21DGH – Day 7 Food – Lost the cranky pants

Hooray! I’ve made it 7 days through my 21 days of good health. It hasn’t been too bad actually but I also wouldn’t call it easy and I definitely could not have stuck to it so well if it wasn’t for you guys. Thank you!

While I’m on the subject of you guys I just want to give a shout out to a couple of other bloggers on a health journey with me.

  • Taking our Family from 3 to 4 joined me from day one the little champion. She is also blogging her progress daily and has a different twist to what I am doing as she is pregnant.
  • The Homeschooling Doctor gave up coffee with me from Day 1. She is still going strong despite the cravings. Terri actually blogs a lot about food and nutrition. By changing the diet of her whole family, including herself, she managed to reduce their medication load dramatically. Well worth checking out her blog. She has so much useful info and does loads of research to get you the most up-to-date relevant info to help you on your journey.
  • Zero to Done is also preggers and has just started blogging her new health program. Faye is particularly focusing on detoxing from sugar and clearing her skin. She is also coeliac so if you are looking for healthy food ideas that cater to this then she is your girl.

I love that through blogging we have the opportunity to inspire others and be inspired; to share knowledge and learn new things from each other. There are many down sides to technology but this multifaceted bloggiverse support system is not one of them.

Anyway, on to today. Man it was awesome as I got to sleep alone and sleep in as Monkey was with Eric. I didn’t finish up breakfast until 930am. Such a lovely slow pace for the day.

I had a hankering for a coffee aaaaaaaall morning so I decided that I could reward myself with a DECAF if I walked up to get a proper one from the coffee shop. So that was a 15-20 min brisk walk there and back. The sun was out and it was actually quite balmy. I had a sleeveless shirt on and was not cold and it is winter! I love where I live.

Up the street I ran into another mum who is more a know a little but not a lot person and we ended having a coffee together so that was actually super pleasant. Then I came home and did some housework. I ended up making that Raw Salted Caramel Chocolate this afternoon. .Soooooo yummy but was probably calories I didn’t really need for today on top of the coffee and whatever else I ate. I blew out a bit more than I wanted to today but it was at least all healthy whole foods that are actually nutritious. At least they aren’t empty calories.

Today is the first day that I was super tempted to weigh myself as I started to feel like my tummy was flatter and that I may have lost just a little bit of weight (Yay!). I actually went and tapped the scales to get on this morning and then I remember that weigh in is tomorrow, that’s one more sleep. JUST WAIT my brain said. So I waited.

Here’s the menu:

2015-06-14 09.33.28-1

Breakfast: Banana drizzled in maple syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon and then put under the griller (broiler I think in Nth America). Served on top of a bed of simple quinoa porridge (quinoa, rice milk + vanilla paste cooked up) with some toasted coconut chips sprinkled on top. Original recipe from Michelle Bridge’s 12 week body transformation but I have slightly modified.

Snack: My DECAF cappucino treat after my walk.

Lunch: Creamy Chicken and Cauliflower Rice Soup from yesterday. Delish. Nourishing. Yum.

Snack: Organic banana.

Raw salted caramel chocolate – homemade. Has raw cacao, coconut oil, himalayan sea salt, dates, maple syrup.

Thermomix recipe here / Regular version on www.mybestme.com.au

Only about 150 calories a serve and I had a piece + the lick your fingers stuff when making it when I’d probably already maxed out my calorie allowance for the day. Hence blowing the budget.  All good.

Dinner: The neighbours invited us for bbq dinner so  had no control over what we were having tonight. Turned out to be nice and pretty healthy except for the sausage. A very thin piece of steak, not too big; 1 sausage + veges. It was yum.

Total calories: Approx 1435

So that’s it. I’m intrigued to see what the scales say tomorrow as I strayed from my 1200 calorie goal the last few days. I’ll see if I can keep it up for this week and stay as clean as possible.

Oh and I’m actually starting to feel better than I was (more patient again) especially after getting some rest over the weekend so I’m putting it down to detox + tiredness + needed to exercise.

TWO. MORE. WEEKS. to go. Not that I’m counting down or anything.


