Words from the Doc

I had my meeting with Dr O today who honestly, didn’t have THAT much more to tell me than I already knew. Here are the bullet points:

  • It was definitely endo that they removed – pathology back on that.
  • Endo would be classed as mild at this stage
  • Finding something is better than finding nothing at this point. The question is, is that the something that is the issue? There is no way of knowing for sure. A lot of women go on to conceive easily once the endo is removed but we have no idea if this was the clincher for me or not. Boo.
  • If it’s not the endo then it comes down to age. Ouch. Let’s hope it’s the endo.
  • Womb was clear (this is good for things like implantation).
  • Abdominal wall has a shit load of adhesions due to previous surgery. He removed some by the looks of it. I’m not sure that it impacts / relates to my fertility at all. *shrug*
  • Left tube is twisted and wonky. It doesn’t mean an egg CAN’T get down there but it is more tricky / less likely and more likely to result in an ectopic. *gulp* I have an irrational fear of ending up with one of these.
  • We will commence priming for next round of IVF with my next period – due in about 3 weeks.
  • Stims will commence the cycle after – late July.

And that’s that. Now it is just a period of deprivation for me (ie sweets and booze) in the hopes to create the most beautiful eggs possible. Oh and I’m starting back at acupuncture next week. I can do this.

I have actually been super healthy since returning from our trip in that my meals are GREAT and I’ve cut drinking 100% but I have been snacking on chocolate between meals quite frequently. And I mean like half a packet of biscuits or a half a family size block of chocolate. Not a a nibble. There is no nibbling, only scoffing.

I know I can make the healthy chocolate stuff with cacao but man, I’m too lazy sometimes. I will get onto it though. It’s now or never and really, this is the last time I’m going to have to do this. This is our last shot. In about 2.5 months I will know how many embryos we got and if they are healthy and aside from any future transfers we have I will be done.

I feel like our baby is just around the corner so I am going to believe that the endo was the problem. Please universe, let me be right JUST THIS ONCE.


And then there will be a baby and a pregnant tummy and all this 75,345 tablets per day will be done. Done. Annnnnnd done.



32 thoughts on “Words from the Doc

  1. I think this WILL be it. Definitely. And I’m totally with you on scoffing. I managed two weeks off and now I’m back to chocolate again big time. It’s SO annoying. It’s basically addict behaviour, but I can’t get treated for it!
    It’s good the endo was mild. I really, really think you have all the info now and it’s just a case of waiting for success. SUCCESS!!!!! xxxxxxx


    • I do too but I’m so cautious too. I don’t want to end up feelibg so shocked if it doesn’t help us, you know what I mean? I have had enough rug pulled out from under the fert moments with this.

      Haha you are so right. The scoffing is so total addict behaviour. Oh well. Better chocolate than wine 😉

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      • Yeah – wine is my other love 🙂 I’ve allowed myself a couple of glasses but it’s a slippery slope. Like you say, choc is a better substitute ;-). I understand your caution completely – it’s horrible to get hopes up and then have them dashed. I am so hoping this is it. If anyone deserves a break right now it is you. It really is. Xxx

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  2. Fingers crossed for you that your little one is just around the corner! I’ve definitely heard of women falling pregnant quickly after endo being removed. Hope the deprivation period isn’t too bad. I’ve been eating too much chocolate too I blame the winter cold and tiredness.


  3. I have read sooo many stories about how much endo can affect fertility, egg quality and implantation and the excellent effects removal can have on these things too. I have a really good feeling that things will work out for you. Hope you are doing well Em 🙂 x


  4. I’ve been awful with sweets & chocolate, and giving into general indulgence ever since my first failed ivf in September. I was more controlled for my second, but when that didn’t work any better I think I got hooked on feeding my emotions. I was not controlled at all for my 3rd ivf, and it worked. Go figure. If it hadn’t though, I was going to do a total overhaul on my eating habits and exercise. Don’t be too hard on yourself. As long as you’re generally being healthy, you should be fine. I’m excited for you to have a “clean slate”! All the best for your coming cycle! Xx


  5. I hope that it was the endo, too!! I’m curious though (and sorry, not trying to be a downer, but really I am curious) would that cause egg issues? Or fertilization issues? I just remember with your past IVFs there has been issues with fertilization and things like that. I’m truly hoping that everything they took care of while they were in there will fix everything and that you’ll have that baby VERY soon!!! Who knows…if we get into IVF, we may fall into a similar schedule!


    • That is a very valid question and one I have googled quite a bit 😉 I think the short answer is that they can’t say for sure but it seems to in some people. So I am crossing all my bits and hoping that is the case for me. With how long all this is taking we may very well be cycling together! X

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      • Fabulous!! I truly, truly hope that it solves everything for you and you can get a baby growing soon!! As for me…I have a consult ready to go for Tuesday morning, if my beta Monday confirms my feeling that this IUI did not work. I’m praying we can get started right away with things and not wait forever and a day. I feel like we’ve wasted so much time already, I just want to get on with things!


  6. Kind of “medium” impact news, but no “bad” news, per se, eh? We’re all hoping for you and expecting the best! You both gear up emotionally, nutritionally, and physically for another round. You just made me want chocolate, you. Hugs. Terri


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