Turn the Two Week Wait into a Two Week Thrive

Once again I am bringing you some wisdom from my new lover boy, Russell. Russell is the dude behind the hypnosis I listen to. His website, The Fertile Mind, really is a minefield of information and I highly recommend his newsletters. I usually don’t open newsletters because who has the time? But Russell’s are great and speak to me in way that sees me shouting “Of course!” often.

Like this.

Most patients find that the two week wait is the most stressful element of the whole IVF treatment. This is usually because they feel isolated and alone. The clinic has done all they can and it is now down to the patient. Has it worked? So much energy, time and money has gone in to this moment, but you won’t know for a couple of weeks.

This is the time when the uterus interacts with the embryo. Your uterus literally embraces the embryo, shifting the stromal cells to envelop it. If you are stressed, your body will prioritise ‘fight or flight’ survival mode over welcoming new life.

Stress is all future thinking. Has the IVF treatment been successful? Am I pregnant? Stress means believing that our state of wellbeing is dependent on something in the future. Our thoughts go in to overdrive, working out what we need to do to make it happen, or what we’ll do if it doesn’t. All future thinking. The only moment that exists is the present moment. Nothing can predict the pregnancy test result and whether the IVF has been successful or not.

We are designed to live in the moment,  [continue reading]

You guys, this is great stuff even for those of us not in a TWW. I can easily see how I can apply this across many areas of my life and I am so grateful for the perspective.

I also stumbled across another awesome page of his titled “The Truth About Affirmations”. Check that out too if you get the chance.

I have purchased his package of fertility hypnosis sessions for IVF and it was quite affordable and I am so impressed with his content I am going to check out what else he has on offer. If you think you could benefit from anything like this I highly recommend checking him out.

Keep on thriving friends.

~Ems~ x


9 thoughts on “Turn the Two Week Wait into a Two Week Thrive

  1. Stress IS all future thinking – what if this, what if that, what if, what if, what if, aaarghhhhh!
    He’s completely right about that. I’m off to have a look – it sounds like exactly the sort of thing I need someone telling me every day, thank you!!


  2. I’m learning how to live in the Now, but I’m a huge believer in Affirmations – in fact, I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to them! I repeat them often, and I have them as screen savers on my laptop and phone so that I can change them out frequently. 🙂 I’m glad you are utilizing them and I’m going to continue practicing being in the Now with you!


  3. I am *trying* to focus on the now and on the positive, despite being surrounded by boxes, and knowing the hell that Monday (Move Day) is sure to bring. 🙂
    Some hypnosis might be just what I need!


    • haha moving blows! You know I think it is actually really hard for those of us who have been successful professionals to live in the now. Why? Because we make a career out of anticipating the future and making great strategic decisions. It is a learnt behaviour and once you learn it and get told you are great because of it it is hard to undo in just your personal life. That is my theory anyway. Good luck on moving day!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • This comment is sheer brilliance. I think you just summed up my life. I’m so “ON” all the time for work. Always in planning mode, always strategizing, always anticipating issues. How do you turn that off for real life when work bleeds so much into ‘real life’ time?

        Liked by 1 person

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