IUI #3 – A different experience

So IUI #3 for us was definitely a different experience than the previous two I have had and although things didn’t go perfectly (what does when it comes to infertility, right?) I actually really preferred it.

The main difference was that this time I was having the procedure done at the clinic as opposed to in my Dr’s rooms. It was waaaaaaaay nicer in the clinic. They had nice meditation music playing in the background and it just felt like such a nice space. Incidentally it is the same room I had my one and only transfer in but the whole thing felt so much different that time.

Anyway, THIS time. So this time one of the lovely nurses did it which was also soooo lovely. Girls get what if feels like to have things shoved up your hoo haa so I find that they are just so much more considerate of the whole process.

Also because the room was so much more spacious it was easier for Eric to fit in there beside me so we were able to hold hand throughout the procedure. I closed my eyes and did some deep breathing while Eric put his other hand on my chest and breathed deeply with me. It was a really magical moment and at least a nice way to have what is a rather invasive procedure take place.

We did have one small glitch – the nurse wasn’t able to get the probe through exit from the cervix into the uterus. Sometimes it clamps itself shut too tight and they can’t do it without causing too much trauma. Instead she deposited the sample right near the exit and then tilted me backwards on the bed for 20 mins to give the spermies a chance to swim through the barrier. She said I had loads of fertile CM hanging about so I feel ok with this. The CM is what helps the spermies get where they need to go so at least they had the ride they needed and weren’t going to be stuck trying to hail a taxi or even worse, WALK.

We then ended up having a chat with the nurse for the 20 mins. It was so pleasant and nice. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed an IUI so much! ha Weird.

You know if I have a great egg in there then it seems like it would have been the perfect conditions for a baby to get started. And even though we had the glitch it just didn’t feel like that big of a deal.

I feel like I have been consistently healthy for the longest continuous period prior to this IUI so if the whole 90 day egg cycle before the time of ovulation is true then hopefully that has all had an impact and made a beautiful healthy egg for me.

It has been a lovely day. Thanks for your support peeps.

Whoops…almost forgot a song. Here you go!


30 thoughts on “IUI #3 – A different experience

  1. Oh no, it’s a shame about the cervix sitch but it seems like the nurse did the best thing! Great about the CM I hope they transported everything efficiently ;)! It sounds like you are in a good place, can’t wait to hear how it all goes. x


    • You know I feel in the best place I have been in a looooong time with all this. It is really good. I think if this doesn’t work I will really enjoy the break. 🙂 How are you going with all your stuff?


      • It’s so good to hear. I really hope this is it for you! I find breaks between IVF really nice to get grounded again and just feel better about everything. It truly helps even though somedays you feel like crap. We are going well, currently just in limbo waiting for our immune results to come back and then proceed with a FET. My clinic is really insisting on a down reg FET cycle because there are new studies showing that they have great results but I am just not feeling it. Since I would be on prednisolone and clexane regardless i just don’t want any more junk in my body if i don’t truly need it… what do you think? Maybe i should follow their advice but i just can’t think of when and how i could get the time off work before we leave in July to do this. We must transfer in my June cycle at the latest but I am holding out until we get the bloods back (probably another week or two). I am ovulating as we speak (JUST REALIZED WE ARE SYNCED! That’s cool) so my next period will be in 14 days so possibly ill do that FET then (if the results are back! eep!) otherwise June just before we leave. It’s so hard to know, plus my clinic is hard to deal with – i asked to have a catch up appointment with my doc and couldn’t get in until the end of MAY!


        • Hmmmm interesting. Have you ever done a down reg transfer before? I totally hear you about junk in the body but if you don’t have other answers then maybe it is worth a try??? Just a thought. If your blood tests tell you something else though then maybe it can be handled in a different way. I am crossing my fingers your tests come back sooner rather than later so you have some answers. That is so WRONG you can’t get a catch up appointment with your Dr. It should not be like that at all. Can the Dr maybe do a phone call then? Honestly, how annoying. NOT what you need in a fertility challenge – a challenging clinic. Sheesh! haha too funny that we are synced!!!


          • It is so frustrating, I couldn’t believe it when they told me! Maybe because he is the only RE close to this area- there is one in Canberra (3 hrs away) and plenty in Melbourne (also 3 hrs) but the only in Albury. Still- painful. I just told the nurse that I would just start one without as we are already planning to do another epu anyway.

            Good point about if there are no answers. The only problem is I have to start the cycle before transfer, so if I do a down reg I start around CD 20 of the previous cycle and I think I almost miss that boat! I’m going to go with my gut and just wait for immune answers first as its my only lead currently. I can always fly back for transfer here if necessary but I would be bummed if it didn’t defrost!

            I haven’t ever done a down reg fet – they have always been natural with progesterone support (only had 2). I just hate that synarel stuff so much and I feel like it would defeat my love for easy fet’s 😉

            Thanks for your suggestions, as always I appreciate it 🙂 hope you are feeling great today, keep yourself busy and positive! Xx


  2. Your description of the sperm getting where they need to go made me laugh! It sounds like things went awesome for the most part, and hopefully the calm will have helped. Good luck!! Fingers crossed over the next 2 weeks for you!

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  3. I’m so excited for you Em! That definitely sounds like a perfect *breeding ground* (hehe) for the mini Eric & mini Em! I bet the whole shebang is making all the necessary difference. I have everything crossed that you’ll have great news for us in a couple of weeks and you’ll be able to say adios to any future fertility treatments! Xx


  4. That song! It popped up on my Google Music one day and I can’t get enough of it. I’ve never heard of them before – which isn’t saying much because my new music exposure is like nil.
    I’m so glad your experience was tranquil! I’m so so hopeful for you.
    I read in your comments you’re coming to Canada?? Where aboots (lol)?


    • haha we are going to be in Vancouver and then a little north of there (I want to say Squarmish?) for the actual wedding. Where are you?

      And yes that song is quite magical hey. I don’t know much about the either to be honest. They popped up in the hottest 100 poll our alternative radio station here does and I really took to it. Hope you are doing well. x

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      • Awesome! I hope you enjoy yourself! Yea Squamish 🙂 I grew up in BC, but, unlike Van, I was surrounded by lakes and not the ocean. It’s beautiful 🙂
        Now Im in Calgary Alberta (about 12 hrs from Van), but I sure miss the water in BC!
        Enjoy your trip, I can’t wait to hear about it


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