Whacked out test results

Hmmmm well things are all a bit weird over here. I went back to my GP yesterday for a follow up on the bloods she took last week and had some pretty whacky results. 1. My liver function is out. That kinda freaks me out a bit. It mustn’t be out by too dramatic a level as she is just going to leave it and retest again in a month. We reduced my Vitamin E as I was taking a big dose but she didn’t seem to think the rest of the supplements would be doing it. I forgot to mention while I was in there but I had a ruptured bile duct when I was 14 after a motor vehicle accident. I had surgery to sort it out but there is always a chance it could fail as it was a bit experimental at the time so I’ve had to email them to point all that out. I haven’t heard back yet so I’m guessing we are good so far. For those curious about the bile duct…well it comes out of the liver – bile from the gall bladder goes through it to help process your food after the liver is done with it. If the bile leaks into your tummy instead it poisons you, you get jaundice and you would eventually die if they didn’t fix it. It is also very fucking painful.ย I’m not jaundice at the moment nor am I in any pain so I think it’s fine but it could be a slow leak so I just want to be on top of it. 2. The folate in my body is SO high it is not measurable. So my body isn’t processing all the folate I’m eating or the folic acid I’m taking. She puts this down to a few things.

  • I’ve been taking pre-natals for almost 2 years now hence the build up
  • I most likely have a SNP in my MTHFR gene (yes it is actually called the MTHFR gene) which is why I’m not processing it. The SNP means I should be taking folinic acid – slightly different to folic acid.

3. My copper is really high and my zinc is reeaaaaaaally low. Apparently she doesn’t want me falling preggers with zinc so low. I don’t really know why this is. I’m just going to take her word for it – (just went to research…pays to have your zinc levels up when preggers for you and baby – can be linked to miscarriage, hemorrhage at the birth and other things). ******* NOW back to the folate. Apparently there is evidence to say that increased folate can cause FERTILITY issues. FERTILITY. Motherfucker. However it is the sort of evidence that is yet to be part of a double blind controlled trial (what they need before they say YES this is true). So in the meantime my Dr has me off all leafy greens which is just hilarious as I’ve been scoffing them down like nobodies business in an effort to be the epitome of health. Also, I have been tested for this MTHFR gene issue. If it comes back there is an SNP then that will explain the folate business blah blah. There has actually been a lot around about this gene recently, in particular this woman’s story about how its malfunction seemed to be causing her anxiety (which I battle with) and a quick dose of folinic acid every day seems to have largely ย solved her problem. Interesting. Look, it is still slightly fringe science from what I can see (more about it hereย or here or give it a quick google). Not everyone is on board but many medical professionals are. Either way I have some dodgy stuff going on in the old bod bod at the moment. Interestingly I feel better than ever lately so that’s bizarre. I’m slightly freaked out about the liver function (and annoyed as I’ve been off the booze for so long and I have a dodgy liver – wtf?) but I feel great so let’s hope it all balances out again soon. If anyone out there has any experience with this MTHFR gene then I’d love to hear from them. Oh and I know there is a Dr who reads my blog. What are your thoughts on dodgy liver function???? I welcome any stories and anecdotes about any of these so I can rightfully become overly paranoid about what will end up returning to normal in no time at all. Ha!


34 thoughts on “Whacked out test results

  1. Wtf?! I’m shocked about all this! Motherfucker gene. Haha that brings out the 10 year old in me. I’m very glad to hear you have some possible explanations and a plan! I’ve always been curious about the folate, because I’ve been on the 5 mg folic acid prenatals for a couple years now and I swear it can’t be a good thing! Hmmm… Sucks to have these messed up levels, but they seem to be fixable, right? All good stuff. Xx


  2. I have a homozygous MTHFR mutation, in addition to another clotting factor.

    After several IVF rounds and RPL I was able to carry to term with daily injections of blood thinners and baby aspirin. I also took folic acid, but have been advised to switch to folate only for any later pregnancies (MTHFR prohibits the breakdown of folic acid, so if you’re taking that in your prenatals in addition to lots of natural folate that could be your problem).

    Too much folic acid will cause a build up of homocystine in your blood, which can cause clots. They think that’s why MTHFR and RPL go hand in hand, when microscopic clots form in the placenta.

    Let me know if you have any other questions! If you do test positive I strongly recommend working with a hematologist in addition to your RE. Made all the difference in my case!


  3. Seriously…who named that thing!?!? It’s all I could do not to laugh every time you mentioned it!! Sorry things came back weird though. At least you seem to be getting somewhere these days with all of this. Can I ask what ever happened with the “questionable” embryo?


  4. Usually a liver panel will check AST/ALT/alk phos/bilirubin levels/albumin/etc all at the same time. Which liver tests were off specifically? AST/ALT? Usually if it’s a duct issue, which you mentioned you damaged as a teenager, there’ll be an elevation in a test called alkaline phosphatase too, not just the AST/ALT. And as you suggest with the mention of jaundice, changes in your bilirubin levels–which are also checked on the “liver panel.” Anyhow, if you can find out specifically which part of the “liver tests” were elevated, here is an overview of elevated “liver function tests.”


    If it’s just AST/ALT, which seems to be suggested to me by the non-urgent manner of your physician, then read under the section called “AMINOTRANSFERASES.” The last paragraph there gives the most common reasons for having an elevated AST/ALT. Some of which could be pertinent to you. Although, the vitamin E (and I’d want to look up each supplement specifically too) is certainly an idea too.

    The elevated copper/low zinc bothers me. It bothers me beyond supplementation/put in/take out. Makes me ask, “WHY?” Also, I ask, how were they tested? Do they need different, more specific type of follow-up testing now?

    As far as folate, this is an exceptionally fascinating area. The problem with artificial folic acid is annoyingly ignored. You already got good comments on MTHFR def above. I did a series of posts on folate and put them on a page. I had to look at and explain MTHFR deficiency and also had to look at the type of folate in prenatals. Anyhow, I tried my best to give a good overview of folate/folic acid in the body: http://thehomeschoolingdoctor.com/folate-related-posts/

    Your tests give you very good information to help you. No matter what, the body is an amazing organism, and regardless of what your tests show, you’ve proven that you can produce a healthy child. I don’t think you do or will get hung up on all these “abnormals,” but focus on that positive to reassure yourself that in all of this mire you’re wading through and addressing, it is still possible.

    Back to the kitchen. ~~Terri


  5. Wow – this is a bit of a turn up. Not processing folate correctly is a big issue, so if they can diagnose that and correct it that will be a big step in the right direction. Weirdly I was just reading about the MTHFR mutation and folate in that autoimmune book I mentioned a while back, so to see it here and that it might be true in your case is spooky! And odd about the high copper and low zinc… you know, I think this kind of panel should be standard for anyone struggling with ttc – this kind of info is exactly what you need. Everything needs to be in balance and how else can you tell if it’s not? I hope they find an answer for your liver function. You are so healthy it makes me wonder what on earth could be causing all this – our bodies are such a mystery. Hoping all this gets sorted asap! x


    • Yeah it is scary that we don’t look at this stuff normally. Noone usually tests it and we run around with issues wondering why???? Ha interesting that you were also reading about MTHFR recently. Funny when things like that happen. Hope all is well with you my dear. I worry when you go quiet and am relieved it was just dodgy internet!

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  6. *folic acid. Folate is the one with better bioavailability. Although either way it should be the other one, which you can process. Folinic acid? Is that right? Gosh, it’s confusing. How would you ever know this if a doctor hadn’t tested you?? Scary stuff.


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