IVF #2 – And we get to wait just ONE MORE DAY

Ha. More waiting. Who knew?

Yesterday I told you all that we would have final numbers today but apparently I misunderstood that today was the last day before we give up on the little embabies. We get one more day. Yay! And that is pretty great.

Today we have 3 embabies all biopsied and ready to go. So we have the AB and the BB from yesterday PLUS another AB.  Love those ones with an A in it.

Apparently we have one more embabie that is actually a blast but not quite ready for biopsy yet so we have to see if that falls across the line and I am still secretly hoping that another one will zoom on up the inside and surprise us. I’m not sure if it’s a hopeless case or not to be honest. We will just have to wait and see.

So this is where it is at. One more day. I’ll be back tomorrow.


16 thoughts on “IVF #2 – And we get to wait just ONE MORE DAY

  1. TTC is such a crazy waiting game!! What do the letters signify? Again, I haven’t had to do IVF so I’m not sure all the terminology that goes along with it. Hope you get some good news tomorrow!!!


  2. Always the waiting… I’m sure it’s inescapable. Three done and ready to go is brilliant – anything extra now is going to be a bonus, especially with the good grading you’ve got. Oh man… I”m so hoping the testing comes back good for you. Every time I check your blog I find I’m holding my breath to see what’s happening!!! xxx


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