We are changing clinics

Dudes and dudettes (do any dudes actually read my blog? I’m not sure…anyway), I have an announcement. Wait for it…can you guess, can you guess, can you guess???

We are changing clinics and damn I am so freaking excited. We went for the first of our second opinion consultations today. This one was with a specialist (Dr O) who I had heard of around the traps as “one of the best”. Our current doc, Dr D, is also very well regarded though. He is probably the other “best” according to folklore.

Anyway, the intention was never to change to this new clinic. Initially we just booked for a second opinion.  I was keen for him to look at my supplement list and my protocol and just give us his opinion. But we were so impressed with his fresh approach that we decided to switch immediately.

Dr D had bascially left us with a “well there’s nothing else we can really do” feeling. He wasn’t suggesting changing my protocol at all, he wasn’t suggesting I do anything different. There was just no change and no real hope from the clinic’s perspective of improvement. You know that old Einstein quote? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. That’s kind of what I felt like things were at with Dr D.

Dr O on the other hand had lots of ideas.

1. He is happy with my supplement list and is keen to include the melatonin. His clinic is actually part of a study researching its effectiveness in IVF.  Yay! He likes to prime with it along with androgen (a testosterone cream apparently) for 3 weeks prior to stims commencing. When we asked Dr D about melatonin back in February he simply said “No”.

2. He wants to try me on a different stims protocol. It will be menopur and lupron I think. Apparently sometimes people respond negatively to certain protocols in a way that impacts egg quality. OMG. Seems so simple to mix it up a little. Why wouldn’t Dr D do that?

3. They do “next generation sequencing” rather than straight PGD. The difference for me? It means I can get my results from the embryo chromosome testing back in 12 HOURS. 12 hours folks! I was waiting freaking 2-3 weeks with that other mob and it was AWFUL. The price isn’t even significantly more. I can’t believe it.

4. He wants me to have day surgery so they can check for endometriosis, perform a hysterocropy and do an endometrial scratch. To be fair to Dr D I am sure he assessed my need for all these things and decided that I wasn’t exhibiting signs that would warrant a fairly rough procedure (they say 3 days bed rest after this one). However as Dr O puts it, we are now in the business of ticking off boxes. I have had 45 eggs removed and it is nothing short of a statistical anomaly that we haven’t had a good embryo yet. He wants to go in and have a look and be sure there is nothing inside that is impacting what is taking place. We are all for this.

5. He wants to do HA-ICSI instead of the straight ICSI. I think this is also called PICSI. Dr D’s clinic does do PICSI but he has never suggested it for us presumably because all tests indicate that Eric’s sperm is great but Dr O’s opinion is that while a sperm may look great it might not necessarily be great. The HA-ICSI gives them a better chance of ensuring the sperm that is used for fertilisation is really the best one.

I can’t believe how many options Dr O was able to give us today. It has totally floored me. I am so impressed by him and so grateful that he has been able to give us back some hope rather than the feeling we were at a dead end beating our heads against the same brick wall.

I feel bad as I do like Dr D but I feel like maybe he is better dealing with patients that don’t present such extensive anomalies. He is more traditional and conservative. I need a game changer, someone who is willing to experiment and press the boundaries in order to win. I feel I have found it here at this clinic.

Of course I do realise that we could do all this and the result could potentially be the same but at least we would know we did everything to try.

Oh and he didn’t want me to wait so long to cycle. His thoughts on that were that I obviously have an egg issue, delaying is not going to help. So the plan is that we go on holiday, I return, do the day surgery that cycle (end May) and commence priming as well then move onto stims for the cycle commencing end June. So that’s pretty much what we will do.

I’m pumped. Let’s hope this is the answer to our baby prayers.


36 thoughts on “We are changing clinics

  1. Ohhhhhhhh I’m so excited for you!!! Change is good sometimes, especially when something hasn’t been working. It reminds me… Insanity: doing the same thing and expecting different results…! I wish you a really great cycle! This makes me so happy to hear you all enthusiastic about him! His approach seems to make a whole lot of sense. 🙂


  2. Whoa!! That sounds amazing!! I think you’re totally right – some of us need a slightly more cutting edge approach and it sounds like Dr O can definitely do this – and how incredible is it that you get egg testing results back straight away?!? I didn’t even know that was possible and it is a million times better than the awful wait while they send them off. I think you just don’t fit into the usual IVF category – there has to be a reason for so many abnormal eggs. Very very interesting what he said about the protocol possibly affecting egg quality – that sounds like a damn good candidate right there for what’s been happening. I’m so glad you’ve found a doctor who’s more on your wavelength and willing to be open-minded about what you need. Half the battle sometimes is just getting a doctor to think outside the box. I can’t wait to see how you get on xxxxx


