IUI #3 – 11dpIUI – I tested

Yes I tested, of course I did. It’s so stupid early for a test. I didn’t even do it with the wake up wee so I can’t even really be sure it was prime testing conditions but anyway I TESTED because…CURIOUS.

And I got a freaking squinter. I hate squinters. So far for me they usually mean chemical pregnancies so I DO NOT have a lot of faith in the suckers.

Plus there’s the whole “oh it could be an evap line” although to be fair I could see the squinter after the 3 mins and the evap line is normally if you see it an hour later or something like that. So that’s where we are at.

Given that we seem to mostly get abnormal embryos AND my recent blood tests were all weird I am not holding out hope for a successful pregnancy. And I can’t even tell Eric because he told me not to test (of course he did). As if, Eric. As if.


35 thoughts on “IUI #3 – 11dpIUI – I tested

  1. OMMMMGGGGGG! Girl, BELIEVE! All you need is one normal embryo, just one, and this could SO be your one!


    My beta with Lettie at 11 dpo was 35. 35! That was DEFINITELY a squinter. But here she is, almost three years later….


  2. Oh.my.god. that is so exciting!!!! I am so excited for tomorrow morning now haha. You didn’t do a trigger for this cycle did you? Ahh all the best for tomorrow morning! I have faith xx


  3. That’s like 6dp5dt in IVF terms too and they are really rare anyway! Plus they are already a formed embryo in your uterus, there’s not to say that it’s just a later implanter but i know plenty who didn’t get a positive until 8dp5dt therefore 13 dpo. Eeep! x

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  4. This is pretty exciting. and suspenseful. Oh my gosh how do you not share with Eric? It must be driving you mental hahaha. Fingers crossed!!!
    Maybe (as stupid as this will sound) have a motivational chat with your uterus, something along the lines of, “okay Utie, we have had some hard times, but now is the time for you to start pulling your weight. I know you can do it so grab onto that egg baby and let’s do this thing!”. Kinda like when we were younger and saw a hot guy at the club and would tell our chests, “okay ladies, time to work it” hahaha.

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  5. Lol no such thing as an evap line on a hcg test sweetie! Wouldn’t that be freaking grand and hilarious?! All this stress for nothing?? I’m keeping all my fingers & toes & legs & eyes & hairs crossed for you!!


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