Who needs sleep?

Gooooooood morning bloggers. It is currently 6:10am on IUI day and I have been awake since 4:30am. I think it goes without saying but I’m going to say it anyway:


[as soon as I thought of the title of this post this song popped into my head. Why not play it as background music 😉 ]

I don’t know if I’m excited or nervous or what but I am keen to get this show on the road. Thankfully we have our appointments first thing: 9am for Eric’s date with a playboy magazine in a cold white room with a dvd player that works intermittently and then 10:30 for the part where they turkey baste me. My Dr is actually away this morning so I have agreed to having the nurses at the clinic do it instead. I’m not bothered about this. I’m sure it will be fine.

I had my last fertility coach session yesterday. I REALLY enjoyed my time with her and will definitely do more coaching when our next cycle comes around. It really helps with head space and focus and it was just what I was looking for when I was floundering about like a fish stuck on the jetty instead of in the deep blue sea. I feel much more like the deep blue sea fish these days.

One of the things she suggested is that Eric and I schedule in more time together. We aren’t connecting well as we are barely seeing each other lately and she feels that this can have a negative impact on fertility success too. We need the oxytocin around to give us the best chance. It makes sense. So Eric stayed last night and we had lots of sexy cuddly times which I was actually in the mood for AGAIN once I got over him putting the wet towel on my fabric covered slider chair (helps that I’m ovulating – thinks rabbits people, I feel like a rabbit). Seriously though it is nice to connect. It makes me feel happy and light hearted and fun, all things that have felt like they belong to someone else in the last 6 months. While I’m not 100% back to me yet I am getting there and I like it.

Post procedure today we are going to go hang out on the beach together for some sun time (my idea) so that will be nice for some of that continued connection.

Lately I have been very excitedly reading the book “It’s all about the egg” by Rebecca Fett. Interestingly it all lines up with some information we have been given from another IVFer with unexplained fertility (the wife of one of Eric’s friends).  She went through something very similar to us. She went to THE best fertility specialist in Western Australia (Prof Roger Hart) for advice and what he told her to do was essentially the same as what the egg book tells you to do: cut out toxins particularly those from plastics. I will do a special post for this as it is a fair bit of info but essentially even BPA free plastic is problematic as it sometimes contains other chemicals that are also bad (or even worse) for you. Prof also says no hair dyes (apparently hairdressers are a highly infertile group), no harmful moisturisers, shampoos, body washes, make up etc. So we are making some big changes around here. Stay tuned for the info and for what I find.

Funnily enough, although the Prof and the book came to me from 2 different sources, research done by the Prof (who is Australian) is actually mentioned in the book (written by an American). So you can see how these two are on the same wavelength. If you are interested in knowing more about the plastics thing apparently Catalyst did a doco recently about the whole thing. I haven’t watched it yet but will this week. Here it is.

And on a lighter note, my posts are about to get more music-y (you know that’s a word). I love music and songs are constantly in my head that match my moments so I am going to see to it that my posts reflect that. I have been carrying one particular tune around in my head lately which is starting to drive me crazy but I love it all the same. It is the one from the recent Hart of Dixie season finale. OMG did you guys watch that at all? Such a cute show. I am normally not such a fluffy show lover but every now and then I need something light and I really enjoyed this version of it. Here’s the cutesypants song and dance routine they did for the end of the season which you can see is likely to be the end of the series (although no one will confirm that). I love it.

There really “ain’t no gift like the present tense”. Remember that and have a great week lovelies.


19 thoughts on “Who needs sleep?

  1. Plastics are terrible – and they are EVERYWHERE. From your toothbrush to food wrapping to toys to everything we touch in our house. I would love to totally plastic free (I found a blog a while back which I must re-find where a woman was trying to completely eliminate them from her home). It’s a good book actually – well worth a read. I’ve been using natural/organic cleaners and bath/shower stuff for ages and am so paranoid about chemicals. I haven’t worn perfume or nail varnish for 6 years because of all the sh*t they put in it, ha ha! I’m super-interested in the alternatives people use for things, so if you ever feel like posting all about them you’ll have an avid reader! GOOD LUCK today – sending lots of super-healthy and happy vibes your way xxxxx

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    • We are definitely starting the transition now and I will write about whatever we do. Hey with your natural cleaners etc how do you feel about them coming in plastic bottles??? We went to buy some natural skin care (body wash etc) today and it was in a plastic bottle and we weren’t sure if that was really cool or not.


      • Yeah – it’s kind of crazy that you have to buy chem free stuff in a chemical bottle :-(. I buy soap, which comes in paper, but shampoo is a problem. I went through a stage of making my own, but my hair hardly ever felt clean. So now I compromise with natural brands in plastic bottles. I use citric acid to clean bathroom and kitchen, which I keep in a jar (comes in plastic though!). I’m still on the fence about soap nuts versus washing powder. We also use glass jars (mason and old jam jars) to store all our leftovers in the fridge. If we go on a picnic, I wrap the food in kitchen towel so it doesn’t touch the plastic boxes. Crikey, I should post about all this. Once you start you realise how insidious it is and I became really paranoid about it for a while. Even my normally tolerant husband was questioning how much was necessary 🙂 I still get really freaked out when the boys get given plastic toys made in china. If I had my way we’d all live on a hippy commune 😉 Actually – it’s worth learning about the number classification of plastics. Number 5 is food grade (and yet some food comes in other numbers like 1 or 4), so I always think that cosmetics in 5 bottles are better than other numbers. I’m not sure if the classification is global, but it’s the number printed in the triangle on the plastic. There’s loads of info if you google. Phew – I’ll stop going on about it now!

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          • Yeah – home made shampoo, deodorant, lip balm, I tried loads of stuff. I’ve settled on shop-bought, but 100% natural since then. It was all a bit much and a bit messy. I might go back to it one day though – I ditched all my stuff and went cold turkey and it’s not an easy transition. These days I’m more amenable to the extra effort required.


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