21DGH Day 1 – The Weigh In

Jeepers creepers. Weighed myself this morning as that’s what you do for a weigh in.

21DGH weigh inClearly I need this period of good health.

While 64.2kgs (141.5 pounds) isn’t THAT much for many people I am a bit of a short arse so for me, it’s pushing it. I am 0.8kg off being outside my BMI dictated healthy weight range. And while I know some people poo poo the BMI now, it is a guide and it’s pretty accurate for me.

When I started IVF I was 58 kgs and had been that pretty consistently for more than a year. Prior to that I was actually 55kgs after a gym and healthy eating binge. Man I was so toned and fit. It was awesome! Anyway I think it is unlikely I will get back there before baby #2 as I’m not supposed to be doing vigorous exercise. So in the meantime I’ll just do the basics and fix the food and we will see where it all ends up. I’d be pretty happy if I was 58kgs by my next stim cycle – about 6 or so weeks away. That’s a kilo per week which is a healthy weight loss goal. Let’s see if I can do that.

I am going to take a photo in my bikini later but you guys won’t get the pleasure of seeing my fat rolls until I have a better “after” photo.

Those of you who are joining me on this whether it be for the whole hog or just one item in the mix, thank you!  You guys are motivating the crap outta me and I really needed that.

Being healthy takes work but it is worth it.

(Errrr that is officially my new mantra).

I’ll be back tonight to publish my food for the day and let you know how it went.

Rock on, my friends. Go kill this Monday!


This seems appropriate.


18 thoughts on “21DGH Day 1 – The Weigh In

  1. I will say, I WISH I weighed the same as you!! I think if we’re heading towards IVF, I should get on this bandwagon. Ugh…good luck to you over the next few weeks!!


    • Yes I realise some would wonder why I am so freaked about the weight gain but it all starts somewhere and right now I am bursting out of my clothes. I refuse to just buy larger clothes as that doesn’t help the real issue. Being healthy is important and I am screwing it right now so I am trying hard to focus on that. If you decide to join the bandwagon I am always here 🙂 x

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  2. Freaking love Eye of the Tiger. That’s actually my power song 🙂
    I started running again, just last month. And it’s a struggle, but I’m not running a race, I’m running for my health. And I ran, on average every other day. Last week I beat my PR. Ran the fastest I’ve ever run my two miles… I’m still slower than a turtle in peanut butter, but I’ve been running!

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  3. Go you! You can do it! I got fed up with myself last December and that is when I made some changes. But it took literally 6-7 weeks before I dropped even one pound but I stuck with it and then it all fell off really quickly. I guess it is aging and slowing metabolism that made it take so long to get it going. But now, I don’t crave the things I used to anymore. I also got off refined sugar and now only use stevia in my coffee…plus giving up carbs for the most part and eating my raw desserts. You will feel amazing…stick with it. Awesome job!

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    • You are looking fabulous! I can’t believe you made a bunch of changes and didn’t even lose 1 pound for ages. That would have been frustrating. You really can see you are living a healthy lifestyle in your photos. You literally glow from the inside!


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