Less than 24 hours until we get our PGD results

I got myself in a bit of a tizz today as my brain decided to work out that based on the 2 week estimate my PGD results would be due Easter Monday and that is a holiday here…as is Good Friday. So I reasoned (with myself – always the best kind) that based on that timing the lab would be moving heaven and earth to finish pending testing before the 4 day weekend. Makes sense right?

So I rang the clinic and insisted they call the lab to find out if this was true. I’m so their favourite client right now. And they called back to say yes, I should hear tomorrow provided the lab has “no technical difficulties”. Weird proviso but whatever.

I WAS RIGHT. Eeeeeep.

So now that IĀ know in that really know kinda way I have that oh. my. god. I can’t bear to wait feeling. It is excruciating. And a little bit exciting too but REALLY excruciating.

I’ve been a flipping zen master about it all until now but that has been possible because I haven’t really known or even considered when the results may be in. Now I’m using all my energy to just hold this shit together. I feel good and hopeful and even a bit excited. Holy shit I hope….actually I can’t complete that sentence as it entertains the opposite of what I want to be true. So we will just go with excited and hopeful and greatness and such stuff.

See you in the next 24 hours.



23 thoughts on “Less than 24 hours until we get our PGD results

  1. Fingers crossed for you!!! At least you only have a short amount of time to feel like this, since you’ve been pretty calm and relaxed up until now. Thinking of you!!!


  2. Oh gosh – the closer it gets, the harder it is to wait. I AM SO HOPING YOU GET A MAGICAL RESULT BACK! (I had to shout that part, because you really deserve a break right now.) xxxxxxxxxx


  3. Lol, I remember doing in for an emergency blood test to find out if I was pregnant… and getting back to work and realizing that it was a holiday when they were supposed to have the results back… talk about a frantic call back to the clinic! I don’t think I ever dialed faster! šŸ™‚ Sending you good energy!


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