Answers and decisions

Well today went better than expected in that the decision was easier to make than I anticipated. Essentially Embie No 2 is what they call “noisy”.

I am going to put a pic in to try and explain it and try not to make it boring.

This pic is not my result but it does show an abnormal CGH test.

cgh array

See how most of the array is within the two lines? If it was entirely normal it would all be between the two lines. See where there is a section outside the lines highlighted by an arrow? That is an abnormality, for this case it is specifically an abnormality at chromosome number 6.

Noisy means that the sample went up and down so much that it was in spikes, some of which went out of the lines a little but none that went out of the lines for a whole chromosome like the one above. So does it mean an abnormality or not? There was a suggestion that some of the X chromosome might be missing but it really wasn’t clear.

Anyway, it is an option to rebiopsy the embryo and freeze it again so we have decided to do thatย once we have more embryos to test which is not going to be for another 4 months now. I need to stop with the IVF for a bit.

We are however doing an IUI this month. We had this big discussion about whether this would mean a possible pregnancy with abnormalities present but the Dr didn’t seem to think so. He said that based on the types of abnormalities we seem to be getting with our embryos we would not see a pregnancy progress. So if anything I could get another chemical. We also could just jag it and get a normal pregnancy. The Dr said we could do IUI inbetween each IVF cycle if we really wanted to (not so sure about this yet).

Eric asked a really good question about the probability of IUI success and why it was less odds than natural (I think IUI at my age is about 10% and natural is 12%). It seems like you’d say – what’s the point? However what the Dr explained is that for long term infertiles (which is the sample that is used for the IUI stat) 10% is greater than the level of success they have been having so this is in fact a better result. This totally makes sense.

I pondered a lot whether or not we should just be doing continual IUIs – I’ve achieved pregnancy from one before and they seem like a bargain at only $250 a pop and IVF doesn’t seem to be increasing our chances at all but I don’t know. I think the CGH (PGD) testing seems important for what is happening with our embies.

I’m also going to do a bunch of other tests (heavy metals exposure and a few other things suggested by the naturopath) and work with her on boosting egg quality over the next few months. I want THE best chance for our next cycle. I want to know that I did everything I could to get a bumper crop and then just accept the card that is dealt if there is nothing that comes of that.

To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about the IUI this month (even though it was largely my idea). It kind of drags on things for another 2 weeks when I could be on my break already but I figured we might as well give it a go. We were intending to transfer so those 2 weeks had already been allocated. Might as well use them up. Then it will be 100% break time for a few months. A part of me actually cannot wait.

In other news (TMI warning) Eric and I actually bumped nasties later that morning JUST. FOR. THE. FUN. OF. IT. Yes, we had sex because we wanted to, NOT for fertility reasons. Excuse me for making it out like it is a news flash but it goddam is. I can’t remember the last time I was able to have sex just because I felt like it and not because someone told me now was the right time. I was all, man this is good. SEX! Wow! People should do this more often. Woooooo. Felt like I’d just discovered the idea.


15 thoughts on “Answers and decisions

  1. Okay, I think I understand. So basically there was more variation than they like, but nothing definite enough to call an abnormality. Hmm. Rebiopsy is a good way to be sure. I’m glad they cleared up what inconclusive meant. I think that’s actually pretty good – I’d be tempted to transfer, haha! It also makes sense that IUI is worth trying if any pregnancy wouldn’t progress anyway with what you’ve been getting. Hopefully if there was an issue it would be a chemical at worst – or preferably just a bfn. BUT I do believe strongly in the human body’s ability to select the best available, so you might just get lucky with a beautiful healthy egg over the next few cycles. I say go for it. And crikey – how fab to have sex just for the hell of it… I honestly think the last time that happened was before I got pregnant with my 3 year old. You sound more positive today and like you’ve sorted out your options. I’m glad. I was worried for you yesterday xxxx


    • Yes that is exactly what it meant. The main reason we decided not to transfer was this potential missing x chromosome. FIgured we ight as well find out. I’m good with it now. And yes, I was a bit of a mess yesterday. Thank you for being worried. It has been a tough 24 hours or so but I’m getting there. And I agree with what you say with relation to the body’s ability to find the most beautiful healthy egg. I think that must be harder for the body to do when it is confused by drugs as well so I do hold out a little bit of hope for any IUI cycles we may do in the future. I got pregnant once right?! Why not again but this time with a strong egg? I have to believe it. Yay for great sex for the hell of it! Hope you get some of that in your future (waaaaay in the future post birth and body recovery because you are going to me nice and knocked up for the next 7-8 months) xxx

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      • Exactly – I think in part it’s a numbers game. There ARE healthy eggs in there!! There’s no reason that with IUI and off of all the stim drugs etc one of those eggs shouldn’t surface of it’s own accord. And as you say, it happened before. It must be about time for it to happen again. I have a good feeling about IUI – it might just be exactly what you need xxx

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  2. Huh…interesting. It will also be interesting to know what the other tests you’re having done are going to tell you. I’m kinda happy for you that you’re taking a little break after this. I know you’ve been really stressed lately. Hopefully that will be all you need to give yourself a boost!!


  3. darlsz: ive been lost for weeks/months as im totally overwhelmed (distance studying now on top of the 3 kids, partner, full time job and no family in the country…!) but I miss my bloggers! Also some weird patched of super-down ness and questioning eveything in my life. But feel the cloud has lifted somewhat now. ANYWAY just quick shoutout to you and sending hugs, I hope the next crop IS bumper and totally worth it. Hehe know what you mean about the sex thing, you remember how fun it is/was sometimes, before it became practical/choresome/too much effort. Lol. wanted to put a long “bye” comment elsewhere but the time never came in the right way, havent forgotten all our shared comments and shared interests ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you ever start more blogs you have a guaranteed follower here, so just contact me – love your writing always have ๐Ÿ™‚ happy week lovely xxx


    • Thank you lovely. You are adorable and I miss you! It does sound as if you have so much going on though. Crazy. I am glad your cloud of darkness is lifting. Try to fit time for yourself into that crazy busy world of yours. I don’t know how you do it all – 3 kids and studying and full time work. You are superwoman!!! Lovely to see you pop by. xxx

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