IVF #2 – The final numbers as we head into the next phase: embryo chromosome testing

So, we didn’t get any additional embabies than what we had on Day 6 (my last post). We have 3.

I have been feeling so conflicted about this. I felt a bit gutted after the phone call to be honest and then I just felt so freaking guilty for being gutted. I mean, we have 3 good quality embryos. That’s 3 more than we had last time. While we got 1 transferred last time it wasn’t even that great quality so we have almost TRIPLE the result of last time and I feel sure we will get 1 baby out of these three little souls.

But I had my hopes pinned on more as we know the genetic testing statistically removes 45%…which would be less than 1.5 in this case. I’m hoping the odds will round down and not up. Please please please please please fertility gods, please give us at least 2 after testing. PRETTY PLEASE.

Eric went a bit shit when he heard we only had 3. Not shit but more  that state where you HAVE to do something to change the outcome another time. DAMAGE CONTROL. That’s it. He started saying I had to do more, do more, do more. My response? Initially “Well all you do is take 4 fucking vitamins a day, YOU do more”. And then “OK you do all the research and find out what you want me to add and then I’ll do it”.

He went and called 2 people – a friend of ours who tried 8 times in IVF for her baby and a friend of his who is actually a nurse at an IVF clinic. I’m so pleased he did this as they both came back to him and said that acupuncture is the only thing to show real results (and we are doing it religiously) and the IVF nurse actually said to him “Well it sounds like Ems is doing a lot and you aren’t doing that much at all. Maybe you can improve what you do?”. Boom diggity, I love this girl.

So the end result is Eric is going to try acupuncture as well and try to eat more fertility friendly foods (I have previously given him a list and he doesn’t know where it is. He asked me to write it again, I told him to do what I would do – search google. I’m so helpful lol). We will see how it all goes.

So that’s where we are at. I’m about to go full health nut to get the body primed for transfer. I can’t wait until next Friday when I can start exercising again. My pudge needs to go.

Thanks so much for sharing my story and supporting me. I’m so sorry I left you hanging. I just had to process process process.

Love you long time.



29 thoughts on “IVF #2 – The final numbers as we head into the next phase: embryo chromosome testing

  1. I felt the same way when we ended up with 3 embryos, my biggest disappointment was with the number of eggs retrieved though (only 6), but we have two left frozen and hopefully they will survive the next transfer! Lots of luck to you as you await the testing results.

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  2. If Chief had ever told me at any point that I needed to “do more” he would have gotten a swift kick where it hurts. I’m glad he was told what’s what, and I hope that all THREE pass PGS. Why hope for 2 when you can hope for the whole shabang? 🙂


  3. I feel you! When we ended up with just 2 blasts I was like ‘wait, what?’ But honestly, 3 is a great number and especially since you have already had a successful pregnancy and a beautiful son you have an extremely great shot at this but I do hope they all come back normal for you 🙂 Stranger things have happened! Congrats on your 3 little Blasts Em, such a better result than last time ! xxx


    • 3 is a great number and I need to get my head out of my arse and realise that. Tanya at The Sky and Back just gave me an interesting tidbit. Her Dr said if you get 20% of your harvest to blast then they consider that good as that is the chances of a young woman falling pregnant each month. And my 3 make 23%. It really puts things in perspective you know. Hope this info is useful for you (sorry I can’t remember your full stats). x


  4. First of all, Eric STFU. You are so very obviously doing everything you can.

    Like I said before, you should feel bummed as long as you need to and please don’t feel guilty. But here’s some stuff that might make you feel better in the meantime:

    My doctor told me that they like to see 20% of all eggs retrieved make it to blast. This is because a normal woman in her 20s has a 20% chance of getting pregnant each month — so 20% of eggs making it to blast puts us right on par with the average young fertile woman. Does this make sense? I just calculated your egg to blastocyst ratio and you’re at 23%. Which means, that the fact that you got 3 is a totally normal and a very good result!

    Other things that might be of comfort: the two people I know in real life that did IVF never had even one embryo make it to day 5. They both did day 3 transfers and they still got pregnant! This is all to say that the fact that you had 3 fabulous embryos make it this far speaks very well of your chances at a successful pregnancy!

    I realky think one of these three is your baby. And when you’re holding him (I’m feeling another boy for you), you’re not going to give a shit about how many blasts you got — because he was the only one you needed all along. Xoxo.

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    • I love this comment SO MUCH. This percentage stuff from your Dr is gold and such a perfect way to look at it. I now feel lucky and youthful. hehe I think I will get a baby from one of these too and I also believe another boy is on the cards!!! And you are so right. I won’t care how many blasts it was or it took when I am holding him in my arms.

      Thank you for that wonderful dose of perspective you have given me today. You are amazing! And you made me cry! xxx

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  5. 3 is amazing! Totally stoked for you. Have you heard of or read the book “it starts with the egg” – there’s a section in there for the “mr” contributor and what supplements and diet changes he could do too. I can take some shots of those pages for you and email them if you want. I’ve started taking all the female stuff and I’ve been religious about the diet and exercise changes for about a month now. I’m blown away at how much stronger my immune system has seemed, and I’m convinced my eggs will be improved too. What the hell, right? We’ve tried all the other shit.


  6. You’ve got 3 wonderful eggies who are lucky to have you as their mom. I love the smack-talk your husband got from everyone he spoke to. My heart goes out to you! Thinking warm, positive thoughts!


    • haha yeah I loved that too. He is at least gracious enough to tell me the truth. Many wouldn’t for fear of being told they were wrong. Eric is at least good like that. Thx for the positive thoughts. I am feeling happy about my 3 now. It will all be OK.


  7. You truly crack me up! I would say the same things to B, though truthfully he’s pretty healthy and does a lot of research already. I’m happy that you do have the 3 little ones already though! Fingers crossed that 2 make it through genetic testing with flying colors!


  8. Oh no! I totally recognise that attitude in Eric though. It sounds like me – ACTION REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY!
    He really must know you are doing everything you can already though. I guess it’s his way of dealing with the frustration of not getting an extra egg or two out of all the ones collected. I’m so sorry it was only three in the end – I really hope the testing gives you great results. It must be ever so hard for both of you to keep seeing eggs dropping out of the race. Just demoralising at a time when you both need to be staying positive. God, it’s such a hard thing to go through. But THREE is still three chances at your dream. Hang in there. xxxx

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  9. Hi! I just got all caught up on what is going on with you. A long drive home from Disney is good for catching up on my lovely blog girlfriends! Sounds like things are going great! And you are certainly doing all kinds of good things for your body. I can’t wait to hear about the transfer…do you know when in Feb? Cracks me up about Eric…so typical. They get reactive and freak over what should be done while you have been proactive and are already doing everything right! Good for you and good for him for jumping on board with the acupuncture and fertility foods. It will happen!

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