21DGH – Day 1 – Food

Well I did it! I got through the day with NO COFFEE. Did I tell you about the coffee I’ve been drinking lately? It is about as evil as you can get when it comes to coffee.

It is instant and caramel “flavoured”.. as in they sell the instant with that flavouring somehow coated on it. I hate to think of what chemicals go in there to create the flavour. Then because it is instant I can’t drink it without sugar (I have no sugar in my espresso) so I would add a heaped teaspoon of sweet delicious raw sugar to my caramel chemical delight. I was having 2 of those a day.

Freaking delicious but SO bad for me. Here are the things I added into my life by starting to drink this shit on my return from our holiday:

1. 2 heaped teaspoons of sugar + whatever sugar was part of the mysterious coffee flavour.
2. An unknown quantity of “flavour” chemicals.
3. Caffeine – before I went away I was predominantly drinking decaf.

That’s a trio of body changing shit, truth be told, all providing a temporary good feeling but slowly hampering the ability of my cells to do what they need to do.

I have yawned a lot today but I will get over it. Energy is better when it is natural. I know because I’ve experienced it before.

Here is today’s food diary that I logged into My Fitness Pal. I’m doing this on my phone so I hope it all works.

Let’s hope the next 20 days are so good.



23 thoughts on “21DGH – Day 1 – Food

  1. Well done you;) when I switched to decaf tea I found it hard at first.. I used to be a 3 cups of tea to get me going in the morning kinda girl, but now there are days I don’t feel like any at all, and oddly I yawn far less at work now with no caffeine, than I used to before!


    • It is amazing how our bodies will sort it out for themselves if we let them. I did the whole newborn phase with my little dude on decaf coffee alone. A lot of it is psychological. The idea of a coffee makes you feel better so have something that tastes like it and it does. Well done on booting the caffeine! That’s awesome!


  2. I would excitedly exclaim that we should connect on MFP, as I only have like one connection on there, but then if we did, you’d be able to see what I ate, and I had a massive-shock-your-system-but-feed-your-soul-are-you-sure-you’re-a-vegetarian blast this weekend! 🙂 Congratulations! Great Day 1!!!


  3. Good job Em! I’m working my way through day 1. Even your mention of coffee made me drool. We have, about 20 steps from my desk, both a keurig machine and a nespresso machine, and capsules for $1. So tempting! I’m glad they never have decaf otherwise I’d be much more easily tempted. Keep it up Emily! I hope you have a really great, restful sleep tonight! Xx


    • Oooooo to have the nespresso so clise would be sooooo tempting. Wvery time you want one put $1 in a jar. Then save the dollars for something cool. Just a suggestion 🙂 You can do it. I believe in you!

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  4. Yay! Well done! And no coffee – I bet you sleep well tonight! I love MFP – I used it religiously a couple of years back to calculate how much raw food I was eating. I was actually looking at it the other day and thinking I should get back to tracking as it’s so revealing (like when I think I’ve eaten quite well and MFP tells me I’ve actually scoffed 2,800 calories for the day). Keep it up – day 3 is always a killer xxx


    • Today wasn’t my ideal food day but I had that massaman around as leftovers from our dinner out Sat and couldn’t let it go to waste. The restaurant uses local produce and an amazing mix of flavours. It had to be eaten! And yes MFP is great if you use it. When I lost a bunch of weight a few years back it was calorie tracking on MFP that really helped me.


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  6. Oh, and my question – is the warm water with lemon supposed to be a cleansing thing, or just a “trick your mind” thing? I’ve heard of people drinking some sort of lemon/red pepper concoction that sends them to the bathroom.


  7. I was having GI issues and went to the doc a month or so ago…after a bunch of various things, I decided to try cutting out caffeine and turns out THAT was the culprit. So now I do one cup caff and one cup decaf in the mornings but am hoping to get down to decaf entirely because I just love coffee with some creamer and flavored liquid stevia. If you love having coffee in the morning, have you considered just switching to decaf? xo


    • I only ever drunk decaf (well ever since when I ditched regular coffee in 2010 due to anxiety) but recently I slowly started to have one here and there and crept back onto the horse. I will go back to just having decaf but I wanted to cut it for a little while to break the habit which I have done already YAY. So now I can enjoy a decaf now and then and it is good enough for me. Well done on reducing your caffeine intake. It’s not easy but it is worth it. Being a slave to an addiction (which is essentially what caffeine is) isn’t that much fun. lol I’m all about trying to get the natural highs and lows so I can even out a little. It seems to be working. So far! But yes, decaf is a great tip. 🙂 xx


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