21DGH – Day 6 Food – It’s treat day

Traditionally Saturday has always been a bit of a treat day for me when I’m watching what I eat. So I had a few treat type things today but managed to keep it all at whole foods which I feel really good about.

My mood still isn’t the best. I feel pretty normal and my anxiety has been pretty non existant but man my fuse is so short, even with Monkey which isn’t usually the case. I’m not sure what that is all about but I don’t like it. I need to sort that out.

The digestion this morning was back to normal so something yesterday set that in motion (haha). It was either the quinoa +  seedy breadrolls or the dried apricots or the additional calories or the dancing before bed. SOMETHING worked. I don’t normally eat more grains than I am now on the restricted calorie intake so maybe one of the other things? Who knows. I shall keep my eye on it. After today I’m sure tomorrow will be fine too. There’s no shortage of food going in.

Total Calories: 1323

Breakfast: I decided to increase my healthy fats today with one of my just ripened organic avocados on ancient grains oat sourdough with a boiled egg on the side. Tada!

Smashed the avo with lemon juice and pepper

Smashed the avo with lemon juice and pepper

Snack: Pre lunch snack of a mandarin.

Lunch: Came across a low carb version of one of my favourite recipes. It is usually a Creamy Chicken and Brown Rice Soup but the rice has been switched out for cauliflower rice. It was soooooo good. The soup is so hearty; full of veg, nutritious and filling. The creaminess is actually provided by almonds you mill at the beginning (I have a Thermomix so milling is easy – you could just use almond meal for the same result).

Snacks: Monkey left some raw macadamia’s around uneaten so I popped them in the oven and toasted them a bit and ate them warm with salt even though I wasn’t the least bit hungry. YUM!

Before getting up to make dinner I also had a cup of herbal tea.

Dinner: Monkey is with his dad tonight and I just couldn’t be bothered making anything too tricky. I had a hankering for bacon and eggs so just went for it. I added some tomato too to round the meal out a bit. YUM!

Dessert: I don’t normally eat dessert so wanted to treat myself with something tonight that didn’t taste healthy even though it was. My go to is always Fruity Dream that you make in the Thermomix. Essentially you mill some sugar (I use 1 tsp coconut sugar and only for tart fruit like the berries I had tonight – with mango and similar I wouldn’t bother), put some frozen fruit in there, chop for 10 secs and it goes into granules, add an egg white and whip for about 30 secs. Ta da! You have what looks and tastes like ice cream.

2015-06-13 20.29.04-1

You could probably do this in a food processor or a powerful blender. It just wouldn’t be as quick as the all powerful Thermie.

I have had a search around for healthy recipes I can make and I am looking at doing a chocolate cake (or mini cakes) made of kidney beans – I kid you not. It sounds weird but there are 434 comments on the recipe that say it is amazing – moist and tasty! Plus I have a raw salted caramel chocolate recipe which is pretty darn good that I might just whip up tomorrow too. None of these recipes contain dairy or refined sugar or even gluten. It’s all coconut oil and almond meal and raw cacao and dates, there’s always dates in this stuff.

You get the picture.

I will post you whatever I make, never fear!

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.



29 thoughts on “21DGH – Day 6 Food – It’s treat day

  1. Does the “ice cream” use raw egg whites or cooked? I must hear about the bean cake recipe once you try it! I’ve tried black bean brownies before to some degree of success. I really need to find more whole foods dessert recipes as I have a terrible sweet tooth. Glad you are enjoying your challenge so much!


    • Yes it is a raw egg white but if you are worried about that then you can leave it out. It just makes it that little bit creamier. It is not 100% necessary.

      Interesting re the brownies. They don’t sound like you thought they were amaaaaaazing though. lol Yes whole foods treats are where it’s at. That’s what will keep me healthy in the end. I just need to have them on hand so I can indulge if I want and make it worth the calories!


  2. I noticed the smiley face right away too! That’s how I get my kids to eat this stuff. I tell my friends who are changing to be detectives as they look at their diets. That irritability you describe may be nothing. May be a food reaction. I am NOT NOT NOT saying this is you but it’s good to think about. For example, I can’t eat eggs or almonds or too much coconut (and stupid other healthy stuff). It took me a long time to figure it out and longer (even to the present day) to believe it and remove them and add them back in dozens of times. (For a good friend, it was any dairy that made her scream at her kids all the time!) They mess with my head. I’ve been reading and eventually will write on inflammation in the brain. We know food/oils/stress can lead to inflammation in the body; why do we neglect the brain? Why is it somehow sacred? It is simply an organ. A very nice one which we do have some control over, but still an organ. It gets inflamed leading to mood changes too. There are some studies out there and increasingly more! I really need to stop writing essays for comments. Apologies. Shovel in the good stuff for those ovaries and hormones to support this stressful process you’re going through! ~~Terri


    • I love the essays. Ok this is great info. Let me scour my food log and see what is featuring more than normal. I have wondered about coconut you know. What do you think of those blood type diets? Is there anything to them? Because mine says coconut is a no. Hmmmmm SO interesting. It definitely has come about this week so you could be onto aomething. Such a shame if it is coconit with it featuring so strongly in healthy diets these days. Hmmmmmm.


      • I have the book (blood type diet). I haven’t read except bits and pieces. I shelved it because I had read so much “debunking it” and I had so many other things to learn about first. But something I read not long ago brought it recently to my mind, making it perhaps more valid than medicine gives it credit for (which would be none). So, I think it’s on to something and incomplete, like “looking through a glass, darkly.” How incomplete and riddled with “innocent mistakes”, I don’t know. Anyhow from the abstract: “Intestinal microbiota plays an important role in human health, and its composition is determined by several factors, such as diet and host genotype. However, thus far it has remained unknown which host genes are determinants for the microbiota composition. We studied the diversity and abundance of dominant bacteria and bifidobacteria from the faecal samples of 71 healthy individuals. In this cohort, 14 were non-secretor individuals and the remainders were secretors. The secretor status is defined by the expression of the ABH and Lewis histo-blood group antigens in the intestinal mucus and other secretions…We showed that the diversity and composition of the human bifidobacterial population is strongly associated with the histo-blood group ABH secretor/non-secretor status, which consequently appears to be one of the host genetic determinants for the composition of the intestinal microbiota.”


        Simply blows my mind! Our bacteria are affected by our blood types–which would in turn help determine how well we tolerate certain foods. Simply amazing. And someone picked up on this. Yeah, maybe the author doesn’t have it all right yet, but it was an idea that seemed ahead of his time.

        But, anyhow, I view all foods now with the mind that only I can tell if it is going to work for me. It may be “healthy,” but if I feel bad from it, it’s no good. So light on the coconut here. 😦

        My blood type and diet that makes me feel good don’t match up well. Maybe that will change as I take better care of my body now. Don’t know.


  3. Looking good! That raw egg white addition sounds too off for me, but the rest sounds good – who wouldn’t like berries & sugar! My treat day is going a little too treaty, but I’ll try to be better for the rest of the day! Sweet dreams, girly. Xx


  4. That ice cream looks so divine… In fact, so does the boiled egg in the first picture. Always want what I can’t have!! Short fuse sounds familiar – I always get that at the start of a health kick. Hopefully it’ll subside over the next day or two and be replaced with zen loveliness 🙂 x


  5. Omg your breakfast looks delicious! So does the ice cream! Even though today was a treat day, your meals still sounded wholesome and you took the time to make them which is better than saying “Today is a treat day……I had 13 cheeseburgers!” As for the short fuse, I’m sure that’s definitely due to the dietary changes! Keep at it girl, you’re doing awesome!


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