IUI#3 – 12dpIUI – It’s all over red rover

Well I don’t  know what that faint line was that I thought I saw. Wishful thinking?

Anyway woke this morning with a full bleed so the fairies didn’t  bless us with a baby this month but we will keep asking.

We at least have so many plans for the future with this new clinic that I feel less disappointed than I would have if all my hopes were hanging on this outcome. Onwards and upwards eh?

Thanks for all the support last night with my crazy line post. You guys ROCK.


24 thoughts on “IUI#3 – 12dpIUI – It’s all over red rover

  1. Ugh, so sorry! I didn’t get a chance to comment on your last post before this one went up, sorry about that too. I really hope your new clinic can get things sorted out for you and get you that baby. Good luck!!

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  2. Oh Em, I’m so sorry to read that. I was really hoping for you. I wonder what that sneaky line was for you. 😦 also, sorry about the new follow again, sometimes my WordPress unfollows people when I go on my phone for some reason. Must not be mobile compatible or something. I’m sorry you have had such bad news overnight, I hope you are feeling OK. Thinking of you guys xx


    • haha yes I remember your thing has unfollowed me before. At least you notice and find your way back. πŸ™‚ Yes I am feeling fine. The line was never dark enough for me to feel anything but caution. Just got to keep moving forward now. We have lots of exciting things in the future.


  3. Wah!! I lose my internet connection for just a few days and I feel like I’ve missed out on so much!!!! Crikey – I read this, and then I had to scroll down to find the next post, but it was all about results, so I scrolled back up again and there it was – a squinter. Man – if I’d seen that on the day, I’d have been absolutely convinced this was IT. I have been quietly waiting for this tww to pass for you guys thinking (for some reason) that it was going to be the one. I’m sorry that it didn’t turn into something more. However, on the upside you have got a whole lot of new stuff coming up that is much better than sitting around hoping and waiting, so onwards and upwards. Onwards and upwards girl!!! xxxxx


    • Yes I was quietly hoping too. Don’t know what happened there. Have put it down to a biochemical pregnancy (AGAIN), faulty test or my imagination. *sigh* Although I swear something was there same as previous 2 times. Oh well. Moving onto the next thing. Just got the quote for the exploratory surgery. Not cheap even with our private health cover!!! Anyway Eric thinks it is reasonable and given he has to pay that’s the main thing! A bit scared as it is supposed to floor me for 3 days and don’t have family up here to help. Mum (who isn’t local anyway) will still be in Canada! Anyway it will turn out fine. I’m just rambling.


      • Oh no – will Eric be able to help out with Monkey? I know some tests are prone to evaps but if you don’t generally get them, I think a faint line is an indication of something that just wasn’t going to make it. I’ve had this several times too and it’s so frustrating – I’m certain its just what happens when your body knows an egg won’t make it. The only comfort I found in it was that at least everything was doing what it should, it was ‘just’ a quality issue. Frustrating as hell though, I know 😦


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