good on you for checking yourself! I just had the ultrasound and it was ‘fatty tissue’ which I had to laugh about. AS IF they would find skinny tissue. Lolz. Here’s hoping you have a big ol lump of fatty tissue too!


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  4. Oh gosh – what a horrible thing to discover. Especially with a family history. Although – if your mum had hormonal lumps and bumps then that is a good sign. Hormones do crazy stuff. I get lumps in the week before my period, which I always ignore, and they never stick around – probably a similar thing. I’m really impressed that they’ve sorted you out a scan and potential mammogram already. I’m sure your gut feeling is right, and it’s nothing to be unduly worried about, but thinking of you and hoping it turns out okay xxxxx


  5. *A similar thing to what your mum gets. I’m not dismissing what you have found and am v glad you’re getting checked asap x


    • All good lovely, I know what you mean. Yeah I was so surprised I got in so quickly too. Lucky! I have never even noticed lumps before but I think the tissue in your boobs just change as you get old (which is why you can’t really have mammograms too young – there is either too much or too little fatty tissue, I can never remember!).


  6. Exactly, like you effing need this right now! For what it’s worth, I’ve had a couple lumps mammogrammed and ultrasounded in the past and they’ve all been normal. That is great that you were able to get into the doc right away! I’ll be sending heaps and heaps of good thoughts to you! I know how scary this is, no matter the great odds!


    • Oh yay. Good news stories are what I need as I have so many bad ones around me! Pleased this has been smooth sailing for you in the past (as smooth as the freak out can be at any rate!!). Thx lovely xx


  7. I am hoping it’s absolutely nothing! My mother has had several large cysts aspirated as well. I found a lump in my hip a few years ago that scared the living daylights out of me that turned out to be nothing. Still have it as a matter of fact!


  8. Totally sending up prayers! Several in my family have had breast cancer, but my aunt did the genetic testing, and we discovered that the cancer isn’t genetic, but that doesn’t mean I’m in the clear! And yeah, I still haven’t scheduled my mammogram… I have GOT to get on that!


  9. Hope this turns out ok. I’m impressed with how quickly things move in your medical community. Clearly, you’re not in Canada. At least not Manitoba, that’s for sure.


  10. You’re scheduled in for ultrasound and mammogram Wednesday, so that is great. That means you’ll have answers quickly. You are in my thoughts. May this just be a case of lumpy stuff (cysts) and nothing more. xoxo


  11. Oh no!! Hopefully it’s really nothing. I remember years ago (maybe like 7-8?) the nurse found a lump during her exam during my yearly exam. It turned out to be a fibroid, and she said sometimes women just get those right before AF. I’m horrible about checking myself, I really should be better since there’s cancer in my family. Can’t wait to hear how your appt goes…hopefully they’ll have to cancel the second one for you because the first will show it’s nothing!


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