    • You are so right, that is half the battle and definitely what I felt we faced with Dr D. I am thrilled to bits about the chromosone testing. I had an inkling it was possible in the US but had no idea it was here. So so so so thrilled about it. I think you also would have enjoyed Dr O. He is such a stats and numbers man. He said “it’s like you walked into a casino and got a coin flipped 45 times and never got heads. If that was really the case you would have asked for something to change: the coin; the person flipping it. So we have to do the same here. Change the variables we can control.” I think Eric fell in love by the end of that sentence lol It makes perfect sense!

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      • It does!!!! And yes – it’s just not right that you got tails 45 times in a row. Not right. Like having seven pregnancies in a row amount to nothing – something somewhere is clearly not set up correctly. It’s beyond a statistical anomoly. The last thing the consultant at the Early Pregnancy Unit said to me, in December when she confirmed a blighted ovum, was “well, be patient…”. I mean whaaaaat??? Exactly how patient does she mean?!? Something was clearly not right. I’ve tweaked things and tried stuff and stopped stuff and started stuff and god knows what/if any of it helped, but to just do nothing but patiently wait and try the same again… the definition of insanity – as you said. Dr O sounds like a star and I wish I’d been to see him!!

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        • Yeah be patient. That’s crazy talk. What the F is wrong with people???? If it wasn’t for all the work you have done yourself you would still be an undiagnosed coeliac for crying out loud.


  3. Hope the new clinic works out for you! Sounds like a really good, progressive meeting with lots of new directions to take.
    Sometimes I think that a change in clinic leads to success simply by being a new approach (your new FS knows exactly what hasn’t worked for you, and likely has their own favoured protocol), I certainly hope that is the case for you and you get a positive result.


  4. So exciting! Don’t feel bad, this is your future children were talking about here. Dr. O sounds like the answer to your prayers and Dr. D sounds like he’s given up, used all the tricks in his bag and not thinking beyond his usual tricks. I hope this is the answer for you!


  5. Damn girl, this sounds AMAZING! I have a very good feeling about this new doctor. I do think that egg quality issues requires a special, cutting-edge doc. It is weird that your current doc never changed your protocol. I have been officially diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve now, by the way, so I’m right there with you on the egg quality boat. Are you still getting a consult with CCRM? Let me know how that goes if so. If my current IVF doesn’t pan out, I plan on getting a consult with them as well, and also Dr. Braverman (specializes in reproductive immunology) and the Center for Human Reproduction (specializes in diminished ovarian reserve). But this cycle is going to work for me, whatever! Anyway, I’m really excited and hopeful for you.


    • Ugh hon I’m so sorry to hear that. One thing Dr O did say yesterday though is low quantity doesn’t mean low quality (we were talking about the fact that my eggs are plentiful but shit) so I hope that gives you some hope. 🙂 I am still booked for the CCRM consult. We are discussing now whether or not to go ahead. I think it would def be worth talking to them if you are having problems. They really are cutting edge in this field. If anyone has an idea of how to get you a baby, they do in my opinion. Thx for you love gorgeous. We are excited too. I am still crossing my fingers and hoping for you today. xx


  6. I’m so excited to read this!! I’ve been thinking about you a lot and wondering why they can’t help you more than what they have. I’m so thrilled for you that you’ve found this new Dr who wants to change things and try everything new to try to change how things have been going. Yay!! I can’t wait to hear how things go with him!


  7. Well this is nice news to wake up to. That’s awesome that he is taking a different approach, i’m glad you are seeing him! I loved my old doctor but knew I needed a change as she kept pulling the bad luck card. There has to be a way to fix things or at least make them better. You are still getting eggs and embryos there’s got to be one that is genetically normal. You’ll get there. This Next generation sequencing business sounds interesting. Does that mean that you could do a 5 day fresh transfer? or 6 day even? That’s so much better, especially if you’re impatient… like me… hehe.

    It sounds like he is really going to investigate everything and try something new, it sounds really promising Em. I am so thrilled and good on you guys for taking the first plunge into trying something and someone new. You did good. xxx


    • Yeah it can’t be bad luck over and over and over again. The odds don’t stack up. Nope still can’t do a 5 or 6 day transfer. I think maybe the issue is that they still need to send the biopsy somewhere? I’m not sure. But Dr O said that the uterus lining would be out of sync for a fresh transfer so they don’t risk it even though it is close. I’m OK with that. FETs have better stats these days anyway. xx


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