Week 4 – final Stage 1 weigh-in – my good health challenge

Wooooo! I made it. Thank god those daily blogs are over eh?

Despite a wee bit of weekend cheating and higher calorie intake I achieved a great loss this week – the best yet!

21DGH weigh in no 3

1.5kgs! Wooooo! And a total lost of 3.2kgs overall which averages out at about 1kg per week. That is normal healthy weight loss and I am happy with that as if we can slowly get it off just through healthy eating then it is more likely to be sustained. Continue reading


21DGH – Day 21 Food – The LAST day!!!!

Wooooot! I made it. I did my 21 days of good health. I won’t know my final weight until I weigh in tomorrow morning but regardless of the outcome on the scales I have done a great thing for my health these past three weeks. I really feel like I’ve taken myself on a new path.

We still have a long way to go, especially me with Monkey. He has the “white food” diet preference of most 3-4 year olds at the moment and while I always try to feed him what I am having sometimes it is so disheartening when he says “no I don’t like that” and pushes food away. When this happens I often just let him go without or push him to have a few mouthfuls but I notice that it really slows his digestion down if we skip meals and/or fill with less than ideal food and I really don’t want him to have to go down that path.

In saying all that he is actually a really good vegetable eater so I should be grateful for small mercies. Continue reading

Good Health Challenge – STAGE 2

Wow, we made it to the end of the 21 days. YOU made it reading my daily journals bless your cotton socks and I made it blogging every goddam day. The daily blogging was a stretch at times, I will admit, but I am so glad I did it as it really kept me accountable. Yes I had some failures in that 21 day period but I would wager a cow and 2 chickens from my dowry that I fell off the wagon less than I would have if there was no possibility of public shaming.

So yay for blogging!

And not only did the blogging help me but it helped and inspired others to pay attention to their daily food intake too Continue reading

21DGH – Day 20 Food – There is just something about Saturdays

Oooooo isn’t the rainbow WordPress header just the cutest?! I am loving the rainbows I am seeing everywhere today in support of the US Supreme Court’s supreme decision yesterday regarding marriage equality. So freaking awesome. I hope Australia pulls its socks up now and gets on with it (I think we’ll be waiting for a new PM to be honest which is frustrating and annoying. Fingers crossed next election).

Anyway, back to Saturday and it’s ability to screw with my eating habits. I was trying so hard today, I didn’t want to succumb on the second last day but I had a bit of a shocker. Saturday, you slay me! Continue reading

21DGH – Day 19 Food – Had a sugar crash today and it was nasty

So I’ve already given the game away in the title but I did have a wee bit of sugar today. It wasn’t a load. I’d made that salty and sweet popcorn for Monkey and his little playmate and snacked or more of it than I intended to. The sweet is icing sugar….I must look into a natural way to sweeten popcorn that will fool the kiddos and save this mummy.

Anyway at the time the popcorn was damn well delicious but a few hours later I went into the biggest slump. I felt awful, I was irritable and found it hard to be a great parent. Continue reading

21DGH – Day 18 Food – A day for being kind to myself

2015-06-25 10.39.16I had a real urge today to pamper myself a little so I decided to just go with it. If I felt that way then maybe I needed it.

So after dropping Monkey at daycare I arrived home and took some time out to have a cup of tea and read my book in the sun. It was such a beautiful warm winter’s morning that I decided I should take advantage of it while it was nice and go for a walk along the beach. I’ve been wanting to add more exercise to my day so figured a half hour brisk walk was probably a good start. Continue reading