1 boy and 2 girls

You know when you commence on this IVF journey that you are in the business of making babies – teeny tiny little humans – so I’m not sure why it came as a surprise to me when I recently learnt the gender of our “abnormal” embryos.  Well the 3 tested in the first round of testing we had done anyway. Continue reading


IUI#3 – 12dpIUI – It’s all over red rover

Well I don’t  know what that faint line was that I thought I saw. Wishful thinking?

Anyway woke this morning with a full bleed so the fairies didn’t  bless us with a baby this month but we will keep asking.

We at least have so many plans for the future with this new clinic that I feel less disappointed than I would have if all my hopes were hanging on this outcome. Onwards and upwards eh?

Thanks for all the support last night with my crazy line post. You guys ROCK.

IUI #3 – 11dpIUI – I tested

Yes I tested, of course I did. It’s so stupid early for a test. I didn’t even do it with the wake up wee so I can’t even really be sure it was prime testing conditions but anyway I TESTED because…CURIOUS.

And I got a freaking squinter. I hate squinters. So far for me they usually mean chemical pregnancies so I DO NOT have a lot of faith in the suckers.

Plus there’s the whole “oh it could be an evap line” although to be fair I could see the squinter after the 3 mins and the evap line is normally if you see it an hour later or something like that. So that’s where we are at.

Given that we seem to mostly get abnormal embryos AND my recent blood tests were all weird I am not holding out hope for a successful pregnancy. And I can’t even tell Eric because he told me not to test (of course he did). As if, Eric. As if.

Preparing for the main event

I had no idea when we embarked on this quest for a second child that the journey would be far different to the sprint we ran to get baby no. 1. In comparison to this journey, which feels more and more like a marathon every day, baby no. 1 was an easy 5k. You know what? I think 5k is probably even a strech. We did more like a 100m dash. No hurdles.

As we’ve progressed through the process I have come to realise that the race hasn’t even begun yet. Not really. Continue reading

Avoid taking L-Arginine for Infertility

I think I mentioned in a recent post that I have been reading the book It Starts with the Egg by Rebecca Fett.

This is a brilliant book and if you are struggling with infertility in any way, shape or form then I highly recommend you give this book a go. I think it cost me all of $6 to download on Kindle. Seriously.

There are a lot of things that I love about this book: Continue reading