17 thoughts on “21DGH – Day 7 Food – Lost the cranky pants

  1. Excellent day! The benefits of your arrangement with Eric are great – I’d love to experience sleeping in again one day! Lately, unfortunately, my body clock gets me up at max 6am. It sucks! It’ll be reacquired again one day I’m sure. 🙂 your meals today all sound so delicious! Mmmm… I’m looking forward to your weigh in tomorrow! You’re looking fantastic, no matter what the scale says, but I know you’ll feel more of a concrete thanks from your body if you see those numbers improve. Xx


    • Yes it is definitely awesome that I get one day per week off. I get no back up or help mid week though which can sometimes be hard. If I skip a weekend (like I did last weekend so Eric and I could go out for dinner) I end up knackered. We are away this weekend so skipping again but we will at least be with my mum who prepares all our meals and does the washing. Such a treat!

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  2. This sounds like a great day! I mean, a walk to a coffee shop in nice weather and meeting a person to have coffee with and getting some cleaning done and so on! Here’s to more days feeling like this! My coffee craving is better, but it’s tough because my brain knows if I’d just go make a cup, it’d give me that instant “POP” it wants. But I won’t. ‘Specially cause you put me out there up there! (Thank you for the nice description.) I don’t know what the scales will show for you, I hope it’s down so you keep on with good spirits. But even if it’s the same, don’t get frustrated and give up! And in two weeks, it will be a “regroup,” not a stop. Right? Right? And, lastly, I thought I’d let you know I’m trying acupuncture for my GI tract. A med school friend told me she wouldn’t tell her husband (another med school friend) or else he’d never let her speak to me again. She was kind of joking, but you see what I’m up against? But, wish me luck and any words of advice or caution on this from your experience? Terri


    • Yes 2 weeks is definitely a regroup rather than stop. I have been thinking about that already as in the past I reach the end and then binge on whatever I have been avoiding. I think I have my head tight about it all this time. That’s the plan. To find a way to continue how I have begun. I think the healthy treat are definitely part of that plan.

      Ooooo acupuncture. Way to go! Wow I can’t believe people get so negative about that stuff. No words of advice or caution really. Just relax and use the time to chill. The needles don’t really hurt so don’t worry. Good luck! I hope you have some success with it. X


      • Thanks for the well-wishes. Oh, do come up with a plan. It’s so worth it. I’m glad that I studied what I did, even if I’m just staying home now. The knowing and seeing the pathways is something that keeps me in-line. And the feeling good part too, obviously. But sometimes that’s not enough and to fall back on hard-core science helps. Happy Monday. Wow. Where does time go?


  3. Great stuff – I really love how you are adapting around social events and sticking to your goal. That quinoa porridge looks really lovely – one for my to-try list! So glad to hear your zen is back – you are through the worst, yay!! Thank you for the shout out too 🙂 xxxxx


  4. You’re doing great! Yesterday was awful for me. On the road so had breakfast at McDonald’s, lunch at a fast food chicken place (though I did get grilled instead of breaded chicken!) And pizza for dinner. Ugh. At least we walked to dinner then again afterwards, which put me above my normal steps for the day. But yikes!


    • Oh being on the road is so hard. When we drive down to my mum’s (about 9 hours) we ALWAYS have maccas for all the meals. Whenever I try to branch out I end up with crap, at least McDs is predictable AND they always have a play area so Monkey is so easily entertained. Like you say, at least you walked! It could have been worse. And you can always do better tomorrow. Nice work on the extra steps!!

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  5. As I have modified my lifestyle I am learning not to look at food as a reward or as something that requires punishment. I am eating better and nourishing my body, and sometimes what will nourish my body isn’t always the healthiest thing, but I will not punish myself over it! So I am glad that you are taking the healthy approach and treating what goes in your body with kindness! Some days we are under and some days we are over!


    • Ah I so need to do this – kick the food is a reward thing. I am such an emotional eater. And yes, I think my brain has finally clicked that it is about treating your body with kindness. Those bad things we eat do damage and take away from our ability to be healthy. So we go forth with good intentions. And yes, some days we are under and some we are over and that is all OK. Being kind is the most important part. 🙂

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    • Love this, Kate! I saw a meme a long while back that said, “Do not reward yourself with food. You are not a dog.” 🙂

      I always got a kick out of seeing FB posts from friends or family saying things like, “Just finished a kick-ass bootcamp session. Heading to Starbucks for my Mocha-fucking-sugarcrap (whatever those desserts disguised as drinks are called) without any guilt whatsoever!” Seriously, you just burned 400 calories, and now you’re going to go drink 600? 🙂

      Totally agree – don’t reward with food and don’t punish for food. Live and eat sensibly.

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