Update and quick apology

To all of you who read my post earlier today THANK YOU. I DID NOT write it in one big go with no paragraph splits even though that is the way you probably had to read it. It seems WordPress did a nice big fart and it landed on my post. I have fixed it now. So….


And how’s this. My whine this morning about being poor? Well a friend just called today and they need someone to answer their phones and do their invoicing one day per week from when I get back. This is perfect for me. Low stress type of job that you can put down as soon as the day is done. It is easy to do PLUS I can do it from home. Add it to my other bookkeeping jobs and I will be feeling so much more flush financially soon. I am SO relieved.

Sometimes things do just come nicely back around again and maybe if I didn’t have that shitty cry fest about Bitfender yesterday I wouldn’t have realised how much I wanted the extra work and turned this opportunity down.

Perfect. Now if only the bags would magically pack themselves. Looks like it is leftovers and hot chips for din dins tonight. And holiday tomorrow. Woooooooooooot.

For that I will see you out with one of my favourite party songs.ย Makes me groove my thang. Mwah! x


13 thoughts on “Update and quick apology

  1. Hahaha, if it makes you feel any better I didn’t even realise!

    Woohoo, congrats on the new job! That’s fantastic news. It’s funny how things just seem to fall into place eventually. x


  2. Ahh I have so much updating to do with you, lovely! I’m glad to read a low stress job opp has come up! I hope it all works out for you! And did I read on another post that you’re in Vancouver?!? I’m from Vancouver! How long are you here for?


    • Oh wow! We have been here since Thursday. We are here for my brother’s wedding. The whole family heads to Squamish tomorrow for wedding week (they are getting married up there) and then we are back in Vancouver for the weekend before heading home. How are you going????


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