Pumped and ready to rumble

Hello hello gorgeous bloggy friends. I hope life is treating you all well and making lots of smiley happy faces in the place where you live.

I am fabulous post holiday. I will post some eye candy of our trip in the coming days (read: when I’m laid up after my op and have nothing better to do but write posts and watch TV) but the short version is IT ROCKED and I fell in love with Squamish. Such a pretty little area of BC.

We went to Whistler and Monkey saw snow for the first time which was WOW but then less WOW as they pretty much immediately evacuated us from the mountain due to lightening. That sucked – especially for the kids – but we did get our $$ back so can’t really complain. That means gondola ride, during which we saw a BEAR, was actually free. And yes, that’s correct: I went to Canada and I saw a real live bear! Roooooooar!

This Thursday I am going in for my exploratory surgery and I am actually pretty psyched. I am just so excited to be getting more information about what is going on in my body (or not going on as the case may be). I am hoping I wake up and everyone is all “oh you had this big whack of endo fucking up your eggs so we removed it and now happy days” but that is probably too perfect to hope for but fuck it, I’m going to hope for it anyway. Β Whatever the outcome it will be more boxes ticked one way or the other and I’m pretty stoked about that.

I was pretty much anxiety free for my entire trip and still feel that way. I actually think that good alternative GP of mine has got me sorted with the supplements. No folic acid, only natural folate and folinic acid, increase my way low zinc and chuck in some great quality fish oil. Whatever it is I am feeling very balanced at the moment even though it takes me most of the morning to swallow my 75,342 tablets. If it keeps me feeling this good then I am going to keep on doing it. No problemo. Can’t get a job that starts before 10am though, right? πŸ˜‰

Oh and right before I left I got my heavy metals testing back (not sure if I blogged on that) and there was nothing, nada, to note. She did mention my rather low zinc but we are onto that anyway so no biggie there.

So that’s it in a nutshell folks. I will update post surgery at some point and I will also put up some pics for a squiz as I know you want to see how ravishing I looked as a bridesmaid.

Happy days. Catch you again soon

~ Ems ~

PS On a totally unrelated note, my neighbour has a killer toothache at the moment and has tried all manner of things to relieve it. The thing that worked in the end was Apple Cider Vinegar which incidentally was also the thing that helped ease my excruciatingly painful throat prior to my trip away. That stuff is the shiz. Get onto it! If you google it you will see it does looooooads more stuff too like, errr, unblock drains which totally makes you want to swallow it I know. But anyway, check it out. Amazing.


25 thoughts on “Pumped and ready to rumble

  1. I can’t wait for pics! So glad you got to experience the west coast and the mountains. I miss that stuff! There are (unfortunately) bears that roam around the lake where my dad lives, so they often get far too close for comfort, but they’re beautiful creatures. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling so good (it really sounds like it) and I’m wishing you all the best for that op! Xx


    • Yikes that is too close for comfort! The mountains really are so beautiful. I can see why people become so drawn to them. And yes, I really do feel good right now. It is a great place to be. I think a forced break due to the holiday definitely helped me too. Xx

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  2. Loved your pics on FB -and so glad you and the fam had such a lovely time! So bummed I couldn’t coordinate being out in BC same time you were there. April’s clusterfuck of health shit messed my schedule big time. 😦

    Good luck with surgery, my lovely! xoxo


  3. Sometimes time away is exactly what you need to feel calm and refreshed. Glad you had a great time — can’t wait to see pics!

    I am exactly one week behind you on the surgery front. Mine is scheduled for next Thursday! I hope it’s informative for both of us. And as much as I don’t want us to have endometriosis, I also hope that they find a bunch of endometriosis because then at least we’ll know what the bloody problem is! Fingers crossed for us both.


    • My doctor said I had to wait 6 weeks after surgery to start another IVF. What does yours say about that? That means mid-July/August, but I can’t do it then because we’re going to Cali for my dad’s wedding then. So I probably can’t start until September, wah.


      • Oh man I wish Drs would say the same thing! lol My Dr said I should not try to fall pregnant the cycle of my surgery but I could cycle the next month if I wanted to. I had quite a big holiday indulging so we will probably wait another month anyway which means cycling July/August. There’s always a reason to put it off. IVF: the neverending story. Pffft


    • I know, it’s weird right. Hope you don’t have it but hope you do? hehe Stupid but we just want answers. Give us answers!!!! I will let you know how shit I feel afterwards so you know what to expect. xx


  4. So glad that you had a great trip, and that you’re feeling so wonderful! I hope your surgery goes well and they get some answers while they’re in there. Good luck!


  5. Yay, glad you had a fab time. Good luck with the surgery tomorrow, i hope you have some answers or something Em. Stay safe and look after yourself xx


  6. Hope your surgery goes well tomorrow. Would be so nice if they found something reversible, I hear ya’! Glad you’re feeling well, and the pictures would be fun to see of your trip. Cheers to you. I’ll start swigging ACV just for you. πŸ™‚


  7. Love this post πŸ™‚ You sound so happy and on top of things post trip and it’s just so lovely – I can hear the enthusiasm and smiling coming through in your writing πŸ™‚ xxx


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